Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Rest of the Story

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We've gotten about 6 inches of snow overnight.  I'm glad I don't have to go anywhere today. 

I"ve been watching youtube videos today & came across this one.

Thank you Dr. Wakefield.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Chicago Med episode refuted


How many of you watched this weeks Chicago Med about an unvaccianted child?   I just got done watching it & there are quite a few mistakes in it.

Let the refutations begin -

1.  A sick child holding a 2 month old?   Ok, who in their right mind lets a sick child hold a baby?   Or let a sick adult hold a baby?   The baby's mom shouldn't have let it happen.   The sick child's mom shouldn't have let it  happen.   There have been a couple of occasions where I was sick & I had the opportunity to get a baby fix.   I turned it down because I didn't want to get the baby sick.    If I'm not feeling well, I don't make the 4 hour drive to my sons house to spend time with my grandson.

2.  The unvaccinated child & his dad are asked to leave the ER waiting room.   The unvaccinated child is playing with other kids at a kids table.   His dad & the unvaccinated child are ordered to leave the ER area.  The unvaccianted child is exhibiting no signs of illness & has to leave the ER.  Unvaccinated children pose no risk to other kids. 

This is a Harvard Immunologist.   She shows in this video how unvaccinated kids pose no risk to anybody.

3.   The doctor who started the anti vaccination movement has been thoroughly debunked.   This is in reference to Dr. Wakefield.  Did Dr. Wakefield start the anti vax movement?    Absolutely not.    The anti vax movement started way back in the late 1800s. 

This is from an anti vax publication in 1895.

And this is from 1902.

You also need to remember that Dr. Wakefield & his 12 co authors never said vaccines cause autism.   What the conclusion of the study was We did not prove an association between measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine and the syndrome described. Virological studies are underway that may help to resolve this issue.

And there are at least 28 studies that have replicated what Dr. Wakefield & his co authors found in that famous paper.

So, whenever you see antivaxers degraded on TV.    Do a little bit of research, you can usually debunk what they're saying with a little bit of homework.

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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Who's allergic to Thimerosal? Please raise your hand

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Almost a year ago I started working in a chemical plant in shipping.  I see a lot labels come thru my area.  Some of the products are low toxicity & some are very toxic.  Products that are very toxic require special packaging when it comes to shipping.  They have to be inside a plastic bag with an absorbent pad inside the bag.  Padding is placed around the products in the box & stickers are placed  are on the box as the toxicity of the products in the box.

Products that contain mercury have a Skull & Bones diamond on them.  The label looks very similar to this label.

As I've explained in blog entries before, Thimerosal is 50% mercury.  It's been touted by the CDC, FDA & the WHO as a safe ingredient in vaccines.  However, is this true?  What does the science say?

Let's take a look at the toxicity of Thimerosal.

The LD 50 means LD50 is an abbreviation for “Lethal Dose 50%.” The LD50 value for a chemical is the amount of chemical that can be expected to cause death in half (50%) of a group of a particular animal species when the chemical enters the body by ingestion or skin absorption. The amount required to cause death is normally related to body weight: therefore, the LD50 is expressed in milligrams of chemicals per kilogram of body weight (mg/kg). A typical LD50 statement includes the substance, the route of entry, and the animal species; as shown below:

Toxicological Data on Ingredients: Thimerosal: ORAL (LD50): Acute: 75 mg/kg [Rat]. 91 mg/kg [Mouse].

II. Hazard Identification: Classification of The Substance Or Mixture According to Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 [EU-GHS/CLP]: 

Acute toxicity, Inhalation (Category 2)
 Acute toxicity, Dermal (Category 1) 
Acute toxicity, Oral (Category 2) 
Acute aquatic toxicity (Category 1)
 Chronic aquatic toxicity (Category 1)

On a table, where does this toxicity lie?

Table 1: Toxicity Classes: Hodge and Sterner Scale
 Routes of Administration 
  Oral LD50Inhalation LC50Dermal LD50 
Toxicity RatingCommonly Used Term(single dose to rats) mg/kg(exposure of rats for 4 hours) ppm(single application to skin of rabbits) mg/kgProbable Lethal Dose for Man
1Extremely Toxic1 or less10 or less5 or less1 grain (a taste, a drop)
2Highly Toxic1-5010-1005-434 ml (1 tsp)
3Moderately Toxic50-500100-100044-34030 ml (1 fl. oz.)
4Slightly Toxic500-50001000-10,000350-2810600 ml (1 pint)
5Practically Non-toxic5000-15,00010,000-100,0002820-22,5901 litre (or 1 quart)
6Relatively Harmless15,000 or more100,00022,600 or more1 litre (or 1 quart)

Even a bottle of Thimerosal has the Skull & Bones symbol on it along with the word toxic.

