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A blog entry from a guest - Michael Rood

My husband sent this to me. It is very vaccine related & shows the dangers of these vaccines.

Shalom Torah Fans,

It is 0300 in the morning. I cannot sleep any longer. Last evening I turned in early after the dinner that broke a 21-day detoxification fast aimed at attacking the recurring joint maladies which have had me springing from the lecture stage into a wheelchair, onto crutches, over to a cane, and back into a wheelchair - week after week for nearly two years now.

Just 21 days ago I needed a cane to painfully make it from the driver's seat to the self-serve pump at the gas station on my one-man journey from Michigan to Florida. Rather than try to make it into a motel room that first night, I slept in the reclined driver's seat in a rest area for a few hours and then sped on to the Florida coast where I hoped to find relief. Every day of physical therapy has been a day of "good pain" as I have put unused muscles to the test while drinking rejuvenating elixirs that would make Peter Rabbit turn a dark green. Depending on my mood, the same drink ranged from sublime to a supreme test of my delicate control over the gag reflex - but that may be a bit more information than you would care to explore...

Four days ago I power-walked 3.5 miles in the wet sand of Palm Beach in just less than 66 minutes - the day after a brisk 5 mile walk in MacArthur Park. Everything I had been doing for the past year to regain my health and get back on my feet was like throwing stones at a brick wall - one step ahead, three steps back. But this rarified regimen under Dr. Gary Tunsky, N.D. has taken me not only to a new level of physical strength but to a new level of awareness that I could not have comprehended inside the localized perspective that usually constrains our everyday lives.

I have made an observation over the past two years: when you are in pain, you meet many others in pain who are now free to discuss their infirmities with a fellow traveler. What did many of us have in common? We all shared symptoms that followed the servicemen and women who were in the Gulf War. But I was never in the Gulf War - and neither were many of them. However, they were in the military during the Gulf War, and they were vaccinated for anthrax and other "bugs" that one might encounter in the battle theatre. Those vaccinations were the subject of a televised five-hour congressional hearing that exposed the common thread in all Gulf War syndrome cases that the Government has relentlessly attempted to bury. So what do the Gulf War vets and I really have in common?

I took two barrages of reportedly "required" vaccinations in preparation for a different battle theatre - mission trips to Nigeria and Uganda. Within months, an arthritic condition began to manifest in my lower extremities for which the Veterans Administration hospitals and clinics could not find a cause - even with MRI technology and every analytical test that both my VA doctors and myself could dream up. Every VA doctor I saw asked if I had served in the Gulf War because I had similar symptoms to other veterans who were currently being treated. But I did not begin to comprehend it until I put together the puzzle pieces gathered from across the nation and a very disturbing picture was revealed. It was, at first, disconcerting, but it is now undeniable that my eyes were being opened by Heaven to understand another critical layer of Babylon the Great - the Mother of Harlots.

We had a very brilliant producer/editor in our office who had two sharp young boys who were destined to fill the ranks of the engineers on both sides of their family - that was until they both received the multiple vaccines recommended by their pediatrician. Now those young men are mentally disabled, autistic shadows of their former selves. At the Feast of Tabernacles in October I mikveh-ed (baptized) over 100 people, including Fred and Rhonda and their two sons. Several years had passed since I had seen the boys, who were, at the time, full of life and intelligence - that was before they received the recommended childhood vaccinations that left both of them mentally maimed and severely autistic. They are in there somewhere behind those eyes, but they are out of reach. When I returned to the office in Michigan, Nathan had just finished painting our studio interior. A few years ago his two daughters were above average, vivacious, intelligent, and fully engaged real daughters. Today, they are the victims of a vaccination "epidemic" that is mentally and physically destroying another child every 10 minutes in America. Only a Divine miracle can reach these children now - BUT NOT UNTIL AFTER WE HAVE LEARNED THE LESSON OF THE PHARMAKIA OF BABYLON!!!!

"...for thy merchants of Babylon were the great men of the earth, for by thy sorceries (pharmakia - artificially compounded drugs that imitate nature) were all nations deceived." The Revelation 18:23

Last night I listened to a news report detailing the personal stories of eight women who were all healthy and in their third trimester of pregnancy. For most of these young women, it was not their first pregnancy, and there were no complications or concerns. Within days of receiving the highly recommended swine flu vaccination, every one of these girls was in a trauma center having their dead babies surgically removed from their wombs. My stomach and heart turned.

Of course, the official word from the sorcerer's lawyers is that "the vaccination had nothing to do with the death of these babies." What else would you expect the sorcerer's apostles to say? The same sources originally insisted that neither the Gulf War Syndrome (which has claimed the lives of over 20,000 servicemen and women and maimed thousands more) nor the "inexplicable" autism epidemic that is currently destroying one out of 67 children in America has any correlation to deliberately injecting toxic adjuvants, living animal viruses, and the DNA of unclean animals directly into the bloodstream of a human being.

