Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This shot has been deemed the wonder drug for women.  That it will prevent the needless deaths of women from cervical cancer.  

But is this the truth?  What is this "wonder drug" really doing to the young girls & women who get it?  Lets explore this & find out the facts.

Many doctors will tell you that this drug was tested for 5 years before it was put on the market.  This is a bold faced lie.  It is still being tested & the safety testing won't be complete until September of 2009 & its being used on girls today!!  This vaccine was only released in 2006, the long term affects on young girls & women who get this won't be known for a very long time.


What are the ingredients in this vaccine?  How is this for vaccine ingredients - Roach killer, aluminum, Polysorbate-80.  Are these ingredients we really want to be injecting into our children?  Aluminum is a neuro-toxin & Polysorbate-80 is known to cause infertility in mice.  Gardisil has caused 28 miscarriages in women who have received the shot but yet the FDA nixes further safety reviews.  



What is the FDA hiding?  The highest incidence of death relating to this vaccine is within a week after receiving this vaccine.  See page 17.


The FDA has known for years that HPV does NOT cause cancer, most cases of HPV will take care of themselves. 


This vaccine has caused death in those that have received it.  It has caused deaths to babies that died before they even had a chance to live outside the mothers womb.  It has caused injuries, paralysis & basically destroyed many young girls lives.  


My mother-in-law called our home one evening wondering if we were going to get our daughter the HPV vaccine.  We told her no way.  She hasn't gotten any other vaccines, so why would we get her this one?  (We have a religious exemption)  I have seen first hand what this vaccine does to young girls who get it.  Dizziness, weakness, mental impairment & basically unable to function for quite a few days after receiving it.  I almost pulled one cheerleader out of the homecoming parade because she was having problems that was caused by the Gardisil shot!  The doctor told her that the shot was mandatory, all of the girls who got it were told that.  They were surprised when my daughter said she didn't get it, she got her sports physical done by a chiropracter, therefore no vaccines to deal with.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein said in a webinar that any doctor who says that the Gardisil shot is mandatory is bordering on malpractice.  I couldn't agree more.

You must remember one thing about the company that made this vaccine - Merck.  This is the same company that made Vioxx.  Does everyone remember this fiasco?  Vioxx killed thousands, millions was paid in damages to the families of those affected.  I took this drug also, but I didn't like the way it made me feel, so I stopped after just a few doses.  

The commercial you see on TV says "one less girl affected by cervical cancer".  Giving girls this vaccine is telling them to go out & have sex freely, you're protected.  Its telling them, you don't need a pap smear, you got the Gardisil shot.  Since cervical cancer is for the most part, a slow growing cancer, an annual pap smear will catch it in the early stages when its treatable.  Although this test can produce false positives & false negatives, a 2nd run of the test, especially if it comes back positive should be done.  My mother-in-law had a false positive, she was at Mayo Clinic all prepped for surgery & the doctor came in & said they made a mistake, that it was negative instead of positive.  She was relieved but mad because they drove 4+ hours for nothing.

This weeks blog is filled with emotion.  I watched a story on a local TV station about a young girl who received the Gardisil shot & was injured because of it.  The reporter went on to interview doctors who said that the shot is safe & no deaths have been associated with this vaccine.  This couldn't be further from the truth.  I emailed the reporter & was given a short reply thanking me for my time for emailing her & thanks for watching.  She wanted no correction.  Sad.....



I will continue to spout off on the dangers of vaccines as we are commanded to in the bible.  (Lev. 19:16-17)  

Til next week, stay safe & do the good fight.  


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