Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another record has been set.......


I've watched my blog statistics very closely the past few days with great anticipation. Last month arecord was set with more than doubling the readership over the past year. This month a readership record was broken. In March of last year, the highest number of views was 530. This month, the number of views for the month of July was 717.

This is very inspiring for me.

I want to thank all of you for your support, your spreading of the word that this blog is here & for the linking. You the reader help make this possible.

Until next time,

Monday, July 30, 2012

Whats really in those chicken nuggets?


I'm sitting in my favorite chair watching the gymnastics portion of the Olympics. I'm usually not a big sports fan but during the olympics I watch the gymnastics, womens diving, rhythmic gymnastics & the equestrian portion.

Earlier this year the "pink slime" debacle hit the news. Finely textured beef that was made from tendons & other undesirable parts of a cow to be put into our ground beef. Its been in there for years but just came into the spot light this year. This debacle has been blamed for many meat processing plants closing & jobs lost. My husband just went thru a 5 month period of unemployment so I don't wish that on anyone but I don't agree with the "pink slime" being added into our food. Ground beef should be just that - ground beef, from the part of the cow it should be coming from.

At the same time, another scandal came out that was quickly buried & you have to remind people about it. Chicken nuggets......these are a popular item that are served at McDonald's & in school lunches. I USED to buy them as a quick dinner once in awhile BUT after hearing about this, I threw the rest of them away.

Lets take a look at some of the ingredients -

Sodium Phosphates: Used in some products as a laxative, but is mainly used as a texturizer and emulsifier which stops all the nasty oils from separating within the nugget.

Dimethylpolysiloxane: this is an "antifoaming agent" that is an oil derivative made from silicon. It keeps the fryers from foaming up & boiling over. It's also put in shampoos & used in the making of contact lenses.

TBHQ: An alarming ingredient. A derivative of petroleum. The same stuff you put in your car. It'sprayed on the nugget directly or into the box to preserve freshness. It is also a form of butane-lighter fluid. Bcause a single gram of TBHQ can cause "nausea, vomiting, ringing in the ears, delirium, a sense of suffocation, and collapse," so they must not use to much of it Eating 5 grams of TBHQ can kill.

Hydrogenated Soybean Oil: If you are at all concerned about yours or your family's health, you should avoid any product that contains hydrogenated or even worse partially hydrogenated (trans fat) oils. Thats right, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils are trans fat. Think they removed trans fat from our foods, think again. (I'm looking into this for a future blog article)

Sodium Aluminum Phosphate: Is a new product to the food industry and hasn't been thoroughly tested. Although aluminum has been widely researched to cause Alzheimers and dementia. Sodium aluminum phosphate is also used in eye drops & pesticides.

Modified Food Starch: This is cornstarch that has been chemically altered & added to the nugget to help glue everything together.

Autolyzed Yeast Extract: Is a less expensive form of MSG. MSG is that nasty addictive stuff that keeps you coming back for more and has been reported to cause numerous health concerns such as severe allergies, cancer & heart disease.

Ready to dive into some chicken nuggets? Run away as fast as you can.

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's gone!!


I went into that Walgreens store this morning to do some work. I checked to see if that sign was still out front & it was gone, vanished. I silently laughed to myself & whispered "yes".

There were 2 managers on duty that usually come over & talk to me whenever I come in to do my work, this time they avoided me like the plague. I guess I raised too much of stink for them.

2 points for parents & minus 2 point for a big company.

Until next time,

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Required? I don't think so......


I hope that where ever you may be reading this blog from, you are cool, well hydrated & having a wonderful day.

I went to our local Walgreens store today to pick up a ocuple of things & this sign greeted me just before I walked in -


Required? Excuse me, where in the State of Iowa law does it say that vaccines are required? We have a little thing called exemptions. In Iowa, we have religious & medical. I approached the assistant store manager & he said he has nothing to do with that, it was pharmacy. The pharmacy people were busy so I sent them an email via their website informing them of their mistake in this signage & telling them about the exemptions available in Iowa & other states along with a link to the website where appropriate paperwork can be printed off.

The link to a website that has the paperwork for the state & some countries is here -


Until next time, stay cool.


P.S. A link to the picture was sent to the Robert Scott Bell show, he talked about it in Wednesdays show in the 2nd hour. Here is a link to the archive.


Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank you OSHA


As I was doing some research for a thread for a forum that I hang out on that was talking about a wife of a forum poster in which Wal-Mart was trying to require his wife to get the flu shot. Wal-Mart can NOT require a worker to get the flu shot. They can recommend it but have to make reasonable accomodations for an employee's religious beliefs. (one way to opt out) But in the process of finding info to help this gentleman, I came across a form that is needed for those in the health care field.

Many nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, etc. require their workers to get the Hep B shot. Many workers wish they could opt out of it. I found a form OSHAs website that lets an employee opt out of the vaccine, knowing the "risk" they are putting themselves in & that they can get the shot at a future time.

Here is the link to that form -


Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has this form on her website & adds these words to what employers are trying to do.

"Some employers have tried to add language to the consent form that relieves them from responsibility in the event that an adverse reaction occurs that is related to the vaccine."

An employer wants to require you to get the vaccine but if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, oh well, we're not going to do anything about it.


Be sure to pass this info onto your friends & family. Anyone you know who is trying to get around the Hep B vaccine in the workplace. I'll be making copies of this form & putting in the nursing wing of the college when I go back next month. >evil giggling<

Until next time,


Thursday, July 12, 2012

More on Fukushima


As I sit in my recliner on medical leave from work, I was doing some research on Fukushima. I came across a few interesting articles regarding Fukushima & how its affecting our environment.

Its pretty scary stuff & you really have to wonder why in the world this information is being hidden from us.




Until next time, stay cool.


P.S. Ever wonder why the bread tie color changes meant as far as fresheness goes? Check out this link to see what it means for you the consumer -


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Readership has more than doubled in the past year

Greetings friends,

As I sit in our hotel room, laughing at the kids I have with me, I look at the statistics for this blog. The readership on this blog has more than doubled since last summer. This is fantastic!

Here are some of the statistics.........

Pageviews today-12
Pageviews yesterday-26
Pageviews last month-447
Pageviews all time history-8,500

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Top Countries viewing this blog -

United States-4,625
United Kingdom-298

A BIG thank you to all of you for spreading the links around for the stories & for your kinds words of encouragement.

Have a safe week, stay cool & stay healthy.