Wednesday, September 30, 2009

HUGE news for the anti-vaccine movement

This weeks blog entry will be HUGE news to the anti-vaccine movement & to children everywhere.

A U.S. judge in New Jersey ruled today that the U.S. Government can NOT make any vaccine compulsory for ANYONE in ANY STATE!!

With the Swine Flu Vaccine rolling out on Tuesday, Oct. 6th., this is a big relief to some who are worried that the Swine Flu Vaccine was going to be made mandatory & that we would NOT have a choice in the matter.

I'm going to be watching this very carefully as we all know that court rulings can be overturned & then sent back to the lower courts for reconsideration & so on.

My advice to you that was said by a doctor who is also a lawyer I know is type up a exemption letter, sign it in front of a notary as to your objections to vaccines.  Children have exemptions forms for schools, adults don't.  My whole family will be signing theirs on Friday in front of a notary stating our religious exemption to vaccines.  Religious exemption because of the unclean animals involved (Lev. 11 & Acts 15).  Also, the swine flu vaccine is being made on aborted fetus cells, we believe life begins at conception & that abortion is wrong in all cases, we object on religious grounds in this area also.

I will be on a retreat Oct. 4th thru the 13th.  WiFi will be available where we will be at.  If things develop during that time, I will try to update this blog.

Have a safe weekend!