Friday, November 14, 2014

Totally different topic - A rant

Greetings from snowy & cold Iowa,

I work as a merchandiser in Central Iowa.   This means I travel from store to store doing various kinds of things in various stores.   Sometimes my work is relatively easy but other times it can be physically demanding.  Tonight I came home from work stiff, sore & in a lot of pain from all of the lifting I did.  I lifted over 25 boxes of books.

Now you're probably asking why am I ranting about books?  I had to destroy about $1,000 in paperback books today.  As a literature major I had some major issues with this.  Just about every customer who saw what I was doing had problems with it as well.  They were sad that they couldn't be donated or used in some way instead of just being thrown into the trash compactor.

Here are some pictures of what I had taken off the shelves before I had to start destroying them -

Over 10 boxes of destroyed books once everything was said & done.  Such a waste.......

And a boxful of book covers.  This is how the store gets credit for the destroyed books.  It took me over 2 hours to tear the cover off of each one.

I can't say which store chain this is nor where this store is located.  If you are an avid book reader like me & can't stand to see waste like this please talk to the store managers about not destroying books anymore.

There has to be a better way.  With the holiday season upon us, it is a time of giving & doing good.  Maybe the store can donate them to a homeless shelter or a youth shelter in the area.  I'm sure there are school students as well that can't afford to have a book in their home that would love some books as well.

I might be risking my job by posting this but I was so disgusted by all of this that I wanted to bring this out.

Until next time,