As you can see on the table, Thimerosal is very toxic.  According to the MSDS sheet, long term exposure can lead to health issues- 

A few months ago, my work place had a flu shot clinic.   It was totally voluntary.   The form that was sent via email said that if you are allergic to Thimerosal you shouldn't get the shot.  Who isn't allergic to mercury?  When I received the email from HR that this was going to take place I replied back with the toxicity of the flu shot along with the MSDS sheet for Thimerosal.  The guy heading it up replied back that he wanted me in his office at 8 am the next morning.   I sent him the email at about 1 am.   (I work 2nd shift)  I did talk to him when I came in & got blown off on the mercury content of the flu shot.  
I said that products in our plant that contain mercury have a skull & bones on them.  Why are you allowing employees to be injected with mercury?   His response?   That is your opinion.   Seriously?   I've been researching the dangers of vaccines for almost 30 years & that is my opinion?
A few weeks ago we had a safety meeting. We were told if we see something, say something.  So, I had the msds sheet for thimerosaal brought up on my phone & went to talk to the head of the safety after the meeting.   Again, I brought up the mercury content of the flu shot.   Again, I was poo poo'ed off.   One of the HR people told me to come see her in her office to talk about this. 
After our lunch break that night, I was standing with the rest of my co workers waiting to do our stretching before getting back to work.   The second shift lead came to me & told me that I was wanted in the HR office.  My response - Here we go.  His response was it's not bad.
I went into the office fully prepared to be fired or at least a reprimand of some sort.  In her hands was an article from this blog.   You have to be invited to see her blog, I haven't been invited to see it but you can see the first 7 myths that she attacks in this article.
I asked her about the content of mercury in the products of the plant & how they are treated as highly toxic.  She said they aren't the same thing.  As you saw above, Thimerosal is toxic.
She went onto to tell me about some workers work with cadmium in the plant & they are periodically tested to make sure levels are within certain levels.   She then looked me in the eye & said "We would never do anything to endanger our associates."  
I knew at that point anything I had to say was going to fall on deaf ears.  I didn't want to risk my job by setting her straight in person.   It was total frustration to deal with someone who seemed to open minded but so closed at same time.
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Monday, November 27, 2017

New Study showing link of Aluminum & Vaccines

Greetings from warm Iowa,

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving.   Life has been busy for us around here.   Between work, our dogs, cementing our shop in the back yard & our business there isn't much down time.  I continue to research & will never cease.

A study came out today that I would like to pass onto you.

Aluminium in brain tissue in autism

Remember, there are at least 17 vaccines contain toxic levels of aluminum. .

Since this study just came out, it hasn't been "debunked" by the so called vaccine experts.  (Paul Offit & Richard Pan).

Download it before it disappears as studies do who disagree with big pharma.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Have you done your research? And you still vaccinate?

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It's been a busy few months here.   My husband & I both started new jobs.   I went back to school in January & just finished a very stressful semester.  And the racing season has started so we are busy making t shirts & decals for the local race teams.   Senator Pan from California has introduced a bill that allows the state of California  to question parents that don't vaccinate or choose to homeschool their kids.   Even allows the state to send reps into people's homes of kids they feel do not have a good home life.

Can you say Nazi Germany?

My son & daughter in law hate the fact that I'm anti vaccine.    They've gone as far as to restrict what I can read or say when I'm in their home.   And I'm not allowed to answer my grand sons questions when he is old enough to ask.  Tonight my daughter in law posted this on her Facebook page.

And she seems to think that unvaccinated kids can make vaccinated kids sick even tho they haven't had the shots.

So, lets address vaccine safety first.   We know that the CDC & Institute of Medicine have not done a safety study on the current vaccine schedule.

A case study of Vaccinated vs Unvaccinated kids was put up briefly back in November.  It didn't make it over a weekend & was quickly taken down among criticism.  Unvaccinated children were much healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.

A doctor from North Carolina put together a website in which parents could answer a series of questions about their vaccinated or unvaccinated child.  You can search the database by entering the parameters  you want to search.    Unvaccinated kids were much healthier than their vaccinated counterparts.

