Saturday, December 19, 2009

Codex - Worry or a non-issue?

This blog entry is going to short, sweet & to the point this week.

There is a lot of info out there on Codex. You have to be able to discern what is truth & what is fiction. I've been researching this since first hearing about it. I decided that tonight, since the "deadline" is so close to try to figure it out for sure.

From the research that I've done, I've decided that its a non-issue. Here is my link showing this.

There is a lot of reading there, but here is the main answer that everyone is seeking.

R12: I have heard that the Codex will become law on 31 December 2009. Is it true?

This is an unfounded rumour: The standards, guidelines and codes adopted by the Codex Alimentarius Commission are voluntary and do not therefore contain implementation deadlines or dates, nor can the Commission turn them into binding law.

I think those of us who take supplements to enhance our health can now breathe a little easier.

Have a great week everyone,

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Codex Alimentarius - Good or Bad?

On Dec. 31st., 2009, a bill goes in effect that will limit how many vitamins, minerals & other nutritional supplements you can purchase at your store without a prescription. Anything above these "low" dosage recommendations, you will need a prescription.

It is called Codex Alimentarius & its coming to a store near you in just under a month. Those of us who have enjoyed great health because of D3, Vit. C & multivitamins are in for a rude awakening very soon. Those days are going to be gone.

Lets look at the 7 points of Codex Alimentarius -

1) Started in 1962 by UN, Imposed by WTO Sanctions

Codex Alimentarius was created in 1962 as a trade Commission by the UN to control the international trade of food. Its initial intentions may have been altruistic but it has been taken over by corporate interests, most notably the pharmaceutical, pesticide, biotechnology and chemical industries.

Codex Alimentarius is backed up by the crippling trade sanctions of the World Trade Organization (WTO). Any non Codex-compliant nation would face huge economic punishment since they would automatically lose in any food-trade dispute with a Codex compliant country.

2) “Nutrients are Toxins” Is Junk Science

Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) has two committees which impact nutrition.

One of them, the “Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses” (CCNFSDU), is chaired by Dr. Rolf Grossklaus, a physician who believes that nutrition has no role in health. This is the “top-guy” for Codex nutritional policy, and he has stated that “nutrition is not relevant to health”.

As unbelievable as it may sound, Dr. Grossklaus actually declared nutrients to be toxins in 1994 and instituted the use of toxicology (Risk Assessment) to prevent nutrients from having any impact on humans who take supplements! It is worth mentioning that Dr. Grossklaus happens to own the Risk Assessment company advising CCNFSDU and Codex on this issue. This company makes money when its toxicology services are used for the “assessment” of nutrients. Here in the U.S. we call that a “conflict of interest”.

Codex is made up of thousands of standards and guidelines. One of them, the Vitamin and Mineral Guideline (VMG), is designed to permit only ultra low doses of vitamins and minerals (and make clinically effective nutrients illegal). How can the VMG restrict dosages of vitamins and minerals? By using Risk Assessment (toxicology) to assess nutrients.

While Risk Assessment is a legitimate science (it is a branch of toxicology), it is the wrong science for assessing nutrients! In fact, in this context, it is actually junk science. Biochemistry, the science of life processes, is the correct science for assessing nutrients. Codex Alimentarius treats nutrients as toxins, which is literally insane.

Nutrients are not toxins – they are essential for life.

No matter what Codex Alimentarius officials say to convince you that Risk Assessment is a “science-based” approach to nutrients, it is not.

And it is worth repeating that Dr. Grossklaus, the head of Codex Alimentarius, owns the Risk Assessment company advising CCNFSDU and Codex on the “benefit” of using Risk Assessment to assess nutrients.

3) Not Consumer Protection – That’s Propaganda

Contrary to the propaganda, Codex Alimentarius has nothing to do with consumer protection. Nothing! Codex is about the economic ambitions of multi-national corporations, in particular, the pharmaceutical industry.

Using their multi billion-dollar marketing budgets, these industries have launched a massive media propaganda campaign to paint Codex Alimentarius as a benevolent tool of “consumer protection”, as well as to negatively taint the image of natural health options and mislead people to fear them as “dangerous”, so they will take drugs (which really are dangerous). Natural health products and options have an amazing safety record and are remarkably effective, especially when compared to pharmaceutical drugs.

Unfortunately, one-time defenders of health freedom such as National Nutritional Foods Association (NNFA) and Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) have joined the propaganda bandwagon and are spreading false information saying that Codex Alimentarius is either “harmless” or benevolent “consumer protection”. Neither is true.

The membership of these one-time defenders of health freedom has become permeated by people from the pharmaceutical industry (for example, CRN counts as its members corporations such as Monsanto® and Bayer®).

4) Codex: Serious Threat to Health and Health Freedom

If Codex Alimentarius is implemented in the United States of America, therapeutic dosages of vitamins and minerals (and all other nutrients soon to follow) will become unavailable because they will literally become illegal.

Here’s how it would work, in a nut-shell:

Due to the junk science use of Risk Assessment (toxicology) to assess supposedly toxic nutrients, a false belief is being engineered saying that “nutritional supplements are dangerous to people’s health”.

Using this false belief generates calls to “protect” people from these “toxic” nutrients. After the calls come the bills to set ultra low permissible dosages (remember, nutrients are deemed “dangerous toxins” under this false belief). If enough of us and our Congressional delegates buy this nonsense, we and Congress would blindly comply with Codex Alimentarius’ VMG. And blind compliance is what the industries behind Codex Alimentarius intend.

Blind compliance goes hand-in-hand with lack of activism. This lack of activism allows our protective laws, classifying nutrients as foods with no upper limits (such as DSHEA), to be easily repealed and replaced with draconian laws to classify nutrients as toxins. And “harmonization” with the pro-illness, pro-pharmaceutical industry Vitamin and Mineral Guideline is there to fill the void.

Only intentionally ineffective, ultra low dose supplements would be legal, with or without a prescription, on the VMG list. If enough people do not take action, we can expect to watch nutritional supplement manufacturers and, thus health food stores, to go out of business, in a domino effect. The only player left standing would be Big Pharma.

