Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Info on Lincoln, NE event

Greetings Friends,

Here is more info on the seminar being held in Lincoln, NE.

PROTANDIM COMES TO LINCOLN, NEBRASKA. Come hear Dr Norman Marvin, former teaching medical doctor from Kansas State and Oral Roberts University.

Learn about how Tbars can be reversed. If you're 80-90-even 100 years old...Tbars have been clinically proven to be reduced within 30 days to the levels of a 20 year old. THIS IS AMAZING science being validated by over 29 universities at the moment. If you do a PubMed search on antioxidant-protandim you will get over 85,000 papers.

Where? 5010 "O" Street
Lincoln, Nebraska
TIME: 6:00 pm to 9:30 pm
The location is the HyVee conference room.
Plan on arriving early...the first 50 people will get free food.
If you call in ahead of time you will have a "reserved seat".
BRING FRIENDS as well. Plan on being EDUCATED.

I'm unable to attend this seminar due to family commitments but I hope that some of my readers are able to.

Have a good week,

Monday, August 8, 2011

BIG Event coming to the Lincoln, NE area

Greetings everyone,

A friend in Lincoln, NE has told me of a BIG event coming to his area. If you are within driving distance of Lincoln, I encourage you to attend this seminar.

Protandim...Nature and God at work like a symphonyby

Protandim: The ONLY known activator of SOD (superoxide dismutase), catalase, and glutathione enzyme actions.

Nrf2 gene expressions are the most powerful cytoprotective genes to modern nutritional science.

Validated by over 29 medical universities, here and around the world, endorsed with FDA approvals, this one product will unveil the most remarkable recoveries ever witnessed in modern times.

NEVER before, in history, has a university or college of medicine ever studied a nutritional product. Those that are doing so now, are doing it at their cost, independently of each other, blind to their studies, all confirming each other's hypothesis.

THIS WILL BE THE MOST REMARKABLE support for parents of ASD children, cancers, autoimmune derailments, over 200 diseases.

You would need to consume over 87 glasses of red wine, 350 oranges, over 30 pounds of raspberries, 11 pounds of blueberries, 15 pounds of dark chocolate, or 120 vitamin 500 mg C tablets every day to equal the antioxidant power you receive from just one Protandim caplet daily.

We will be reviewing how our bodies can do what they are designed to do when provided with what they require to enable their design. We are seeing over 4000 gene actions that are upregulated in healthy fashion that support proper physiological processes. You will not want to miss this opportunity. Dates and location will be posted as we move forward. Plan on opening your schedules for this wonderful medical professional to educate us about the wonders of herbal applications.Dr Marvin has a CV that is a mile long. He was a former teaching doctor at Kansas State, as well as, Oral Roberts University in Oklahoma.

I'm going to take time from writing full blog entries. I have a lot to deal with in my personal life right now, so something needs to give a bit. I'll be posting short little entries like this one everyone once in awhile.

Have a good week,