Thursday, June 30, 2011

To age or not to age, that is the question


A couple of weeks ago, my husband & I went to his 35 year class reunion. A total stranger could look at him & say "no way are you almost 53 years old" but he is. He has just a few gray hairs here & there, you have to really look to find them. We were looking at his classmates, many were fully gray or about 50% there. When we go to my class reunions (I graduated 12 years after he did), he looks like he belongs in my class.

Here is a link to his pic, does he look like he'll be 53 in September?

Now, what does my funny husband contribute his youthful appearance to? Well, we follow the dietary laws listed in Lev. 11, he gets at least 20 min. a day in the sun with 40% body exposure to get his Vit. D to keep his immune system healthy & I'm sure his corny sense of humor has a bit to do with it also.

I'm sure many of you are saying "Lori, where is your pic?". I'll be posting mine soon, just don't happen to have any I'm really happy with at the moment. Ladies, I'm sure you can agree with me on this.

Still looking into Chelation therapy methods. So much info to sift thru, you really need to discern what is truth & what is fiction.

My daughter got her wisdom teeth out yesterday morning. Everything went well & she slept most of the 2 1/2 hour trip home. She is taking Vicodin for the pain, Penicillen to keep any infection at bay & starts swishing with a mouthwash twice a day today. After she gets done with her antibiotics, we'll have to start her on probiotics to rebuild the flora in the gut area. Antibiotics destroy the flora & can cause digestion problems. She wasn't swelled up to much yesterday but is starting to swell up now. We are using hot, moist compresses to keep the swelling at bay. She has many days of R&R ahead of her. With heat indexes well above 100 for the next few days, she'll get to bask in our a/c.

Have a good weekend & a Happy 4th of July to my readers that celebrate it.


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Celebrating 2 years of making a difference

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These are all countries that have been reading my blog since I started this 2 years ago. Its really exciting to see a new country pop up on my map of stats.

Page views to date - 3,763

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Each week is a challenge to come up with a new topic for a blog entry. While I'm listening to Mary Tocco on Republic Broadcasting Network (, I pull up my blog web page & just start typing. Some days there is a purpose with my topic & other days its just thoughts to put towards a future topic.

Thank you to all of my faithful readers, its been a pleasure serving you.

Stay safe & well my friends,


Monday, June 13, 2011

My path to a healthier life - Part 1


As the idea of Meniere's Disease sets in, the prospect of losing control of my life is hard to handle. One of the last stages of the disease is loss of hearing. I can't imagine life like that. I love to listen to music to much & watch movies on TV. I don't know for sure I have it, as a series of tests need to be done to know for sure. I've decided to take a pro-active approach to my health.

As I was looking thru my stats tonight, I came across some search words that gave me an idea of what I may be dealing with & a possible solution. The key words were "do vaccines cause meniere's". This possibility never came to mind. As a child, I received the vaccinations that were "required" for kids to enter school back in 1975. Lets take a look at the vaccine schedule for kids back then.

2 months: DTP, TOPV (trivalent oral polio virus)
4 months: DTP, TOPV
6 months: DTP, TOPV
1 year: Measles, TB test
1-12 years: Rubella, Mumps
1 1/2 years: DTP, TOPV
4-6 years: DTP, TOPV

I remember getting a shot in the backside prior to entering school. It made me sick & I slept for over 12 hours after getting it. In 2nd grade, I remember distinctly my classmates getting a vaccine during school hours. Shortly after they got it, many started complaining of dizziness, seeing double & nausea. Many of them went home within a couple of hours of getting the vaccine. I don't remember exactly which one it was but somehow I got out of it.

Even though I never received any vaccines beyond the age of 5, I did receive many allergy shots between the ages of 7 & 10. I've wondered for the last few years, did those shots contain Thimerosal, mercury or other toxins? I'm going to be heading up to the city in about 10 days where my allergist had his office which I'm sure has changed hands a few times since the last time I was there back in the late 80s to see if they still have my records. I'm going to ask to see if the insert that came with the shots. That will put the first piece of the puzzle into place.

Now that I have one possible piece of mercury tracked down, what about other areas? One web page I was reading, it was talking about amalgam fillings. I've never had any of those, so cross that off the list. Many in the dental field will say that amalgam fillings are safe. However, long term safety studies have never been done on amalgam fillings. I know some people who have had their fillings removed & they have started to feel better. Hmm, coincidence? I don't think so. Nickel is used in braces, this is the 3rd toxic metal when it comes to neurotoxins. (mercury & aluminum are the first two respectively) How many thousands of kids have had braces during their teens years? I can count myself among the unfortunate one of those teens. For 3 1/2 years (I was only told I would have them for 2 years), I had those in my mouth. My daughter is supposed to be getting them this summer. I'm going to see if we can pay the difference between the regular braces (which the insurance will cover) & the invisalign ones to avoid her from having the toxic metal in her mouth.