Therapeutic grade vitamins, minerals, and amino acids would be eliminated from the marketplace (although a few low-dose supplements would be allowed by Codex, as a symbolic measure to avoid suspicion about their ulterior motive).

Natural health professionals would lose the tools of their trade (nutritional supplements) and health conscious people would be unable to choose natural health options for health promotion and disease treatment.

And that is, in a nutshell, how Codex Alimentarius is poised to make Natural and Nutritional Medicine (NNM) disappear from the legal health world and go underground. Who benefits? Big Pharma.

It would take a few years for the above scenarios to be feasible (Codex Alimentarius is meant to go into full global effect by 2010). The slower the process takes, the less alarmed people will be. That’s probably the logic of the architects of Codex Alimentarius.

5) Serves Economic Interests of Sickness Industries Through WTO and Napoleonic Code

More and more people are turning to natural health products globally. The “wellness” trend is a major trend in today’s society. The more natural health products people use, the fewer drugs they buy. The pharmaceutical industry, which is part of the “Sickness Industry”, fears the inevitable shift toward natural health care.

Instead of accepting the will of the people and rethinking the future of the pharmaceutical industry, the industry has decided upon an unethical course of action: the use of deception and deceit to eliminate natural health products completely.

Codex Alimentarius is a shrewd vehicle for protecting the pharmaceutical industry from the loss of income it stands to suffer due to the inevitable growth of natural healthcare.

Codex Alimentarius is the resistance of the dinosaurs to inevitability: the burgeoning desire of humanity for a healthier, saner, and more sustainable way of life.

The World Trade Organization (WTO) intends to force Codex Alimentarius upon the nations of the world, including the U.S. This would be done under the threat of massive economic sanctions if WTO-countries do not comply with Codex Alimentarius.

Furthermore, Codex is based in the Napoleonic Code, not Common Law. That means that under Codex Alimentarius, anything not explicitly permitted is forbidden. Under Common Law, we hold that anything not explicitly forbidden is permitted. The difference is the difference between health freedom and health tyranny. Codex Alimentarius would be able to ban supplements by default.

6) DSHEA Protects America From Codex Alimentarius

The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA, 1994), an American law classifying our supplements and herbs as foods (which can have no upper limit set on their use), was passed by unanimous Congressional consent following massive grass-roots support organized by health food stores. Millions of American activists told Congress, in no uncertain terms:

“Protect nutritional supplements as foods or we will remove you from office”.

Congress listened and carried out the will of the people.

DSHEA appropriately classifies nutritional supplements as foods which can have no upper limits set on their use. DSHEA recognizes that people use nutrients safely to deal with their individually differing needs for nutrients. The concept of biochemical individuality means that people have different needs for nutrients at different times. Are nutrients toxins? No, they are not toxins. They are substances essential to prevent, treat and cure any chronic condition, in differing doses at different times in different people.

DSHEA protects the US from Codex Alimentarius’ deadly Vitamin and Mineral Guideline. We must reach our Congressional members, educate them about the facts on Codex Alimentarius and direct them to vote against anything that would threaten DSHEA.

Congress holds the keys to our health freedom. And it is their job to listen to us. Let’s not allow cynicism to tell us otherwise. We did it for DSHEA in 1994. We can do it again this year.

7) Your Action is Needed Now!

DSHEA is under significant legislative attack right now. Your letter-writing is crucial: if the members of Congress know that voting against health freedom means losing their jobs come election time, they will listen. Our job is to make sure they get the message loud and clear. Take action via our 3 easy steps and send personalized emails to Congress right now.

There are MORE deaths each year from prescription pharmaceutical mistakes than nutritional supplements. Prescriptions make up 5.18% of the deaths in the U.S. whereas nutritional supplements account for .00001% of the deaths. I recall a local 14 year old girl died about 2 years ago from an antibiotic overdose. She had her tonsils out & was prescribed antibiotics for post-op. She died less than a week later since the pharmacy instructions were MUCH more than what the doctor called for. I was once taking antibiotics for a double ear infection & was having a horrible reaction to them. I called up the doctors office & they told me that the reactions were nothing & to continue to take them. I took one or two more & threw them out, having a hard time breathing, double vision & severe dizziness. The first one alone is enough of a reason to stop taking the antibiotics.

But YET, Codex is insisting that vitamins, minerals & nutritional supplements be regulated for our own "safety". Who is kidding who here?

Codex says that toxins in our food is o.k. along with GMO (genetically modified origins) food is also o.k. GMO ingredients can get into our DNA & change it, therefore even affecting our children!

In 1995, the FDA issued a policy statement saying that international standards such as Codex would supersede U.S. laws governing all food.

Why haven't we been told this in the mainstream media? Is it because the pharmaceutical industry has bought their silence with all of their drug ads? After all, their advertising budget is in the BILLIONS every year. This is only a drop in the bucket with their TRILLION dollar income every year.

This article is only the tip of the iceberg on this. Do your homework, call your senators & congressman. There isn't time to write. One of our senators said in a townhall meeting that he has over 10,000 emails to answer. When do you think your email regarding this will be answered? Probably when its too late.

Its time to stock up on your favorite supplements. Ours here is D3 & Vit. A. D3 has been shown effective in fighting the H1N1 virus. Vit. A meant life or death when there was a measles outbreak in Africa quite a few years back.

Keep alert my friends, its going to be a bumpy ride.

Til next time,

Friday, November 27, 2009

Vitamin D3 & You, the perfect combination

Seasonal Flu Vaccine, H1N1 vaccines, booster shots, Elderberry supplements & Vitamin D3, what do all of these have in common? They are said to beat the flu bug & keep it away. But do they & which one is the best to use?

It is said that the winter months are the months that the flu & cold bugs hit the hardest & quickest. Why is this? Its because we are inside all the time, we don't get outside in the sun to do anything because its so cold. Take a look at this map -

If you live north of the 37th parallel you are not getting enough sun, even in the summer time to boost your Vit. D levels in your body. Vit. D boosts your immune system so that you are less susceptible to illnesses & most cancers as you can see in this chart.

