Sunday, January 15, 2017

Are you or a loved one vaccine injured? We need your stories!!


Just a quick blog entry today.

Vaxxed is collecting stories from families that have had vaccine injuries to give to Mr. Trump.

The deadline is Monday.    Please click on the link above & submit your vaccine injury story.  

We are being heard!  

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bobby Kennedy - Be Brave!

Greetings from slippery Iowa!

Have you heard?   Have you heard who has been appointed to head a vaccine safety committee?  

Bobby Kennedy

President Elect Trump as asked Bobby Kennedy to head up a committee to look at vaccine safety.

Bobby Kennedy said at a gathering in California that public health officials can't be trusted.

Why should they be trusted?  They push vaccines on everyone under the one size fits all schedule.   Thousands of kids are injured or die annually as a result of vaccinations.   If vaccines were Vioxx, they would have been taken off the market a long time ago.

Bobby Kennedy has been an outspoken lawmaker on the safety of vaccines for years.   He is working currently working on a project called World Mercury Project .  

Bobby Kennedy tells about how the CDC covered up the vaccine-autism link for over 14 years.   The black community has been disproportionately targeted before.

Senator Posey talking about how documents were destroyed that talked about the vaccine-autism link.

Bobby Kennedy on MSNBC & talking about the change in 1989 that showed a jump in autism.

Read the Simpsonwood notes .

Be Brave Bobby, parents are depending on you & Mr. Trump to bring justice to parents of vaccine injured children.

Are you crying?    It's ok, let the tears flow.    Those are tears of frustration that are being released because of the years that the CDC has hidden the truth.   They are tears of joy, the years of saying the truth & swaying parents from vaccinating to not vaccinating.   They are tears of relief, our day of vindication is at hand.

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Never a Dull Moment - More friends & family


So, last week my daughter, her fiance', their best friend & her daughter & her best friends mom went to Texas.  Just a couple days prior to this trip, my daughter started to develop a rash.  We didn't think much about it but my daughter wanted to have it checked prior to going around her pregnant friend the other day.

We suspected Chicken Pox as the rash was spreading quickly when she got back & was getting very itchy.  A doctor confirmed it.  We told him that this was the third time my daughter has had chicken pox.   She had the wild version 5 years ago & then again three years later when she was exposed to someone who had been recently vaccinated against chicken pox.  We suspect that she was exposed to someone who had been recently vaccinated against chicken pox for this time as well.

The doctor told us that when she is over this virus to set up an appointment with her primary care physician to get a titers test done to see if she is developing any antibodies to chicken pox.  He said that she may never develop immunity to chicken pox since she's getting it multiple times.

Another interesting thing the doctor said was this -

"It doesn't matter how many times you get vaccinated against chicken pox, you can still get it."

My daughter & I looked at each other & were thinking the same thing - What the hell?  Why push a toxic vaccine on kids when it possibly won't work.

I had chicken pox when I was 21 years old.  When she got chicken pox the 2nd time, I broke out.  I am breaking out this time as well.  However, when she had the wild version, I didn't break out.

The Chicken Pox vaccine is among many vaccines that are live virus vaccines & shed for 28 days.  Doctors do not tell their patients this.  The insert that comes with the vaccine say very clearly to stay away from pregnant women, the young, the old & the immune compromised.

Something else that you hear, is that you'll get shingles later in life if you have chicken pox.  However, I know of an instance where someone got shingles & had never had chicken pox.

My daughters fiance' broke out with a rash on one of his eyelids one day a couple of yeas ago.  His doctor told him it was shingles.  He's never had chicken pox.  Again, the shingles vaccines is a live virus vaccine & sheds for 28 days.  We surmise that he was around someone who had been recently vaccinated against shingles.

Like my title says - A never dull moment around our home.   Whether its the kids or our dogs, we are kept on our toes daily.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016

Friends & Family are my favorite subjects

Greetings from a very winter like Iowa,

As my title says, friends & family are my favorite topics.   This week has been a week for laughs & unbelievable statements.

Here is scenario #1 -

My daughters fiance' approached his doctor to talk about a procedure that would open up his airways so he can breathe better.  His doctor is all about vaccinations.   This particular topic was his 2nd visit.   The first visit this doctor tried to push the flu shot on him plus 2 others.

