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Vitamin K Shot - Why is it given?

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Vitamin K shot, Hepatitis B shot, PKU testing, blood testing, silver nitrate drops put into the eyes. These are all items that a newborn is put thru upon birth. Are they really necessary? Is there a way to "opt" out? As a mom, I have to wonder why parents put their kids thru all of that & then wonder why they scream bloody murder when they need to get a simple blood test.

A friend of my daughter is being induced this next week. She is having a daughter & is excited to be able to finally hold her. My daughter educated her friend about how dangerous vaccines are, what is in them & how to avoid them. Out of the mouths of babes, she really does listen when I'm telling her about their dangers & when I'm listening to webinars.

My daughters friend has given instructions to everyone who attending the birth that if anyone gets near her baby with a needle to "punch them". She has decided that NO vaccines will be given to her baby. Ahh.....another child saved. But what about the Vitamin K shot? Why is this given & is it really necessary?

The Vitamin K shot has been administered to newborns since the 60s. This was a time when mothers were drugged to the point where they couldn't help in the birth of their own children. The umbilical cord was cut right after birth. Sometimes if the birth was going quickly enough, vacuum extraction was used to pull the baby out. This would cause bruising & use up what little reserves the baby had to keep from bleeding to death.

Lets fast forward to the present day. Many moms are opting for natural births. They are awake & aware for the birth of their children. Vacuum extraction & forceps are rare & far between. Many doctors have realized the importance of waiting until the cord stops "pulsing" before clamping it & cutting it. The cutting of the umbilical cord can reduce the blood volume of the baby by almost 40%. No wonder they had problems with bleeding, they didn't have all of their blood volume.

I know what some of you are thinking. Its a vitamin shot. It should be safe right? Well, unfortunatley, the Vitamin K shot has some of the same toxins that vaccines have. The Vitamin K shot has been linked to many cancers that are seen in kids. Lets look at the statistics of the Vitamin K shot & childhood cancers.

"In 1970, a study was undertaken to see what the risk factors were for childhood cancers. 16,193 babies were studied who had all been born in April 1970. 99 children developed cancer by the age of 10 in the control group and 33 children in the other group. The researchers found that when babies had received vitamin K in the first week of life, their risk of cancer increased three fold. They had not been looking at vitamin K specifically and did not expect to see such an association, so they approached Roche Pharmaceuticals, asking them to do a further trial. They initially refused, until stories about vitamin K and cancer forced them into a corner, and, determined to prove the safety of their product, they began a new study.
588 healthy children and 195 children with cancer were studied. All of these children had been born at one of two hospitals in Bristol. One hospital used oral vitamin K drops and the other used the injection. The researchers found a two fold increase in childhood Leukaemia among those who had received the injection and stated that as many as 980 cases of childhood Leukaemia were caused by the vitamin K injection every year in the UK alone.
Newer studies have been done as recently as 1998 which seem to confirm this. Two studies in the British Medical Journal in that year found that there was a two fold risk of Leukaemia among 1-6 year old’s who had been given the injection at birth, and that there was a ‘significant risk’ of all cancers after the shot."

Of course, drug companies want to deny any link between shots & cancer. BUT, we need to look at the rise in childhood cancer over the years. How many children are being diagnosed each year with cancer that could have prevented IF they hadn't been given the Vitamin K shot & the mass of other vaccines they are given from birth until they have the choice over their own medical decisions.

What warnings does the insert give that comes with the shot?

"The injectable form of vitamin K can rarely cause severe (sometimes fatal) allergic reactions when given by injection into a muscle or vein. Therefore, vitamin K should be injected into a muscle or vein only when it cannot be given by injection under the skin or taken by mouth, or when your doctor has judged that the benefit is greater than the risk. Seek immediate medical attention if you experience symptoms of an allergic reaction such as rash, itching, swelling, dizziness, or trouble breathing."

Of course, the doctor is always going to say the risk outweighs the benefit. Neither one of my kids had the shot when they were born. My son was circumsized on the 8th day. Circumcision is the #1 reason why many parents go ahead & have their sons given the Vitamin K shot when they should be asking questions. The 8th day is when Vitamin K levels are maxed out. This also makes sense since the scriptures tell us that we should circumsize our sons on the 8th. day. (Gen. 17)

Another warning from the insert -

"Benzyl alcohol as a preservative in Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride Injection has been associated with toxicity in newborns. Data are unavailable on the toxicity of other preservatives in this age group. There is no evidence to suggest that the small amount of benzyl alcohol contained in AquaMEPHYTON, when used as recommended, is associated with toxicity."

If Benzyl alcohol is associated with toxicity in newborns then WHY is it given routinely?

While I was doing research for this blog entry, I came across that it may be beneficial for pregnant moms to take Vitamin K during the last trimester. The Vitamin K does pass the placenta but it doesn't pass as easily thru the placenta as it does thru breastmilk. You get Vitamin K from green leafy vegetables. Here is a list of the top 10 foods for Vitamin K.

Since the Vitamin K shot isn't required by law to attend a daycare, preschool or a public shool system you shouldn't need a waiver BUT make sure you have it in your birth plan that you don't want, if you so choose, that you don't want the Vitamin K shot, Hep. B shot, eye drops, etc.

A side note to expectant moms, be sure that someone stays with the baby at all times that knows your wishes. Don't allow the baby to go to the nursery alone because even tho you have it in your birth plan, it may be done as routinely without a 2nd thought. Some pediatricians will try to hassle you into signing papers that you are putting your child at risk if you don't vaccinate. Don't sign it! You are NOT putting your child at risk, just the opposite. If the pediatrician gives you that, just walk out & look for another doctor that will let you opt out of vaccinating. (see my entry on exemptions)

As always, do your own research. You need to make your own decisions regarding your own medical health. I'm not here to tell you what you need to do but I'm here to inform.

Stay safe & well my friends, until next time,


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  1. I'd rather not have this vitamin k shot. It seems too painful for a newborn. :(

    1. It is possible to opt out. What state are you in?

  2. I love that you wrote this and properly researched this, Lori.