Ideally your Vit. D level should be above 80 ng/ml of blood (nanograms per milliliter) to ward off sickness. How do you find this out? With a blood test, its called 25(OH)D - Vit. D test. Most insurance companies will cover the cost but others will need a diagnosis in order to cover the cost of it. You can also order a home test kit & then send the samples back in for the results. You can find these companies by doing a google search. You can also get a kit from this website.

How much D3 each day is too much? Can you overdose on it? Worrying about Vitamin D overdosing has lead 90% of America to be Vit. D deficient. This is one of the reasons why Americans get sick so easily. In order to get enough Vit. D each day, you need to spend 15-20 min. each day with 40% body exposure between 10 & 2 pm. I'm not saying stay in the sun until you are burned to a crisp but just this 15-20 min. This is good for about 10,000 IU of Vit. D. You are not going to get sunburned in that short period of time. My husband did it all this past summer on a daily basis & never got sunburned. Have you noticed that the skin cancer rate has gone UP since the widespread use of Sunblocker & Sun Tan lotions? There are a lot of chemicals in those lotions that are quickly absorbed by our bodies within a few minutes of application. A lifeguard who spend 6-8 hours watching swimmers at the pool will get about 50,000 IUs/day. How much Vitamin D3 do you need each day if you don't get enough time in the sun? This chart shows you how much.

I started taking 2,000 IU of Vit. D3 last Spring after I had foot surgery. I had read that D3 would help the bones heal in the area where they had sliced the bone in the right big toe joint & put pins in. But after hearing a webinar (online seminar)about D3 & how people with chronic conditions should be taking 10,000 IU/day, I immediately upped my dosage. Since I have osteoarthritis, I have continued to take 10,000 IU/day since this falls under the chronic condition category in the chart above.

By now you are probably wondering what D3 & H1N1 have to do with each other. D3 has been shown to be effective against the H1N1 virus. Take a look at this article.

A long term care facility in Wisconsin used D3 to combat H1N1. I have also seen it work in my own home. Late October my daughter came down with a flu bug that I assumed to be H1N1 after her best friend came back to school too soon after recovering from H1N1. It started on a Saturday & by Wednesday evening, I was pretty sure that she was going to be in the doctors office or the hospital by Saturday. She had posted on her Facebook account that she had H1N1. Dr. Mayer Eisenstein contacted me via Facebook to call him about her. He asked me how much D3 I was giving her in which I replied 10,000 IU/day. He said it wasn't enough. He told me to boost it up to 150,000 IU/day for 7 days. This was Thursday morning, by Friday evening she was really perking up & by Saturday morning she was feeling 99.9% better. That evening I let her go to a party with the promise that she would NOT go outside & would not get real close to anyone. And she kept that promise. By Monday, she was back in school. A month later, she is still taking 10,000 IU/day to get her thru the cold & flu season because of her week immune system.

Fears about Vit. D toxicity are unwarranted. That is why we are so deficient & sickness runs so rampant thru society today.

This is a link that Dr. Sherri Tenpenny did on Vit. D. It is highly infomative & I highly recommend you read it.

I have an exciting announcement that I will let out of the bag very soon. Keep watch here & on Facebook.

Be well,


Sunday, November 22, 2009

A blog entry from a guest - Michael Rood

My husband sent this to me. It is very vaccine related & shows the dangers of these vaccines.

Shalom Torah Fans,

It is 0300 in the morning. I cannot sleep any longer. Last evening I turned in early after the dinner that broke a 21-day detoxification fast aimed at attacking the recurring joint maladies which have had me springing from the lecture stage into a wheelchair, onto crutches, over to a cane, and back into a wheelchair - week after week for nearly two years now.

Just 21 days ago I needed a cane to painfully make it from the driver's seat to the self-serve pump at the gas station on my one-man journey from Michigan to Florida. Rather than try to make it into a motel room that first night, I slept in the reclined driver's seat in a rest area for a few hours and then sped on to the Florida coast where I hoped to find relief. Every day of physical therapy has been a day of "good pain" as I have put unused muscles to the test while drinking rejuvenating elixirs that would make Peter Rabbit turn a dark green. Depending on my mood, the same drink ranged from sublime to a supreme test of my delicate control over the gag reflex - but that may be a bit more information than you would care to explore...

Four days ago I power-walked 3.5 miles in the wet sand of Palm Beach in just less than 66 minutes - the day after a brisk 5 mile walk in MacArthur Park. Everything I had been doing for the past year to regain my health and get back on my feet was like throwing stones at a brick wall - one step ahead, three steps back. But this rarified regimen under Dr. Gary Tunsky, N.D. has taken me not only to a new level of physical strength but to a new level of awareness that I could not have comprehended inside the localized perspective that usually constrains our everyday lives.

I have made an observation over the past two years: when you are in pain, you meet many others in pain who are now free to discuss their infirmities with a fellow traveler. What did many of us have in common? We all shared symptoms that followed the servicemen and women who were in the Gulf War. But I was never in the Gulf War - and neither were many of them. However, they were in the military during the Gulf War, and they were vaccinated for anthrax and other "bugs" that one might encounter in the battle theatre. Those vaccinations were the subject of a televised five-hour congressional hearing that exposed the common thread in all Gulf War syndrome cases that the Government has relentlessly attempted to bury. So what do the Gulf War vets and I really have in common?

I took two barrages of reportedly "required" vaccinations in preparation for a different battle theatre - mission trips to Nigeria and Uganda. Within months, an arthritic condition began to manifest in my lower extremities for which the Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics could not find a cause - even with MRI technology and every analytical test that both my VA doctors and myself could dream up. Every VA doctor I saw asked if I had served in the Gulf War because I had similar symptoms to other veterans who were currently being treated. But I did not begin to comprehend it until I put together the puzzle pieces gathered from across the nation and a very disturbing picture was revealed. It was, at first, disconcerting, but it is now undeniable that my eyes were being opened by Heaven to understand another critical layer of Babylon the Great - the Mother of Harlots.

