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Pandemic - This word strikes fear in the heart of many people.  Visions of thousands or millions of people dying from a sickness brings back memories in many people.  The 1918 flu pandemic is the one that most people remember.  At least 40 million dead.  What really brought on these pandemics?  Did a "vaccine" really protect those that received it?  Will the swine flu vaccine this fall really protect us or will it be the 1976 Swine flu fiasco all over again?

 What causes pandemics?  Sanitation?  Too close of proximity with animals?  Vaccines against the flu?  A change in the DNA make up of the flu?  There are many possibilities.  But we do know one thing, it has been at 91 years since the last major pandemic outbreak.  

Did a vaccine really protect those who got it?  Lets look to the 1918 flu pandemic.  Over 40 million died during this pandemic.  This one came in waves, the first wave was mild, it disappeared over the summer but then returned in the fall.  This wave is the one that killed over 50 million people.  The vaccinated ones were the ones who sick.

Many people dropped dead in doctors offices after getting the vaccine.  This still happens today when girls get the Gardisil shot that is supposed to protect them from cervical cancer but instead it ends up killing them.

The 1976 flu outbreak started at Fort Dix among vaccinated soldiers.  It then spread, but more were injured & died from the vaccine than died from the flu.

The flu vaccine doesn't prevent you from getting the flu.  It can do just the opposite.  Everyone I know that gets the flu shot ends up getting sick?  Why is this?  Because it is a live, weakened virus.  The injection bypasses the bodys natural way of dealing with germs by going directly into the bloodstream instead of thru the stomach where the stomach acids can break it down & get rid of it naturally.  This years flu vaccine is going to be no different than 1976.  Here is a video from 1976 that was on 60 min. regarding the swine flu.  Truths you won't hear from the controlled media.

Part of the swine flu vaccines that are coming out this fall are going to ones that are shot up the nose.  This will help spread sickness faster as when a "vaccinated" person sneezes, this virus that was just shot up the nose will come out & infect others.

With all of the chemicals, poisons & unclean animals (in accordance with Lev.  11) that are put into vaccines.  Its time to No Thank you.  Vaccines have been proven repeateadly not to work.  

What is the best way to avoid sickness?  handwashing, avoiding crowded places & avoiding sick people whenever you can 

Is there something more I can do?  We have a saying around our home, Vitamin D, Vitamin D, Vitamin D

Taking Vitamin D3 is the best way to boost your immune system.  The average american has between 15  & 18 nanograms/ml of blood.  To avoid sickness & most cancers, you need at least 50 ng/ml of blood.  This table shows what you need.

I can personally attest to the fact that vitamin D3 does work in boosting your immune system & keeping sickness at bay.  I take 10,000 IU/day.  When the rest of my family is sick, I usually get sick too.  Not this year.  :)  

Get educated about this swine flu & the coming pandemic.  They are going to try to make it mandatory.  You do have rights.  Dr. Mayer Eisenstein is going to have a webinar on July 15 with a vaccine rights lawyer.  This lawyers name is Allen Phillips.  Please sign up & tune in.  Its only an hour long & best of all - It's free!!!

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