You can also search the VAERS database via this website.    I did a quick search while putting together this article, over 6,500 people have died since 1989 from vaccinations.

Over $3.6 BILLION has been paid out  for vaccine injuries.

A October 2010 Supreme Court decision  says that vaccines are unavoidable unsafe  .

Bobby Kennedy, Jr. & Robert DeNiro have put out a reward.   They will give $100,000  to anyone who can prove vaccines are safe .    To date, this reward has not been claimed.   If the provax'ers are so sure that vaccines are safe, then why haven't they claimed this reward?

Fetal mortality rate has jumped over 4,200% since the flu shot has been given to pregnant women .

And the US has the highest infant mortality rate in the world.

For my readers who are age 30 years & more, how many of you heard of Autism, ADD/ADHD when you were in school?  I'm 47 & have never heard of anyone with those when I was in school.

And here is the vaccines with aluminum in them & how much aluminum is in them.    Studies show how toxic aluminum is to the body.

Now, lets examine do unvaccinated kids make vaccinated kids sick?     First off, if you are so sure vaccines work, then what are you worried about?  

I love how parents say we will sue the parents of an unvaccinated child if our child gets sick.   My response to that statement - How are you going to prove it was my child that made your child sick?  We had 3 cases of wild chicken pox  ( 2 prior the vaccination) go thru our home, no idea where we picked them up.   My daughter got chicken pox twice more in the last 4 years.  The doctor we went to diagnose chicken pox this last time told us something very interesting - He said it doesn't matter how many times you vaccinate against chicken pox you can still get them.  My daughter & I looked at each other, What?   Why are parents having their kids injected with toxic vaccines  if they are just going to get sick anyway?

Vaccinated kids can make unvaccinated kids sick.    Unvaccinated kids are not dirty & making vaccinated kids.  

According to the CDC, adults who are up to date is very low.     If parents are worried about the unvaccinated & herd immunity, then where are the huge outbreaks?    You're not seeing them are you?

Baboons vaccinated against whooping cough made others sick because they harbor the disease in the back of their throats & can spread it to others.  What do grandparents do to their grand kids?   Kisses!   I gave my first grand child lots of kisses.    I haven't had any vaccines since 1975.    He didn't get sick from me.

So, lets do a little social experiment.

I call your significant other or your spouse & tell them you gave them an STD.

They call you up yelling & demanding to know why you gave them an STD.

You respond back, how can I give you an STD when I don't have an STD?


How can a unvaccinated child make a vaccinated child when they aren't sick?

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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

We have broken thru the 100,000 views mark


Tonight marks a special night.

This blog broke thru the 100,000 mark tonight.

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Thank you to everyone!  

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Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Right Place at the Right Time


Have you ever been in the right place at the right time for an event that brought out the best in you?   Like helping with a car accident or coming across an event in which your talent was needed?

Thursday morning I traveled with the Phi Beta Lambda group from the college I'm attending to the capital building in Des Moines.  We were going to be meeting with a couple of lawmakers & then take a tour of the building including going all the way to the top to the top of dome.

When we were seated in the room to meet with the lawmakers I "checked in" via Facebook that I was at the capital building.  An activist friend contacted me via messenger that a bill written to give Iowa a philosophical exemption was going to have a hearing in about 20 min & if I could go up to the hearing.  I told her yes & I would find a way to leave for the hearing.

After our group picture, I asked our tour guide where the House Lounge was.   She told me it was upstairs & next to the house chamber.  I told her there was a bill hearing that I wanted to attend to & she said that our group leader would probably understand me not going on the tour.

I quickly ducked out of the room to head up to the lounge.  Fortunately, I found a staff member that was heading up to the same room.  There was a lot of people there & it was quite crowded for small area.  This hearing was quite different than the hearing I attended in Nebraska four years ago. 

In the lounge there was two tables within ten feet of each other.  At each table there was a hearing with subcommittee's going on.  At the table by the window, there was maybe a dozen people for that hearing.  At the table for the philosophical exemption, there was around 75 of us.  There were medical professionals, a rep from the Iowa Department of Health & other representatives from the professional community.  I was the only lay person & the only person there that was for this bill.

The lady from the Iowa Department of Health spoke first.  She talked about how immunization rates have dropped in Iowa leaving us vulnerable to disease outbreaks.  She couldn't answer specific questions from the law makers but just referred the lawmakers to the print out she brought with her.