We had a very brilliant producer/editor in our office who had two sharp young boys who were destined to fill the ranks of the engineers on both sides of their family - that was until they both received the multiple vaccines recommended by their pediatrician. Now those young men are mentally disabled, autistic shadows of their former selves. At the Feast of Tabernacles in October I mikveh-ed (baptized) over 100 people, including Fred and Rhonda and their two sons. Several years had passed since I had seen the boys, who were, at the time, full of life and intelligence - that was before they received the recommended childhood vaccinations that left both of them mentally maimed and severely autistic. They are in there somewhere behind those eyes, but they are out of reach. When I returned to the office in Michigan, Nathan had just finished painting our studio interior. A few years ago his two daughters were above average, vivacious, intelligent, and fully engaged real daughters. Today, they are the victims of a vaccination "epidemic" that is mentally and physically destroying another child every 10 minutes in America. Only a Divine miracle can reach these children now - BUT NOT UNTIL AFTER WE HAVE LEARNED THE LESSON OF THE PHARMAKIA OF BABYLON!!!!

"...for thy merchants of Babylon were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries (pharmakia - artificially compounded drugs that imitate nature) were all nations deceived." The Revelation 18:23

Last night I listened to a news report detailing the personal stories of eight women who were all healthy and in their third trimester of pregnancy. For most of these young women, it was not their first pregnancy, and there were no complications or concerns. Within days of receiving the highly recommended swine flu vaccination, every one of these girls was in a trauma center having their dead babies surgically removed from their wombs. My stomach and heart turned.

Of course, the official word from the sorcerer's lawyers is that "the vaccination had nothing to do with the death of these babies." What else would you expect the sorcerer's apostles to say? The same sources originally insisted that neither the Gulf War Syndrome (which has claimed the lives of over 20,000 servicemen and women and maimed thousands more) nor the "inexplicable" autism epidemic that is currently destroying one out of 67 children in America has any correlation to deliberately injecting toxic adjuvants, living animal viruses, and the DNA of unclean animals directly into the bloodstream of a human being.

My God, people, we are not even supposed to be ingesting the char-broiled muscle tissue of these putrid creatures! If we ate the forbidden flesh of pigs and monkeys, and tainted chickens and cows, our immune systems would have the chance to revolt and hopefully vomit out the prohibited and contaminated creatures - but we have allowed the white-coated sorcerers of Babylonian pharmakia to talk us into injecting an attenuated virus cultured in these unclean beasts directly into our bloodstreams!! What in hell were we thinking!!! We were not thinking - and our parents, ignorant of the Torah, put our lives in jeopardy by submitting to the sorcerer's system. In the 1950's children received three vaccinations. Now the sorcerers are giving our babies over 68 injections of cell, genome, and mind-altering pharmacological agents before they reach the age of 12!

Remember the black plague that killed tens of millions in Europe? At the time, the Jews were blamed for somehow initiating the plague because they remained healthy while tens of millions of "Christians" dropped like flies. Did the Jews receive a "secret vaccination" cultured in a monkey or a pig in order to avert the plague? No, they obeyed the commandments concerning diet and hygiene as stipulated in the Torah! You cannot avoid the diseases of the Gentiles if you are in rebellion against the Creator and His instructions. If you participate in the pharmakia of Babylon, you will, as I have, also participate in the plagues associated with the sorcerer's system. I have repented, and I am now reversing the ravages. I am thankful that I can now be a provision for you before the brimstone hits the fan in earnest. You too can reverse the ravages of Babylon, but it will mean changing your lifestyle forever - you can't just pop a pharmacological agent, say a magical prayer, and make everything alright.

The great men of the earth only get away with their lies until their lawyers are brought into court and it is proven that they have covered up facts to deliberately deceive the public. Now Bioshield II legislation (S.1873 introduced by pharmaceutical stockholder Senator B. Hussein Obama in 2007) will shield pharmaceutical companies from liability and prosecution when an unelected bureaucrat deems that everyone should receive a forced injection under the guise of public safety. No wonder the pharmaki-ists poured so much money into Obama's presidential election coffers - the sorcerers wanted a "change" even they could believe in.

Even though thousands of Americans are currently suing these satanic sorcerers for their deadly intravenous concoctions - and winning - it may soon be illegal to charge the pharmakia industrial complex for vaccine-induced damages to their maimed children. But even now, the financial slap on the wrist that these merchant sorcerers receive does not begin to dent the thousands of billions they rake into their sordid multi-national treasuries. Hell is going to be much fuller than I at first considered. The pharmakia sorcerers and their apprentices may actually outnumber the crooked lawyers and deceptive politicians when the last antinomian is finally thrown into the flaming lake...

Those who are still living in the religious and pharmakia world of Babylon will take extreme offense at my preceding paragraphs. Good! I was hoping to offend you!! Your beloved system is going to kill you with their therion - or at least do its best - but your blood is not on my hands. In the scroll of Genesis, Abraham was commanded to "come out of Babylon," and Abraham's children by faith are likewise commanded to "come out of Babylon," as recorded in the book of The Revelation of Yahshua Messiah. So, just what part of "come out of Babylon" do you not understand?

Much to the chagrin of Job's comforters and my venomous detractors, I remain resolute that the suffering I have endured over this season is not due to some secret sin in my life. Now that I have begun my journey back to full vitality, I am convinced that the maladies which have plagued me have transpired so that both you and I will understand what is going on in the world of Babylonian pharmakia, and that you too (and your vaccine-damaged children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and strangers) can reverse the debilitating repercussions of willingly taking part in Babylon's plagues through ignorance and media-manipulated choices.

We knew about the manufactured plague that is now spreading through the Ukraine over two months before the first outbreak was seen in the hospitals. We received a call from the Ukraine through our German office. The Ukraine is shut down and its citizens quarantined. It is reported by citizens on the ground that 24 hours after the onset of symptoms, people are dead. They were calling this epidemic "the swine flu." The U.S. media is ignoring the situation by direct orders. You will find out about this when and how "the great men" determine you should be manipulated by it. Most of you will be lining up at your local high school or church to receive your mandated injections. There are alternatives - but you must learn to think outside the Babylonian box.

