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Monsanto - Part 2


I apologize for my absence, the semester is finally over & now I can concentrate on other things.  If I play my cards right, I'll be graduating from DMACC next Spring.  I'll then be taking a year off from school while I decide whether to go to Drake or ISU the following fall.  The prestige of a Drake diploma would be nice.  It also has many programs available for English/Literature students.  But it's a private college & will be pricey.  It's also about an hour drive from my house.  ISU is public & is only 25 minutes away.  I guess I will have to wait & see & see what scholarships/grants come my direction.

Before I get into todays article, I would like to mention a couple of conferences coming up in Chicago that I'll be attending & hope that you will consider attending also.

The first one is the Autism One conference.  It is May 22nd thru the 26th.

I haven't dived into this area too much but after reading the speaking schedule, I decided it was going to be well worth the trip.

The 2nd conference is in June.  It runs June 7th thru the 9th.  This is the Health Freedom Expo.  I've been waiting for years to attend this one.

I hope to be posting some info about what I learned each day in the evening after I get done attending seminars & have a chance to look back over my notes from each seminar.

If you are on Facebook, these conferences have Facebook pages as well.

Now, onto today's topic.  Today I'm going to address Aspartame & #6 plastics.  I've talked about the toxicity of plastics in the past.  But I have learned so much more since then.

First off, Aspartame.

This poison dates all the way back to 1965.  It was originally going to be used as an anti-ulcer drug but was moved to be put on grocery stores.  It was blocked in 1974 over safety concerns & lab research concerns.  But it received approval in 1981 to be used in grocery items & approval for Diet sodas in 1983 DESPITE concerns over the affects of it neurologically.  In 1985, the producer of asparatame was purchased by Monsanto & the rest is history.

We see aspartame in diet sodas, as sweetners on table's at restaurants & now they want to put it in our milk supply without having the label saying its in there. 

What is aspartame? 

Aspartame is unique among low-calorie sweeteners in that it is completely broken down by the body into its components – the amino acids, aspartic acid and phenylalanine, and a small amount of methanol.  It is made up of 3 chemicals - aspartic acid, phenylalanine, and methanol.  A book by James & Phyllis Balch lists this as a chemical poison.

In 1991, the Dept. of Health & Human Service published a bibliography on the Adverse Effects of Aspartame & listed 167 reasons to avoid it.  Not to consume it BUT to avoid it.  Yet it continues to be widely available & now they want to  put it our milk supply.  The number one drink by our children.

This poison is a neurotoxin, it also causes brain lesions, cancer, erodes intelligence, it can cause blindness, short term memory loss, somnia & depression.  This is just a short list of side affects caused by aspartame. 

A list of the side affects of Aspartame & the government knowing about it here at this link.  It is right on the FDA's website.

The FDA knows that aspartame is bad for a person yet they continue to allow it to be used in our food.  And now that Monsanto has been allowed control higher than the court system, it has turned into a nightmare for everyone living in this country.

It was once listed in the Pentagon's chemical warfare inventory. 

This poison is being used as chemical warfare but not as we would think.  The war has been put on the grocery store shelves. 

My daughter gets really frustrated when I read every label of a new product she wants us to try.  90% of the time the item gets put back on the shelf & we try to find something that is close to what she wants to try & that will work just as well.  My grocery shopping takes about 3-4 hours per week now at 4 different stores.  (I'm a penny pincher & a coupon user)

I know I've barely scraped the surface for the topic of aspartame.  But it was purchased by Monsanto which continues to produce it despite what it does to a person.  The purpose of this article is to expose Monsanto for its evils against humanity.

Now lets take a look at #6 plastics.  This would include styrofoam cups, Solo cups & styrofoam plates. 

How many of you have gotten a cup of coffee in a styrofoam cup & then wait a little bit for it to cool down before taking a sip.  Have you noticed the light brown stuff that is floating on top of the coffee?  That wasn't there when you first poured that cup, it appeared later.  What is that?

Maybe some styrene from the styrofoam that has leached  from the styrofoam into the drink.  Just a hunch......

In 1941, Monsanto branched out into plastics, specifically #6 plastics.  This was listed in 1980 as EPA's 5th in chemicals that produces the most household hazardous waste.

Toulene which is a byproduct of styrene during production that is used as a solvent. 

That cup of coffee doesn't look so good now does it?  What about those solo cups that are sitting in your cupboard?  I threw all of those out years ago. 

Please check my article on the toxicity of plastics that I wrote a few years ago, you can see the health affects of this toxic plastic.

The reaches of this topic are far & wide.  I read articles daily on Monsanto, its products & its affects on the food & the human body.  It is very scary the times we are living in right now.

Next week I'll be covering rBGH & GMO's specifically & then the last article will be covering Monsanto specifically.

Until next time, be a savy shopper.  If you quote my articles, please post the link along with the quote.


P.S.  I do have another surprise in the works.  I should be able to tell what it is in the next few weeks along with a link.  I got the invitation last night & I'm very happy that I can help.

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