Sunday, April 19, 2015

Setting the record straight

Greetings from rainy Iowa,

When someone hears the term "anti vaxer" the 2 things that immediately come to mind are Jenny McCarthy & Dr. Andrew Wakefield.

So, lets the set the record straight.

I've been anti vax since the late 80's.  I was doing volunteer work at the Red Cross center in Waterloo, IA & I could hear the office workers talking about vaccinations.   I wanted to be able to talk the talk with them so I visited the local library & read everything I could.  However, what they were saying & what I was reading was on 2 totally different ends of the spectrum.

When I became pregnant with my first child, my researching went into more in depth research.  After he was born, I was spending hours a day reading books.  When my 2nd child was born just 5 years later, I was sending doctors scurrying from the room when it came to the vaccine issue.

In 2007, Jenny McCarthy went public that her son Evan had been diagnosed with autism.

And from 2004 to 2010, Brian Deer did a biased smeer campaign on Dr. Wakefield.

Its not just about the autism.  Its not about listening to a former Playboy magazine model.

Its about doing our research via reading books about the dangers of vaccines, its about listening & attending hundreds of hours of seminars & webinars annually about the dangers of vaccines.

Its about reading the studies,  looking at the stats & making an informed decision.

Its not about blindly following the government guidelines on when & how many toxins in the form of "vaccines" be injected into our children.

Dr. Paul Offit refuses to debate vaccines because he thinks there is only one side to the issue - that vaccines are safe & effective.   That science proves they work & any negative side affects don't exist.  VAERS says otherwise.

I personally haven't gotten any vaccines since Aug. 1975.  My husband hasn't had any since 1974.

So if you are reading this & you are provax.   Just as shots shouldn't be one size fits all - neither is the anti-vaxer.

I fully support Dr. Wakefield but I totally reject Jenny McCarthy.  She isn't anti-vaccine she is green our vaccines.  Totally different.

Until next time,