Most people do not really want to hear what I am required by Heaven to speak, but you will disregard the warnings at your own peril. We still have freedom to move about the country, and I need you to get to Dallas and take back the information shared at Hanukkah to your areas. If you think this is just another church meeting - stay home. If you are a leader - don't miss this event - then lead! We are launching "stealth mode." Read my last newsletter five times and then pray. Those on the Aviv Moon network, please send this communication out to your other networks. Alert the faithful - ignore the ignorant, whining crybabies.

The smoke is billowing on the not so distant horizon...


Michael Rood

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Ukraine Outbreak

There is a mysterious outbreak in the Ukraine that you won't hear about on MSM (mainstream media).  Why they are not covering it is as much of a mystery to me as it is to you.  

What is this outbreak you may ask?  A sickness that we fear more than the H1N1 virus, more than smallpox & probably more than Polio & Scarlett Fever.  A sickness what we thought was long eradicated from this planet.  The sickness is Pneumonic Plague or the black death.

About a month before this outbreak occurred, Interpol conducted a simulated exercise in the Ukraine.  The exercise simulated a global bioterrorism attack and its aftermath. Participants in the Black Death scenario were faced with a fictional, intentional plague attack involving countries from their region, with the exercise designed to assist them in identifying critical co-operation and co-ordination issues which could hinder a quick and successful response to such an attack in real life.

Now a month later, they have a REAL outbreak of the pneumonic plague.  So far over 870,000 people have been infected, over 39,000 are hospitalized & over 100 have died.  Isn't this what we heard when H1N1 broke out here in the U.S. back in April?  Except the death toll we were told was going to be in the thousands.

Another website is calling this a bio-engineered weapon.  And they are saying the deaths are over 1,000.  And again, it looks like this virus is going after our young adults & children.

Now please keep in mind a few things.  Back in February, vials of a flu virus were being transported to underground labs in government facilities.  Then all of a sudden we have an outbreak of H1N1.  The 1918 Pandemic was H1N1, over 40 million people died.  Everyone who was vaccinated died in this pandemic.  The death rate from H1N1 has gone UP since the H1N1 vaccine has come out.

Baxter, who is a major supplier of the H1N1 vaccine applied for a patent for the vaccine back in Aug. of 2008.

Now a lab has combined the H1N1 & H5N1 viruses to see if the combination of the 2 strains will make a deadlier virus.  Now the question is - WHY?  Are we going to see another flu strain outbreak soon that is a combination of those 2 viruses?

A sequence of events has been going on for over a year now.  Are these events being put into play so as to push a mandatory vaccine agenda with absolutely no way to get out of them?  Meaning, exemptions will no longer be allowed, even medical exemptions?  

The health care bill passed the house this afternoon.  In the health care bill, in order to receive medical treatment you must be up to date on your vaccinations.  If you are not, you must be brought up to date or you will be denied health care.  This is socialism to the core.  Let us pray that it doesn't pass the senate & get signed into law.  

There are many topics that need to be covered quickly this week.  So there will be more than one update.  Keep up to date on the Ukraine situation via alternative news sites & this one.

Stay healthy & safe my friends.  We are in for a long & bumpy ride.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

National Emergency Declared over the Swine Flu

Friday, Oct. 23rd., Obama signed a document declaring a National State of Emergency over the Swine Flu.  This could be good or bad.  As of right now, I do NOT see this going to mandatory vaccines unless a state of martial law is declared.  This state of emergency has been declared because of the shortage of vaccines & huge outbreaks all over the country.  I can attest to this because this last week, my daughters school had 29% of the school population missing because of sickness.  I attribute this to the fact that a teacher came to school sick & told her students to stay away from her.  Hello!!  Am I the only parent that is ticked off about this?

This declaration opens up federal channels that were not open before.  Nurses do not need to ask as many questions of patients before beginning treatment.  Insurance restrictions with Medicare & Medicaid are no longer there which means that the neediest of our U.S. population will get the treatment they need without all of the bureaucratic red tape that there is normally.

Here is a link to a website that is updated every 4 minutes.  It shows the cases of flu on a state by state basis & also where we stand in relation to other countries worldwide.

What is the best way to stay healthy?  Wash your hands frequently, especially if you have been out in the public venues.  Stay away from doctor offices if you possibly can, not only can you get sick from others BUT also get pressured to "vaccinated".  Take LOTS of Vit. D3.  Recent studies have shown that Vit. D deficiency increases your likelihood to sick or die from the flu.  Here is a chart to recommended doses.

I'm going to be watching this very closely & will update before next Sunday if conditions warrant.

Stay safe & healthy this week.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HUGE news for the anti-vaccine movement

This weeks blog entry will be HUGE news to the anti-vaccine movement & to children everywhere.

A U.S. judge in New Jersey ruled today that the U.S. Government can NOT make any vaccine compulsory for ANYONE in ANY STATE!!

With the Swine Flu Vaccine rolling out on Tuesday, Oct. 6th., this is a big relief to some who are worried that the Swine Flu Vaccine was going to be made mandatory & that we would NOT have a choice in the matter.

I'm going to be watching this very carefully as we all know that court rulings can be overturned & then sent back to the lower courts for reconsideration & so on.

My advice to you that was said by a doctor who is also a lawyer I know is type up a exemption letter, sign it in front of a notary as to your objections to vaccines.  Children have exemptions forms for schools, adults don't.  My whole family will be signing theirs on Friday in front of a notary stating our religious exemption to vaccines.  Religious exemption because of the unclean animals involved (Lev. 11 & Acts 15).  Also, the swine flu vaccine is being made on aborted fetus cells, we believe life begins at conception & that abortion is wrong in all cases, we object on religious grounds in this area also.

I will be on a retreat Oct. 4th thru the 13th.  WiFi will be available where we will be at.  If things develop during that time, I will try to update this blog.

Have a safe weekend!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Swine Flu - Mandatory or Not

I'm going to keep this blog entry short, sweet & to the point this time.  I've been researching the Swine Flu Vaccine very heavily this month, this is why I haven't posted since the first of the month.

