Friday, October 26, 2012

More News on Fukushima


The sun has set on another busy work week.  This was a very busy week for me.  Lots of homework for school & lots of work to do for my job.  We also started house hunting this week.  We've lived in our current home for 15 years.  Its in town & we would love to get out into the country where we belong.  We're going to go look at a house on Sunday that is pretty close to what we are looking for.

There have been some interesting developments at Fukushima.  You won't hear about it in the news & its affecting America in a fairly big way.

There was an explosion & fire at the Fukushima plant this week.

Its like I've said before, we are NOT being told the whole story.  The radiation from Fukushima is still being carried across the Pacific Ocean & is being registered by the Radiation Network.  The meter in nothern Minnesota has gone over 100 a few times this week.  This is NOT good.

The 5 monitors in Hawaii have been offline all week.  The big question is WHY? recently published pictures of corn from the State of Oregon that has mutated.  They believe its from the radiation that is coming across the Pacific.

If the radiation is doing this to corn, imagine what it is doing to us!!

If you haven't started taking Sea Kelp, I think now would be a time to do so.  I got mine from Pilgrim's Pride, I take one every day.  Is it sufficient?  That I don't know. 

I'm working on another zinger of an article on the flu shot.  Much more damming evidence has come out this week that the flu shot is ineffective & even Mayo Clinic has chimed in.  They are the number one hospital in the U.S., so this is HUGE!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Taking a new course in life.

Greetings to my readers,

A couple things I would like to touch on in this short entry......

1. The flu shot article has gone above & beyond what I expected. Over 1,500 views in a 24 hour period. Over 2,000 readers for the month of October already. Thank you!!

2. I've decided to quit the school paper. The censorship that I was getting from the advisor for the paper was too constricting. I was told that if I wanted to quote doctors that I would have to quote local doctors; even talk about the "pro" side of vaccines. Even if it went against my beliefs. Sorry, I can't do that. There is no pro side.
Have you seen the movie "A Few Good Men?" In the movie, Tom Cruise tells Jack Nicholson "I want the truth!" Jack replies, "You can't handle the truth!"

I guess the newspaper just wasn't ready for me. Thank you so much for your support, it means a great deal to me. Please pass this blog address to everyone you know that is looking for info. The quest for knowledge in this area is great & we are slowly getting the info out there.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stepping up education against vaccines

Greetings everyone, Today I'm writing to you from a burb of the Twin Cities, MN. I attended a seminar by Mary Tocco earlier today & I was absolutely blown away by what she said. Pages & pages of notes plus she is sending me her notes at some point. I also learned this week that my own son decided to get vaccinated against Tetnus & get the Hepatitis A & B vaccine. Can you imagine how shocked, dismayed & hurt I was when I heard this. He told me that by not vaccinating him that I was irresponsible & could have killed him. I guess all those years I spent researching vaccines & telling my kids why we don't get vaccines was for nothing. (ha ha ha....being sarcastic here) So, I'm going to step up my research, take my power point presentation that I did a couple of years ago - revamp it & start doing talks in the general public. I'm tired of the fact that public health officials think that it is ok to push these toxins on our children, our elderly & the most vulnerable. Have a great week, Lori