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2013 Autism One Conference - Day 4


Today has been another amazing day.  I attended 4 different seminars & talk about information overload.   Let me tell you how much I have learned......when I started Wednesday afternoon, my pen was full of ink.  As of now, the ink is 95% gone.  That is a lot of note taking. 

I attended a seminar talking about exemption rights for families.  Also a seminar by Robert Scott Bell on how to restore gut integrity after it has been destroyed by allopathic medicine.  Another seminar by Dr. Brian Hooker on how the CDC is covering up the fact the vaccines do cause autism.  (I know many of readers already knew this but we needed the facts to back it up)   And the last seminar of the day was given by Dr. Wakefield on Defending Academic Integrity and Research.   Very touching seminar from such a great man.  

But before I start in on summarizing todays seminars, let me digress just a bit to yesterday during the meetings with the congressional reps that showed up.  And I'm going to quote Robert Scott Bell.......We were duped.   The first meeting only a couple of people got to voice a question or a comment.  The 2nd meeting, almost a 100 people were lined up along the wall to ask a question or to give a comment.  No one got to ask anything during that 2nd meeting.  They said we had run out of time & that they would answer questions in a different room.  Everyone went to that 2nd room.  The people that went there had 10 or 15 sec. to give a brief comment to a congressman & then had to move on.   We were given the same political rhetoric that most policiticians give.  Bobby Kennedy is the only that gave any real hope that there might be an end to this nightmare called the CDC very soon.

Jenny McCarthy was speaking today but I decided to not go to her talk.   From what I've heard of her talks, she talks a lot about greening our vaccines.  I don't agree with this stance, I think its wrong & its dangerous.  The CDC says vaccines are safe now that they have taken Thimerosal out of them (which they haven't).  This is why I decided to stay away from this particular talk.

So.....lets get started.

The first seminar of the day was Know your Exemption Rights.  This was presented by a panel of 4 lawyers all from New York.  They tried to address all states, including my home state of Iowa.  They started off by saying getting the book "Vaccine Epidemic" by Louise Kuo Habakus & Mary Holland was a must have for exemptions as the first 10 chapters of the book dealt with the exemption issue.  The title of that section is "Vaccination Choice,"  to a degree it does. 

The legal basis for Vaccination choice goes all the way back to 1905. 

1905 - Jacobson v Massachusetts - This was a smallpox case.  The small pox vaccine was mandated for adults but not children & the public health officials were saying that Mr. Jacobsons son needed to vaccinated against smallpox.  His son had suffered a severe reaction previously & the father said no.  It went to court & the father won.  Had he not won he would have to had paid a fine of $5 (equivalent of $114 today) 

The courts had to prove that the vaccine was necessary & reasonable.  That there was evidence for harm avoidance.  This was a vaccine for an airborne epidemic. 

Today we now know that mandating the small pox led to a higher death rate from small pox than if they weren't vaccinated at all.  

A similar case in 1923 was Zucht v King, this case decision upheld the 1905 decision.

1986 - National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act - Laws of court are taken away & test cases are heard before a politically appointed lawyer & payout is decided by this person.  Not a judge or a jury, just one person. 

2011 - Brueswitz v Wyeth - This is the Hannah Polling case.  The case was settled & then sealed so that no one would find out the ruling.  The ruling was eventually let out that the vaccine court said Yes, she is vaccine injured however this is not opening the door for other parents of vaccine injured children.

2013 - The vaccine program is very different today than in 1980.  70 vaccines for 16 diseases by the time they start Kindergarten.

All 50 states require some sort of exemption from vaccines to get into school, daycare, etc.  This a brief overlook of them -

Medical - Permitted in all states, extremely difficult to obtain & can be over ridden by another doctor at any given point in time.  A mom in WV filed for medical exemption for her one child since her other child had a bad reaction to vaccines.  The exemption was denied.

