Saturday, February 22, 2014

What defines being successful?

Greetings from snowy Iowa,

     I've been working on several big articles but I thought in the mean time I would do a quick little article on happiness & being successful.

     We've all been told money can't buy happiness.  Is this true?  Yes, I would say so.   I've had family that are well off & they don't seem that happy to me.  I remember times when we were dirt poor & I think it was some of the best times we had as a family.  We had more family time, we found ways to have fun together without spending a load of money.

     So, what defines success or being successful?   Lets look at the dictionary definition of these two words.

Success -

1. the favourable outcome of something attempted
2. the attainment of wealth, fame, etc
3. an action, performance, etc, that is characterized by success
4. a person or thing that is successful
5. any outcome

Successful - 

1. having succeeded in one's endeavours
2. marked by a favourable outcome
3. having obtained fame, wealth, etc

What is your definition of being successful?  Is it paying off the mortgage early?  Or being able to live comfortably on your income & be able to pay your bills without worry?  Is being successful having friends that you can call on a Saturday night for a party or just for a friendly get together?  Or is it defined that you are on speaking terms with your family when your kids are adults & have flown from the nest?   Or being on speaking terms with your parents once you have a home or family of your own?

Does being successful equal being happy?  Being successful & happy for one person may not be successful & happy to another person.   Its all subjective depending on who you ask.

How do I define my happiness & success?  I'm educating others about the dangers of vaccines.  I'm finding government documents that prove that the CDC, FDA, WHO & other health officials are lying to us about the dangers of vaccines.  I've become a thorn in many school nurses sides.  

Am I happy?  Like others, I have my days but yes, I would say I am happy.  I work, I'm going to college, I've been married for almost 26 years & the mom of two kids.  4 dogs & a guinea pig also compile our household.  We rescued two dogs inside of 8 months which presented its own kind of challenge to try to get everyone to live together.  One kid has flown the nest & has started a home of his own.  My youngest is planning her future & has a bright one ahead of her.  

Being happy means you are under less stress.  Less stress means less stress on your emotional, mental, physical & even your spiritual health.  I've seen what stress can do to people & how it affects their personality & long term mental health.  

I know there is good stress & bad stress.  Bad stress is losing sleep over financial matters, family problems, job issues, etc.  Good stress - new baby in the home, new pet in the home, etc.

So, I would like everyone who reads this blog to take time to look at their own lives.  How stressful is your life?  What can you do to reduce your stress?   

What are some ways to reduce your stress level?  Read a book, go for a walk, put your favorite four legged friend on a leash & take him/her for a walk too.   Exercise is a great way to reduce stress.  Meditation, writing in a journal or even prayer is a good way to reduce stress.  

Just about everyone I know makes New Years resolutions, if you do, make this part of your resolution list - less stress in your life.

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Thimerosal Time Line

Greetings from chilly Iowa,

I hope everyone is ready for Spring like I am.  Its been crazy cold around here, its so cold even our huskies don't want to spend any length of time outside either.

I came across a website last night that I want to share with you.  It is a Thimerosal-Autism time line.   I've looked it over & it looks very enlightening as to the connection between Thimerosal, Aluminum & Autism.


Until later,