The next person to speak was Dr. Nathan Boonstra.  He is a pediatrician with Blank Children's Hospital in the Des Moines metro.  He said that by offering a philosophical exemption there was a chance to lower herd immunity leaving kids that can't be immunized or those with cancer vulnerable to getting a disease from the unvaccinated.

I kept shaking my head & kept myself from laughing from some of the things he was saying.  One of the lawmakers, asked if the MMR could be broken down into separate shots as he was questioning the safety of the MMR vaccine.  Dr. Boonstra told him that the MMR vaccine was combined into a single shot years ago.  He went on to say that he has seen kids become sick & die from vaccine preventable disease.  I have to wonder how many kids became vaccine injured or died after receiving vaccines from this doctor.

The lawmaker running the meeting then asked who wanted to speak next, I raised my hand saying that I wanted to.  I introduced myself & where I was from.  I told them I was with Vaccine Free Health & Iowa for Health Freedom.

I started off by saying my position on the bill & why I was supporting it.  I told the lawmakers if they took away our religious exemption they were against the constitution.  I mentioned that there was unclean animals in vaccines per Lev. 11 & aborted fetal tissue.  I named off the names of aborted fetal tissue according to the CDC ingredient list.  I then mentioned how the CDC has covered up the  vaccine-autism link for years thanks to Dr. William Thompson coming forward to tell us about the fraud involving the CDC.

I told the group that my daughter had gotten chicken pox for a 3rd time thanks to someone who was shedding after getting a chicken pox vaccine.

I told them this bill must go forward & become law to make sure all parents have the option to say no.  I was recorded but I don't know by who.  The lady asked me if she could put down home maker & mom.   I told her no, I was an anti vaccine activist.  She gave me a disgusted look & moved on.

The lawmaker that was running the meeting then said for the sake of time is there anyone else that would like to speak about something that hasn't been mentioned yet.  A lady talked about the measles outbreak at Disney & that more of these outbreaks will happen because of unvaccinated.  (She seems to forget the measles outbreak came from overseas ).

The lady from the Iowa Department of Health then restated their position & that the bill must be blocked to prevent disease outbreaks.  She kept turning to me & giving me a dirty look.  I kept my laughter to myself.

The lawmaker that was running the meeting then said he had serious reservations about telling people what they had to inject into their body.  Two other lawmakers shared that view.  One woman lawmaker said that putting stuff into our body was likened to putting alcohol into our body & then going out & driving drunk.  We had to think about what was best for the community overall.  I thought this was a horrible analogy.  If I get into a car accident with a drunk driver part of my safety equipment is my seat belt & the shell of my car.  If I get toxins injected into me, the injection bypasses all of my bodys safety systems.

The lawmaker running the meeting then said he pushing this bill forward to full committee.  I said Thank you.  I was getting dagger looks from Dr. Boonstra, the lady from the Iowa Dept. of Health & the lady who brought up the measles outbreak at Disney.

After the hearing broke up, I walked over by Dr. Boonstra who was being interviewed by a reporter who I would later find out was from the associated press. He just regurgitated what he had said during the hearing.  I was then approached by a reporter from the Cedar Rapids Gazette.  He asked for the spelling of my name & then again for the organizations I represented.  He had me summarize my stance again, thanked me & walked off.

I then walked out of the room & out into the spacious halls of our beautiful capital building.  I saw people from the hearing grouping up & talking.  I stood for a few minutes observing the people trying to tell us we have to inject toxins into our bodies but not accepting the financial responsibility if we become vaccine injured.

The reporter who was talking to Dr. Boonstra approached me.  She said I know you have talked to many about your stance & I was wondering if you had a few minutes to talk to me.  She was totally new to the subject & I spent quite a bit of time educating her on the dangers of vaccines, how much has been spent on vaccine injuries, the hazard tax per the IRS code & how vaccine manufacturers are immune from lawsuits.

It was interesting to watch her facial expressions as I educated her for about 15 min.  My final statement in my talk with her was - Where there is risk, there must be choice.  It showed on her face that the statement registered with her.

Almost 30 years of studying of vaccines led up to this day.  I had 15 minutes of prep time.  I didn't have my usual print offs to hand out to the representatives nor did have a speech written up or rehearsed.  Now that this bill has moved on to full committee, there is another hearing coming up.  I'm going to assemble my hand outs to educate the committee & our new governor Kim Reynolds so that they have the info before the next hearing & before they decide to either further this bill to the floor for debate or to kill it.

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