Religious - allowed in all states except Mississippi, West Virginia & California.  Mississippi & West Virginia only only allow medical exemptions.  California only allows philosphical & medical.  One mom filed a lawsuit saying it was against her religious beliefs to have her child vaccinated but since West Virginia doesn't allowe religious exemptions, the exemption was denied.

Philosphical Exemptions - Can be legislated out at the drop of hat.  It is better to go with a religious exemption as this guaranteed by the constitution & the first amendment.

Now today I found out about a 4th exemption - Proof of Immunity - Serological exemption - a titers test is done to check your anti-body count.

They went on to say that a state may say you have to get the vaccine in the event of a pandemic.  Your child may not be able to attend school if a communicable illness is going around the school system & your child has not been vaccinated.

(sidenote - They tried to send my son home during a chicken pox outbreak.  I told the school nurse that he had them when he was 11 months old.  She was worried about how hard he them & that he might get them again.  I said he had a hard case as I did at the same time.  She relented & let him stay in)

The State of New Jersey requires the most vaccines to attend school.  However, New York has the toughest religious exemption hearings.  You are grilled about your religious beliefs to make sure that they are sincere.  The principal of each school has to submit in writing to the school district as to why a student has an exemption.  If the exemption was given without proper evidence, then the principal has to pay $2,000 per student fine.  The goal of the New York school system is to achieve a 98.9% vaccination rate & this is with all the exempted students.  Now we know why they are so tough!

With doctor offices going to e-records, you doctor & the school nurse now have access to your childs medical records. 

We need to protect our exemption rights now for this generation & future generations.

If you move from one state where you had a medical exemption, you may not have that medical exemption in the next state. 

A vaccine injury has to occur on the table in order for it to be considered a vaccine injury.  Your child gets sick or dies at home, it will be hard to prove its vaccine related.

If your doctor asks you why you don't want to vaccinate your child, you are not required to answer right away.  You can thank you.  You do NOT have to sign the paper that they give you in their office.  Take it home, read it, have your lawyer read, cross things out & put your own wording in it.  That document that they give you says you know you are putting your child at risk if you don't vaccinate.  Cross that are NOT putting your child at risk. 

Now on to Robert Scott Bell's seminar.  It was funny to see him variate his voice pitch in person like he does on his show.  He said we need to Stop Asking Permission Where none is required.  We aren't required to ask our doctor whether or not we can take supplements.  We aren't required to take a drug because they want us to.  The power to heal is ours & its time to take it back from big pharma.

Our bodies will reject things it doesn't like until it gets to the point where that is all that is offered & then it will take it just to survive.  Then we go into chronic decline.  Our bodies are smarter than our doctor.  (that would make a good bumper sticker)  We've become an authoritarian society & doctors have been given a license to kill.  The bill of rights gives us no rights.  Our rights come from the one that created us.

In 2011, 4 BILLION prescriptions were written.  The US dwarfs the world in drug usage. 

This is how health sovereignty has been destroyed -

Now this statement was a surprise to me - our mouths & anus's are NOT considered part of the body.  They are outside the body & are designed to protect the body. 

Symptoms of Leaky Gut Syndrome - IBS

Gut damage - Can't use nutrients
                        Most foods are devoid of nutrients/vitamins

Ways to detox the body -
Food Sources - whey protein
Glutathione - Selenium
GTF Chromium
Homeopathy - drainage rememdies
Coffee enemas - rapid method for detoxing

Robert touched quite a bit on the silver.  I don't completly understand it so I'm not going to comment on it until I've reread my notes & done a bit of homework to make sure I quote him correctlly.  He did say if you take the wrong kind for an extended period of time, you could become a smurf. 

My next seminar was called More Lies of the CDC regarding the Relationship between Vaccines & Autism by Dr. Brian Hooker.  This was a real eye opener.  All of the lies that the CDC has been hiding over the years.  All of the years that the CDC, IOM & FDA has said the vaccines do NOT cause autism has been lies. 