ALL indications in my research point to this fact, the Swine Flu Vaccine will NOT be made mandatory.  There was a story on ABC news tonight that said there will NOT be a compulsory vaccine for the Swine Flu.  HOWEVER, they can require a 6 day quarantine to prove you are NOT infected with the Swine Flu virus.

Here is a link to the article.

Go to page 2, paragraph 2.  

Also, please go this website that is run by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, the nations foremost expert on vaccines.  Print off all 43 pages & then go to page 38 & highlight the paragraphs where it says the program is VOLUNTARY & always has been.  Keep this handy in case they do try to make it mandatory at your door.  This bill is called Division E.

Dr. Tenpenny also has a newsletter that I highly recommend you subscribe to as does Dr. Eisenstein.  ( Both are very informative to keep you abreast as to what is going on in the world of vaccinations. is an excellent website that is providing an outlet for many different doctors on various subjects.  You can also sign up for free webinars that last about an hour & have slides to go with them.  I've been listening in since March & I learn something new everytime I listen, even if its subject that I've already heard. 

Til next time, stay safe & healthy.


Saturday, August 1, 2009

Swine Flu

You want to avoid this flu vaccine at all costs. The 1976 swine flu vaccine was mandatory. The program only ran 2 weeks & it was cancelled. Many people were killed or injured as a result of the swine flu vaccine. Only 1 person died as a result of the swine flu itself. Gerald Ford was shown on national TV as taking the swine flu vaccine. I can't prove this but many doctors who are speaking out against the swine flu program have said that he received water or saline solution, he didn't receive the swine flu vaccine itself.

Here is a link to the swine flu story that was only aired once on 60 minutes back in 1976.

This swine flu isn't going to be any different than 1976. They are only testing this swine flu for 21 days. 21 days isn't long enough to know the long term affects of this vaccine. 21 days isn't enough time to know how much brain damage a person is going to have or other injuries. This testing period is too short. They are giving testing recipients vaccines on Day 1 & Day 21.

This vaccine is going to have thimerosal, chicken embryos, formaldehyde, gelatin (pork based) & other chemicals. No where in the ingredients does it list the swine flu or other flu ingredients. Its all chemicals & unclean animals. This vaccine is also being cultured on the retinas of aborted fetus'.

If the unclean animals don't turn you away in accordance with Lev. 11 then using aborted fetus cells should. Also, Acts 15:19-21, we are to abstain from food polluted by idols, sexual immorality, strangled animals & BLOOD!

When they scrape the cultured vaccines from these unclean animals, there in no doubt there is some blood in the culture. Especially if it was not bled properly to begin with.

Here we have at least 2 biblical examples of why we are NOT suppose to get vaccines. Now, what about the health aspect of it.

Vaccines have been proven medically AND scientifically to cause ischemic strokes, brain damage & other problems with the human body. Why hasn't this info been shown in MSM (mainstream media), because this doctor has been black balled by the medical community & their income. The pharmaceutical industry is a 1 TRILLION dollar a year industry. They will do anything to protect it. Doctors & clinics are paid premiums if the majority of all of their patients are vaccinated. This is why they push so hard to for their patients to get their vaccines. Here is a link to the doctor that has proven vaccines are causing ischemic strokes & autism.

Doctors are given very little education about vaccinations in college. I have a pre-med book here. Its 650 pages long only 4 pages are dedicated to immunology & vaccines. ONLY 4!!! You would think that a topic this important they would do more teaching on it.

This statement was made by a medical college professor that stopped giving vaccines back in 1973.

Childhood diseases were on their way down when the vaccines for them came out. Better nutrition, better sanitation & better water has contributed to the decline in childhood diseases, not vaccines.

Flu & pneumonia death rates have gone UP since so many people are getting the flu & pnemonia shots.

Many states have religious, philosophial & medial exemptions. The ones to have are religious or medical as philosophical can be thrown out the window at any given time & then you need to get a different exemption belief. The 2 states you don't want to live in are West Virginia & Mississippi, these 2 states only allow medical exemptions. The state of Mississippi believe that it is unconstitutional to have a religious exemption, figure that.

Once or twice a week, there are webinars (online seminars) about vaccines, swine flu & other topics of interest. I highly recommend you sign up for one. They only last about an hour, they include slides, expert people talking on the subject & best of all - they're free. :)

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny is the nations foremost expert on the Swine Flu & the vaccine that is going to be associated with it. Here is a link to her website & a link to interview she did with Alex Jones.

I've covered just the tip of the iceberg on this topic. There is much more out there that you can investigage on your own. Here are a few more links about the swine flu & why you should NOT get it.

And this one is EXTREMELY important. Its called the 10 things You're not supposed to know about the swine flu vaccine.

The best way to detox from mercury toxicity is sweating. This removes toxins from the body faster than anything.

The best way to avoid getting sick including flu, colds & most types of cancer is Vitamin D3. 5,000 IU/day for the average adult over 100 lbs., 10,000 IU/day if you have a chronic illness like diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, etc.

You can NOT O.D. on Vitamin D3. There has been such a scare about overdoing D3 that many are deficient now. You would have to take 50,000 IU/day for YEARS to overdose on it. I've been taking 10,000 IU/day for the past 6 months, I haven't had any problems.

Have a great Sabbath.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This shot has been deemed the wonder drug for women.  That it will prevent the needless deaths of women from cervical cancer.  

But is this the truth?  What is this "wonder drug" really doing to the young girls & women who get it?  Lets explore this & find out the facts.

Many doctors will tell you that this drug was tested for 5 years before it was put on the market.  This is a bold faced lie.  It is still being tested & the safety testing won't be complete until September of 2009 & its being used on girls today!!  This vaccine was only released in 2006, the long term affects on young girls & women who get this won't be known for a very long time.

What are the ingredients in this vaccine?  How is this for vaccine ingredients - Roach killer, aluminum, Polysorbate-80.  Are these ingredients we really want to be injecting into our children?  Aluminum is a neuro-toxin & Polysorbate-80 is known to cause infertility in mice.  Gardisil has caused 28 miscarriages in women who have received the shot but yet the FDA nixes further safety reviews.