The doctors response to my future son in laws request was you'll be alright.   If we get you all caught up on your vaccinations including the flu shot & the gardisil shot.    This statement by a doctor is very laughable.

Fortunately, my future son in law rejected those toxic injections & left.   He is now looking for another doctor that is willing to listen instead of pushing toxins to pad his pocket with insurance bonuses.

Scenario #2 -

My niece is a CNA.  When she went to college to become one she told them in no uncertain terms that she would not get the flu shot.   The program had no issues with this.

The facility that my niece was assigned to sent out an email to my niece saying she had to get a flu shot.   Her other option was to mask up until April.  She told me wearing a mask makes her feel claustrophobic.  The DON confronted my niece in front of a resident.  She told the DON that she was not getting the shot.   She's gotten them before & they made her horribly sick.


The DON then came down the hall & then literally shoved the mask in her face at the station desk.   The scheduler told the DON that my niece was going home.   Another employee was reduced to tears because of this email.  One of the other employees who chose to mask up told my niece I understand your decision.   My niece told her that I'm sorry you have to wear that.

Many violations were done by this facility Friday.

1.  Confronting an employee about their vaccination status in front of a resident is a privacy violation on the part of the employee.

2.  Telling an employee that they have to take the shot or mask up is a HIPAA violation.  It is telling other employees & residents the vaccination status of said employee.  A person does not have to reveal their vaccination status unless they choose to do so.

OSHA does not support the mandation of the flu shot.  It supports the idea but it does not support the mandation.

The mandation of the flu shot is all tied to money.    Depending on the percentage of employees vaccinated, they are fined a percentage of medicare reimbursement dollars .

Scenario #3-  This occurred about 2 months ago

My daughter had a job as a housekeeper for a short time at a care facility here in our town.  When she was hired, she was told she had to get the flu shot, Hep B shot & TB skin test.  She told them she had a religious exemption from all of those.   We submitted a letter on church letterhead & her religious exemption was approved.   We had a fight to bypass the skin test which injects a small amount of TB under the skin to see if she been exposed to TB.  They approved a chest xray.

On each day of training that didn't involve going out onto the floor but sitting in a room doing paperwork & watching videos, they continued to badger her with requests to get the flu shot.  They also told her that after being at the facility for a year, she would no longer be able to reject the flu shot & the Hep B shot.  She would be required to get them or she would be terminated.   They also said they could fire her at any time during the first 90 days if she didn't meet their expectations.

She came home & told me that.  I told her it was up to her.  After a few hours, she made the decision she was not going back.   She was not going to allow herself to be told to get injected or lose her job because she chooses to reject toxins being injected into her.

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Friday, December 9, 2016

Doctors learn nothing about vaccines in medical school


Just a quick note tonight.  

I don't normally quote this guy but in this case I am.

Dr. Paul Offit says in this video that doctors are not taught anything about vaccines in medical school except for 2 classes that HE teaches.

He says this in the last 30 seconds of the video -

Doctors learn nothing in college about vaccines

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Greetings from Iowa,

A study was finally done.   Vaccinated vs. unvaccinated.

The conclusion -

 The vaccinated had a higher rate of allergies and NDD than the unvaccinated.

NDD - Neuro developmental disorders

Many of us knew this already.

Big pharma had the original link taken down but it's still available at the  wayback machine .

I guess the truth hurts.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016

If I had a chair..........


Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers that keep this wonderful holiday.

In the fall of 2014 at the community college I was attending, they had chairs set up in the cafeteria/commons area of the college.   Each chair had a story.   Each chair represented a domestic violence victim in Iowa that had died.

As I read each chair, I shook my head in disbelief at some of the senseless deaths.  But as I got to the end, I started shaking my head for a different reason.   I started getting upset.   This is why I got upset.

If I had a chair for every vaccine injured child.......If I had a chair for every child that died after getting a vaccine......would society finally get the idea that vaccines are not safe.    Would society finally stand up & question why are so many kids affected?  

Or will we hear the same old adage.......Vaccines save lives.

Look at these imagine each one represents a vaccine injured child.    Thousands of kids are injured or die annually as a result of vaccination.   You can do custom searches & analysis of the VAERS database for youself.

See the big picture?

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