Saturday, April 30, 2016

Dr. Paul Offit caught in a blatant lie

Greetings from wet Iowa,

I'm sure many of you are following the Vaxxed movie & how the lies from the CDC are being exposed.

Dr. Paul Offit has said numerous times - including on national TV that the vaccine schedule has been tested for safety & has been found to be safe.

BUT, this week a audio clip has come out from a Dr. Andrew Kroger, who the  is medical officer at the Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said this at a seminar that Marcella Piper-Terry attended - 

Listen to that several times, the schedule has NOT been tested & it would be unethical to do so.

The lies of the CDC continue to become very apparent.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Hey CDC - We are NOT going away!


I hope you got to see the Today Show where Deniro said on TV that their is a link between vaccines & autism.

It was also on NBC Nightly news -

(This link is good until the 16th)

We're not going away.    Your lies are being uncovered.   You will answer for your crimes.

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

The Vaxxed documentary censorship continues

Greetings from chilly Iowa,

I thought it was Spring?   The trees are budding, the grass is green & my tulips are up.   But the thermometer shows me its still winter.

As many of you know, the movie Vaxxed was pulled from the Tribeca film festival.  Whether it was for real reasons like Deniro being threatened or he pulled it so it would gain more exposure for it not being shown remains unclear.   Big pharma ties are there.  

Now the movie Vaxxed has been pulled from the the film festival in Houston, TX & this has outraged many parents.   The mayor called the organizer & threatened to pull grant funding of up to $100k if the movie was shown.   His wife has big pharma ties.

Is the U.S. not the home of the free?   Are we back in Nazi Germany once again?   What right does the CDC & big pharma have to tell us what we can & can not watch?   Are they going to start burning books next that don't agree with their agenda?

If the CDC isn't doing anything wrong then WHAT do they have to hide?

Erin at Health Nut News & Dr. Mercola were going to attend the viewing in Los Angeles but due to threats they are not going to attend now.

We're hearing that the movie is dangerous & it puts kids at risk if we don't vaccinate.   That Dr. Wakefield was proven to be a fraud & should not be trusted.   Remember, Dr. Wakefield wrote over 70 papers .

So, the opponents are attacking Dr. Wakefield.   Because of that one paper in which he supposedly did a fraudulent study was retracted therefore in no way, shape or form is credible.   How many have actually read the paper?   How can you do a fraudulent case study?   The paper can be read at this link  ,  I want each of my readers to actually read the paper.   Does it say vaccines cause autism?   The answer is no.   He simply talked to moms of kids who regressed into autism after the MMR vaccine.   No invasive procedures were ever actually done.  This was said by the media along with Brian Deer.  The media said that he said that vaccines cause autism.   Dr. Wakefield never said this.

 Its said that it was proven in court, that the study was fraudulent.  I can't find any links that say that.   But what has been proven in court?   An Italian court said that vaccines cause autism .   The Hannah Poling case in which her mitchondrial disorder resulted in her autism .   

In the Vaccine Injury court over $3 BILLION has been paid out for vaccine injuries.  

A law firm has been able to get compensation for vaccine injury as well.  .

How many of you have read that holistic doctors are being found dead?   Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was the first one.   He was found in the river with a gun shot wound to the chest.   Over 30 more have been found dead.   They all have one thing in common.   These doctors have discovered a cancer causing enzyme in vaccines.   With cancer being the #1 disease killer in kids under the age of 15  & the vaccine schedule continues to expand & explode, we have to stop & ask, when does the insanity stop?

All of the vaccine insert clearly state the vaccine hasn't been test for carcinogenic or mutagenic  properties  .  

The public has the right to hear both sides of the story.   Its called fair & balanced reporting.   The current media that we see on TV, see in magazines & read in the newspapers is controlled.   We only hear & see what big pharma wants us to see & hear.   The alternative news is what is going to show you the other side of the story.   

As I said in my first blog entry way back in 2009.   I'm an independent researcher.   I'm not on anybody's payroll.   Never will be.

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