This video below shows a smoking tooth, 50 years after it was removed from a mouth. It is still letting loose mercury vapors. Imagine what it is doing in a persons mouth.

My husband got a porcelain crown when he was about 11 years old. If you look at the back of his crown there is a heavy metal holding it in place. I've talked to dentists who are familiar with dentistry of the 50s, 60s & 70s & they have told me it is mercury based. We are going to have it removed & replaced with a mercury-free replacement. This removal involves a vacuum system to pull the mercury fumes away from the patient. The mercury that is removed is considered hazmat & will to be disposed of as such. Funny, how its ok to put mercury in a persons mouth but has to be treated as hazmat once its removed.

Next step in finding thimerosal & mercury in my life is to look at my food & environment. I don't live near a coal mine, so that rules that out. I'll be looking at other possible sources of heavy metals & other sources of toxins. High fructose corn syrup has been known to have mercury in it. I've just about eliminated all of that from our diet. Since heavy metals are known to accumulate in the brain, even though I've eliminated them from my diet, they are still in my system.

So, the next step is Chelation therapy. That helped Desiree Jennings when she was injured by the flu shot. After several sessions of chelation therapy, she was able to walk & talk normally. So, maybe if I get the mercury & other heavy metals out of my system, my body can start to heal itself.

That will be the next topic of my blog. I'll be looking at the different types of chelation therapy, the advantages & disadvantages of each kind & which route I'm going to go. I'm also going to look into whole body detoxifying. I've read that if you detoxify the body one area at a time, the toxins just go to other parts of the body so you have to do it all at once. There are a few different detoxifiers out there, so I will have to see which one is the best one to go with.

Til next time, have a good week,


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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Myths of the 1918 Pandemic laid to rest

Greetings everyone,

I apologize for my not posting things regularly. I'm having to deal with a lot of things in my extended family life. So in order to lower my stress level, I'm letting things go a bit. One by taking the summer off from school & the other one by not spending so much time online. You never thought that spending time online could be stresful did you? >smiling<

But, as I was browsing Facebook, I came across an article that Leslie Botha posted on anothers friends Facebook page. I thought it was very relevant to vaccines as doctors will tell you that after your child gets vaccines to give them Tylenol or some sort of ibuprofen to lower their fevers or pain relievers. Aspirin played a big part in the high death rate from the 1918 flu pandemic. Soldiers were given twice the amount of aspirin that is considered safe today.

Here is an important part of the article -

Why does the CDC persist in the myth despite evidence to the contrary? Eschewing motives, one might only suggest some effects of projecting the terrifying myth that millions of people could die from virus:

1. distraction from the hard reality that natural treatments were the only effective treatments during 1918.

2. cloaking of Bayer, aspirin and the industry''s role in the deaths.

3. sales of billions in anti-viral drugs and vaccine development.

4. increased financial power to the pharmaceutical industry to control media and influence government.

4. increased illnesses and deaths from chemical pharmaceutical agents, one of the highest risk factors.

5. fearful dependence on "expert medical authority" and complex expensive "solutions" to save people.

6. surrender of unlimited authority to government regulatory agencies to "protect" the public from natural products.

7. use of the specter of millions of deaths as the justification for the removal of human rights to "protect" the public.

8. enhancement of the pharmaceutical industry moves toward an uncontested global monopoly over health (life and death).

9. industrialization, commercialization, and militarization of "disease."

10. an open door to use of "pandemic emergency" to justify martial law.
(remember that the H1N1 flu was declared a pandemic, even tho it never happened, only 1/3 of Americans got "vaccinated" against this flu)

You can read the article in its entirety at this link -

Here is another great article on the 1918 pandemic -

Have a great week,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

BPPV, Meniere's Disease & Wisdom Teeth


As some of you have read, last Spring I ended up in the emergency room with severe vertigo. I'm still going to physical therapy to counter act the "crystals" in my ears so that I can maintain some sort of normal life. As I was talking with my physical therapist today, I told her the symptoms that would show up that would precede a vertigo attack within 24 hours. Normally, I have constant ringing in my ears but sometimes a 2nd tone will present itself along with intense pressure, like a severe ear infection. Within a day, I will be down with a vertigo attack. She told me today those are symptoms of Meniere's but the physical therapy moves indicate BPPV. Sigh......I just want the vertigo to disappear completely.

My 16 year old daughter will be getting her wisdom teeth out at the end of the month. Her lower ones are growing in sideways & the roots are in the jaw. Her upper ones are crowding her upper teeth. They will be using IV sedation during the removal. One question that I have, does Novacaine have thimerosal in it? If so, is there a novacaine that doesn't? What about the IV sedation? So many questions to get answered before the end of the month.

From the research I've done, It doesn't look like novocaine contains Thimerosal. I'm going to call the dental clinic on Monday to double check that fact. I'll check on the sedative then too.

Hope to get another article up this weekend,