Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vaccine Dangers 101

A doctor, by the name of Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, who was also a college professor gave the following statement in one of his classes one day back in 1973.

"The greatest threat of childhood diseases lies in the dangerous & ineffectual affects made to prevent them thru mass immunization.  There is no convicing scientific evidence that mass innoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease."

This doctor & college prof quit giving vaccinations back in 1973.  

What the medical community is taking credit for & they really shouldn't is the fact that childhood diseases were on their way down when vaccines actually came out.  As seen by this chart.

And on the same token, deaths from flu & pneumonia has actually gone up since they have started giving shots to people.

As have the number of cases of autism.

Mercury poisoning & autism have the same symptoms.

You say, but mercury was removed from vaccine years ago.  This is what the medical community wants you to believe.  In actuality, it is still there under a different name - Thimerosal.  This dangerous additive is 50% mercury by weight.  Mercury is toxic in any form, it doesn't matter if its ethylmecury, methymercury or something else.  Mercury is toxic to living tissue.  How many of you remember the antiseptic Merthiolate?  This had mercury in it.  When Eli Lilly made vaccine with mercury in it, they had to put the skull & cross bones on it.  Why?  Because mercury was considered a poison back in the 30s.  Aluminum is another heavy metal that accumulates in the brain & causes damage.  

Dr. Andrew Moulden,, has proven conclusively that vaccines cause ischemic strokes & brain damage in children.  If you look at a picture of kids before & after vaccines, their facial features change.  It might only be temporary or it might be permanent depending on how hard the stroke was.  When an adult has a stroke, their mouth or eyes might droop, they loose their ability to talk or walk.  This is happening to children also.  They go into autism, which is just a post-stroke state.  

By the time a child reaches the age of 2 months, they have received over 1,875 mcg of mercury via vaccines.  A toxic dose of mercury is 20 mcg.  What is America doing to its children?  Its time to stop the insanity!

With each vaccine there is a hazard tax.  This "tax" that you pay when you receive a vaccine, this tax money goes into a fund called the VAERS fund.  This stands for 






This system is updated by doctors who reported the adverse reactions of vaccines.  Only 10% of reactions are reported because they don't want to endanger the vaccine program.  

This is the way that the vaccine program works.  There is an advisory board to the CDC that tells them what vaccines to give & when.  90% of these board members are stock holders in vaccine companies.  They are required to fill out paperwork showing they don't have a vested interest in vaccines being made, but the paperwork isn't filled out completely by these board members & follow up is rarely done.  

The pharmaceutical industry is a 1 TRILLION dollar industry!  Don't you think that they will do ANYTHING to protect that income?  That is why they won't allow the cheaper canadian drugs into the U.S.  Yes, they are in charge of "safe" drugs to be consumed by the American public.

Vaccines are about money, not the health of the U.S.  I hope you will take a look at the links & think about them.  Remember the Vioxx scandal a few years ago?  It was made by the Merck drug company.  Now, the latest vaccine Gardisil is made by Merck also.  20 deaths & thousands of injuries have resulted as a result of this vaccine.  Deaths have occurred in girls as young as 9.  The person who made this vaccine said she never intended for it to be given to people younger than 18.  

With the new swine flu vaccine coming out this fall.  Think long & hard about the safety of your family.  Google 1976 flu vaccine, this program was a fiasco.  This too was a mandatory vaccine but was dropped after only 2 weeks.  

I will cover how to improve your immunity & how to help you heal if you do get the vaccine.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

An introduction

I'm going to start off with a disclaimer.

I'm not a doctor or a nurse.  I haven't had any formal medical training.  I have spent plenty of time in hospitals both as a visitor & as a patient.  

The purpose of this blog will be to inform people of the dangers of vaccines & also to keep you up to date on the Swine Flu & the upcoming Swine Flu Vaccine.  

I'm a 39 year old mom of 2 kids.  Neither one of them have had any of their vaccines.  They have missed less school than their vaccinated counter parts.  We've only had to deal with one childhood illness - chicken pox.  I was 21 & my son was 11 months old.  We had it at the same time.  This was before there was even a chicken pox vaccine.  We both got thru it.  I didn't even have my husband at home at the time.  He was out driving semi 6 days a week.  

I have 3 nieces that are fully vaccinated.  They have numerous health problems & lots of hospitalizations.  Asthma, ear infections, pneumonia all plague these girls.  I've tried to teach my in-laws about the dangers of vaccines but they listen to my husbands parents that you have to have vaccines in order to be protected.  In this blog, I hope to show you just the opposite, that vaccines cause sickness, not prevent it.

I plan on updating this no later than Sunday evening of each week.