What is the FDA hiding?  The highest incidence of death relating to this vaccine is within a week after receiving this vaccine.  See page 17.

The FDA has known for years that HPV does NOT cause cancer, most cases of HPV will take care of themselves.

This vaccine has caused death in those that have received it.  It has caused deaths to babies that died before they even had a chance to live outside the mothers womb.  It has caused injuries, paralysis & basically destroyed many young girls lives.

My mother-in-law called our home one evening wondering if we were going to get our daughter the HPV vaccine.  We told her no way.  She hasn't gotten any other vaccines, so why would we get her this one?  (We have a religious exemption)  I have seen first hand what this vaccine does to young girls who get it.  Dizziness, weakness, mental impairment & basically unable to function for quite a few days after receiving it.  I almost pulled one cheerleader out of the homecoming parade because she was having problems that was caused by the Gardisil shot!  The doctor told her that the shot was mandatory, all of the girls who got it were told that.  They were surprised when my daughter said she didn't get it, she got her sports physical done by a chiropracter, therefore no vaccines to deal with.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein said in a webinar that any doctor who says that the Gardisil shot is mandatory is bordering on malpractice.  I couldn't agree more.

You must remember one thing about the company that made this vaccine - Merck.  This is the same company that made Vioxx.  Does everyone remember this fiasco?  Vioxx killed thousands, millions was paid in damages to the families of those affected.  I took this drug also, but I didn't like the way it made me feel, so I stopped after just a few doses.  

The commercial you see on TV says "one less girl affected by cervical cancer".  Giving girls this vaccine is telling them to go out & have sex freely, you're protected.  Its telling them, you don't need a pap smear, you got the Gardisil shot.  Since cervical cancer is for the most part, a slow growing cancer, an annual pap smear will catch it in the early stages when its treatable.  Although this test can produce false positives & false negatives, a 2nd run of the test, especially if it comes back positive should be done.  My mother-in-law had a false positive, she was at Mayo Clinic all prepped for surgery & the doctor came in & said they made a mistake, that it was negative instead of positive.  She was relieved but mad because they drove 4+ hours for nothing.

This weeks blog is filled with emotion.  I watched a story on a local TV station about a young girl who received the Gardisil shot & was injured because of it.  The reporter went on to interview doctors who said that the shot is safe & no deaths have been associated with this vaccine.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  I emailed the reporter & was given a short reply thanking me for my time for emailing her & thanks for watching.  She wanted no correction.  Sad.....,0,6312162.story

I will continue to spout off on the dangers of vaccines as we are commanded to in the bible.  (Lev. 19:16-17)  

Til next week, stay safe & do the good fight.  


Monday, July 13, 2009

Scriptural references in the battle against vaccines

My husband & I had the pleasure of hearing Nehemia Gordon & Keith Johnson speak on their new book, A Prayer To Our Father Sunday night in the Twin Cities.  If you get a chance to hear them,  I highly recommend you go.  

Everyone who follows the dietary laws that are laid out in Lev. 11 know which animals are clean & which are not.  There are many unclean animals in vaccines along with aborted fetus cells now.  This is a nightmare for those who are trying to live according to Gods' way laid out in the bible.

 Acts 15:20 - But that we write unto them, that they abstain from pollutions of idols, and from fornication, and from things strangled, and from blood.

Since these vaccines are being cultured on these unclean animals & then scraped off of them, the blood of these animals is bound to be within these vaccines.  

Lev. 17 tells us not to eat the blood of animals.  The Polio vaccine can be an oral vaccine or injected, depending on the doctors preference.  Again, these cultures are grown on unclean animals & then scrapped off to put into a vaccine.  Aborted babies are being slaughtered & their parts being offered to idols. (Eze. 16:21)  I can hear you saying, what idols?  The bible tells us we can't have 2 gods.  Money can be a god to many people & industries.  And if you remember, I said in my first entry, that the pharmaceutical industry is a 1 TRILLION dollar a year industry.  Therefore, I do consider that an idol since money is put above the love for fellow man.  

I often wondered in my Torah walk, if my being so outspoken against vaccines was in accordance with Torah.  I wondered if maybe I should have just let God handle things in his own time & in his own way.  Nehemia showed us last night that we need to speak out against evils - otherwise we are missing the mark or the Het & therefore sinning.  Lets look at Lev. 19:17:

17  You shall not hate your brother in your heart; but you shall surely rebuke your neighbor, lest you incur sin because of him.

I am rebuking the vaccine industry, to stop the cover up of the dangers of vaccines & to come clean about what is actually in them!

Til next week,


Sunday, July 5, 2009


Pandemic - This word strikes fear in the heart of many people.  Visions of thousands or millions of people dying from a sickness brings back memories in many people.  The 1918 flu pandemic is the one that most people remember.  At least 40 million dead.  What really brought on these pandemics?  Did a "vaccine" really protect those that received it?  Will the swine flu vaccine this fall really protect us or will it be the 1976 Swine flu fiasco all over again?

 What causes pandemics?  Sanitation?  Too close of proximity with animals?  Vaccines against the flu?  A change in the DNA make up of the flu?  There are many possibilities.  But we do know one thing, it has been at 91 years since the last major pandemic outbreak.  

Did a vaccine really protect those who got it?  Lets look to the 1918 flu pandemic.  Over 40 million died during this pandemic.  This one came in waves, the first wave was mild, it disappeared over the summer but then returned in the fall.  This wave is the one that killed over 50 million people.  The vaccinated ones were the ones who sick.

Many people dropped dead in doctors offices after getting the vaccine.  This still happens today when girls get the Gardisil shot that is supposed to protect them from cervical cancer but instead it ends up killing them.

The 1976 flu outbreak started at Fort Dix among vaccinated soldiers.  It then spread, but more were injured & died from the vaccine than died from the flu.

The flu vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting the flu.  It can do just the opposite.  Everyone I know that gets the flu shot ends up getting sick?  Why is this?  Because it is a live, weakened virus.  The injection bypasses the bodys natural way of dealing with germs by going directly into the bloodstream instead of thru the stomach where the stomach acids can break it down & get rid of it naturally.  This years flu vaccine is going to be no different than 1976.  Here is a video from 1976 that was on 60 min. regarding the swine flu.  Truths you won't hear from the controlled media.