My God, people, we are not even supposed to be ingesting the char-broiled muscle tissue of these putrid creatures! If we ate the forbidden flesh of pigs and monkeys, and tainted chickens and cows, our immune systems would have the chance to revolt and hopefully vomit out the prohibited and contaminated creatures - but we have allowed the white-coated sorcerers of Babylonian pharmakia to talk us into injecting an attenuated virus cultured in these unclean beasts directly into our bloodstreams!! What in hell were we thinking!!! We were not thinking - and our parents, ignorant of the Torah, put our lives in jeopardy by submitting to the sorcerer's system. In the 1950's children received three vaccinations. Now the sorcerers are giving our babies over 68 injections of cell, genome, and mind-altering pharmacological agents before they reach the age of 12!

Remember the black plague that killed tens of millions in Europe? At the time, the Jews were blamed for somehow initiating the plague because they remained healthy while tens of millions of "Christians" dropped like flies. Did the Jews receive a "secret vaccination" cultured in a monkey or a pig in order to avert the plague? No, they obeyed the commandments concerning diet and hygiene as stipulated in the Torah! You cannot avoid the diseases of the Gentiles if you are in rebellion against the Creator and His instructions. If you participate in the pharmakia of Babylon, you will, as I have, also participate in the plagues associated with the sorcerer's system. I have repented, and I am now reversing the ravages. I am thankful that I can now be a provision for you before the brimstone hits the fan in earnest. You too can reverse the ravages of Babylon, but it will mean changing your lifestyle forever - you can't just pop a pharmacological agent, say a magical prayer, and make everything alright.

The great men of the earth only get away with their lies until their lawyers are brought into court and it is proven that they have covered up facts to deliberately deceive the public. Now Bioshield II legislation (S.1873 introduced by pharmaceutical stockholder Senator B. Hussein Obama in 2007) will shield pharmaceutical companies from liability and prosecution when an unelected bureaucrat deems that everyone should receive a forced injection under the guise of public safety. No wonder the pharmaki-ists poured so much money into Obama's presidential election coffers - the sorcerers wanted a "change" even they could believe in.

Even though thousands of Americans are currently suing these satanic sorcerers for their deadly intravenous concoctions - and winning - it may soon be illegal to charge the pharmakia industrial complex for vaccine-induced damages to their maimed children. But even now, the financial slap on the wrist that these merchant sorcerers receive does not begin to dent the thousands of billions they rake into their sordid multi-national treasuries. Hell is going to be much fuller than I at first considered. The pharmakia sorcerers and their apprentices may actually outnumber the crooked lawyers and deceptive politicians when the last antinomian is finally thrown into the flaming lake...

Those who are still living in the religious and pharmakia world of Babylon will take extreme offense at my preceding paragraphs. Good! I was hoping to offend you!! Your beloved system is going to kill you with their therion - or at least do its best - but your blood is not on my hands. In the scroll of Genesis, Abraham was commanded to "come out of Babylon," and Abraham's children by faith are likewise commanded to "come out of Babylon," as recorded in the book of The Revelation of Yahshua Messiah. So, just what part of "come out of Babylon" do you not understand?

Much to the chagrin of Job's comforters and my venomous detractors, I remain resolute that the suffering I have endured over this season is not due to some secret sin in my life. Now that I have begun my journey back to full vitality, I am convinced that the maladies which have plagued me have transpired so that both you and I will understand what is going on in the world of Babylonian pharmakia, and that you too (and your vaccine-damaged children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, friends, and strangers) can reverse the debilitating repercussions of willingly taking part in Babylon's plagues through ignorance and media-manipulated choices.

We knew about the manufactured plague that is now spreading through the Ukraine over two months before the first outbreak was seen in the hospitals. We received a call from the Ukraine through our German office. The Ukraine is shut down and its citizens quarantined. It is reported by citizens on the ground that 24 hours after the onset of symptoms, people are dead. They were calling this epidemic "the swine flu." The U.S. media is ignoring the situation by direct orders. You will find out about this when and how "the great men" determine you should be manipulated by it. Most of you will be lining up at your local high school or church to receive your mandated injections. There are alternatives - but you must learn to think outside the Babylonian box.

Most people do not really want to hear what I am required by Heaven to speak, but you will disregard the warnings at your own peril. We still have freedom to move about the country, and I need you to get to Dallas and take back the information shared at Hanukkah to your areas. If you think this is just another church meeting - stay home. If you are a leader - don't miss this event - then lead! We are launching "stealth mode." Read my last newsletter five times and then pray. Those on the Aviv Moon network, please send this communication out to your other networks. Alert the faithful - ignore the ignorant, whining crybabies.

The smoke is billowing on the not so distant horizon...


Michael Rood

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  1. Thank you so much for your honesty regarding what is (already) and what is to come- besides (of course) YESHUA!
    Pray for the strength of mind for me to do the same with my family as you have done. It is difficult but never impossible to do.