Friday, December 23, 2011

3 Million Dead


I came across this article when I was doing some new research for a new blog entry so I decided to do a short entry on this topic.

3 Million people have died because of pharmaceuticals over the past 27 years. But no one has died because of supplements. Hmmm......mainstream news would have you think otherwise.

You hear it at least once a week that vitamins don't help prevent certain cancers or certain illnesses. But yet, you hear the media portraying big pharma as our life savers. Big pharma wants us to be dependent on them from cradle to grave.

Vaccines starting at birth
Ritalin (a cousin of PCP) when a child enters school so they will sit still for the teacher
Birth control & Gardisil for our tween & teen girls
Various pharmaceuticals for women once they reach child bearing age & don't forget the obligatory gall bladder removal that doctors think that women should have removed at some point in their life. (I still have mine!) We have these organs & glands for a reason!
High blood pressure meds, cholesterol meds, meds for GERD, diabetes meds, etc, do you see my point?

1,700 prescription medications were recalled from the market during 2009. This is almost 5 per day. Did you hear about this on the evening news? Of course not, big pharma wants us to believe that their drugs are safe. Approved by the FDA, dispensed widely to patients & 3million dead from pharmaceuticals over a 27 year period. Vioxx is a medication that comes to mind that was recalled & recently a diabetes medication was recalled because of the problems associated with it.

I've been watching the reactions from the Gardisil shot. Over 100 girls died from the it during the month of August & another 100 during the month of October. This is what was reported to VAERS. Remember, only about 1-10% of reactions get reported so that number is probably much greater! If this shot was anything but a vaccine it would have been pulled from the market already. If you know of any moms who are considering given this to their daughters, please show them this article!

Here is the link to original article that gave me the idea for this blog entry.

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Monday, December 5, 2011

Confirming what we already knew about the Flu Shot

Greetings everyone,

I came across this article on Facebook tonight & I just had to pass it along. Six studies in recent months have confirmed that the mercury in the flu shot is toxic, especially to pregnant moms & kids.

Isn't that what we've been saying all along??!!??

Enjoy the read!

My finals for school are the 15th. I hope to write 1 or 2 big articles during winter break & a couple of smaller ones.

Have a good week!