Part of the swine flu vaccines that are coming out this fall are going to ones that are shot up the nose.  This will help spread sickness faster as when a "vaccinated" person sneezes, this virus that was just shot up the nose will come out & infect others.

With all of the chemicals, poisons & unclean animals (in accordance with Lev.  11) that are put into vaccines.  Its time to No Thank you.  Vaccines have been proven repeateadly not to work.  

What is the best way to avoid sickness?  handwashing, avoiding crowded places & avoiding sick people whenever you can 

Is there something more I can do?  We have a saying around our home, Vitamin D, Vitamin D, Vitamin D

Taking Vitamin D3 is the best way to boost your immune system.  The average american has between 15  & 18 nanograms/ml of blood.  To avoid sickness & most cancers, you need at least 50 ng/ml of blood.  This table shows what you need.

I can personally attest to the fact that vitamin D3 does work in boosting your immune system & keeping sickness at bay.  I take 10,000 IU/day.  When the rest of my family is sick, I usually get sick too.  Not this year.  :)  

Get educated about this swine flu & the coming pandemic.  They are going to try to make it mandatory.  You do have rights.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is going to have a webinar on July 15 with a vaccine rights lawyer.  This lawyers name is Allen Phillips.  Please sign up & tune in.  Its only an hour long & best of all - It's free!!!

Til next week,


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vaccine Dangers 101

A doctor, by the name of Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who was also a college professor gave the following statement in one of his classes one day back in 1973.

"The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous & ineffectual affects made to prevent them thru mass immunization.  There is no convicing scientific evidence that mass innoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."

This doctor & college prof quit giving vaccinations back in 1973.  

What the medical community is taking credit for & they really shouldn't is the fact that childhood diseases were on their way down when vaccines actually came out.  As seen by this chart.

And on the same token, deaths from flu & pneumonia has actually gone up since they have started giving shots to people.

As have the number of cases of autism.

Mercury poisoning & autism have the same symptoms.

You say, but mercury was removed from vaccine years ago.  This is what the medical community wants you to believe.  In actuality, it is still there under a different name - Thimerosal.  This dangerous additive is 50% mercury by weight.  Mercury is toxic in any form, it doesn't matter if its ethylmecury, methymercury or something else.  Mercury is toxic to living tissue.  How many of you remember the antiseptic Merthiolate?  This had mercury in it.  When Eli Lilly made vaccine with mercury in it, they had to put the skull & cross bones on it.  Why?  Because mercury was considered a poison back in the 30s.  Aluminum is another heavy metal that accumulates in the brain & causes damage.  

Dr. Andrew Moulden,, has proven conclusively that vaccines cause ischemic strokes & brain damage in children.  If you look at a picture of kids before & after vaccines, their facial features change.  It might only be temporary or it might be permanent depending on how hard the stroke was.  When an adult has a stroke, their mouth or eyes might droop, they loose their ability to talk or walk.  This is happening to children also.  They go into autism, which is just a post-stroke state.  

By the time a child reaches the age of 2 months, they have received over 1,875 mcg of mercury via vaccines.  A toxic dose of mercury is 20 mcg.  What is America doing to its children?  Its time to stop the insanity!

With each vaccine there is a hazard tax.  This "tax" that you pay when you receive a vaccine, this tax money goes into a fund called the VAERS fund.  This stands for 






This system is updated by doctors who reported the adverse reactions of vaccines.  Only 10% of reactions are reported because they don't want to endanger the vaccine program.  

This is the way that the vaccine program works.  There is an advisory board to the CDC that tells them what vaccines to give & when.  90% of these board members are stock holders in vaccine companies.  They are required to fill out paperwork showing they don't have a vested interest in vaccines being made, but the paperwork isn't filled out completely by these board members & follow up is rarely done.  

The pharmaceutical industry is a 1 TRILLION dollar industry!  Don't you think that they will do ANYTHING to protect that income?  That is why they won't allow the cheaper canadian drugs into the U.S.  Yes, they are in charge of "safe" drugs to be consumed by the American public.

Vaccines are about money, not the health of the U.S.  I hope you will take a look at the links & think about them.  Remember the Vioxx scandal a few years ago?  It was made by the Merck drug company.  Now, the latest vaccine Gardisil is made by Merck also.  20 deaths & thousands of injuries have resulted as a result of this vaccine.  Deaths have occurred in girls as young as 9.  The person who made this vaccine said she never intended for it to be given to people younger than 18.  

With the new swine flu vaccine coming out this fall.  Think long & hard about the safety of your family.  Google 1976 flu vaccine, this program was a fiasco.  This too was a mandatory vaccine but was dropped after only 2 weeks.  

I will cover how to improve your immunity & how to help you heal if you do get the vaccine.

Till next week, 


Sunday, June 21, 2009

An introduction

I'm going to start off with a disclaimer.

I'm not a doctor or a nurse.  I haven't had any formal medical training.  I have spent plenty of time in hospitals both as a visitor & as a patient.  

The purpose of this blog will be to inform people of the dangers of vaccines & also to keep you up to date on the Swine Flu & the upcoming Swine Flu Vaccine.  

I'm a 39 year old mom of 2 kids.  Neither one of them have had any of their vaccines.  They have missed less school than their vaccinated counter parts.  We've only had to deal with one childhood illness - chicken pox.  I was 21 & my son was 11 months old.  We had it at the same time.  This was before there was even a chicken pox vaccine.  We both got thru it.  I didn't even have my husband at home at the time.  He was out driving semi 6 days a week.  

I have 3 nieces that are fully vaccinated.  They have numerous health problems & lots of hospitalizations.  Asthma, ear infections, pneumonia all plague these girls.  I've tried to teach my in-laws about the dangers of vaccines but they listen to my husbands parents that you have to have vaccines in order to be protected.  In this blog, I hope to show you just the opposite, that vaccines cause sickness, not prevent it.

I plan on updating this no later than Sunday evening of each week.