For 9 years, Dr. Hooker has been requesting documents from the CDC & other agencies thru the Freedom of Information Act regarding vaccines. 

These documents show that the numbers have been manipulated in order to absolve the vaccine link.  The CDCs plan is absolve vaccines & their components of any link.  Thimerosal is NOT the primary issue but it is a big issue. 

Here is the CDCs plan-

1997- To indemnify Thimerosal in vaccine at all costs
Other agencies wanted it removed but the CDC was against the removal
The CDC rejected big pharma's plan to remove Thimerosal from vaccines

In a memo- The CDC said it was gravely troubled by vaccines given without having Thimerosal in them.

In 2004, the Institute of Medicine said the vaccines don't cause autism.  They said that because the CDC paid them to say that.  The IOM was protecting their bottom line by who was paying the bills.

The 1986 NVCIP has denied justice to vaccine injured kids. 

5 studies done by the IOM -

2003 - Vershaten - 600% increase in autism because of Thimerosal

2003 - Madsen - Rates went down in Denmark after Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in 1992

2003- Stehr-Green - 2/3 of the data supported a vaccine-autism link

2003- Hiivd - Showed a link

2004- Andrews - bad statistics were used to hide the link, 2x the greater risk

A study done by Price in 2010, which was fatally flawed was rejected by JAMA & the NEJM.  It was published by Pediatrics in 2010 which is supported by the CDC.

The background reports showed that risks were highly statistically significant.  In the womb, there was a 700% increase in autism risk.  2 out of 3 models, the Thimerosal exposure & regressive autism in males exposed prenatally.

The CDC recycles its it can't afford to do new studies to come up with new data.

The CDCs own data shows that the link goes deeper than vaccines & autism. 

In 2002, Madsen said that there is less autism in non-vaccinated children. 

CDCs Nancy Levine said that any damaging documents to the CDC should be flagged for review.  Not damaging for the receipients of the vaccines BUT damaging for the CDC.  (see who they are worried about??)

In the years 2001-2004, the Insitute of Medicine covered up documents that showed a vaccine-autism link.

Dr. Boyle said that autism is a public health concern when asked about the epidemic levels of autism.  She said no reliable evidence has been given that there is a link.  (but their own documents show there is a link!)

138 studies have been done that show a link between vaccines & autism. 

The CDC has new studies will be done.

I wonder why..............................

Many parents were furious after this seminar.  This is not about the parents.  This is about the children whose lives have been permantely damaged by government agencies all in the name of health.

Saved the best seminar for the last one of the day.....Dr. Andrew Wakefield.  He is in my opinion a very humble man.  He has every right to be bitter & angry but he doesn't show it.  He told us that a doctor at another hotel came up to him earlier today & said your that "Wakefield & you've done a lot of harm."  In my opinion, that was a horrible thing to say since they didn't have all the facts.

He told us that attention is being diverted because of regulatory failure.  He said its about protecting individuals, protecting the government & protecting the industry from past liabilities & future profits.

The vaccine injury-bowel disease link had to be discredited in order to protect the vaccine program.

Brian Deer said that parents of autistic children are nasty, repetitive, weasly & deceitful & he went on to say "and the parents wonder why their childrens brains are messed up."

Many parents in the room got very upset with that statement.

The Italian court said that there is a link between the MMR vaccine & autism.  This decision reignited the debate of the vaccine-autism link.

The vaccine court awarded millions to 2 children for vaccine injury.  (Remember yesterday I said that one congressman said it would take $3.2 million to raise & care for a child that has autism)

It has been said that "No one has been able to confirm Wakefield's findings" BUT......

Thru the Freedom of Information Act in the UK, there has been 22 findings MMR-vaccine link.  As early as 1992.  This was BEFORE the article in the Lancet journal. 

The CDC originally rejected the mumps vaccine as they didn't think it was that dangerous of a disease BUT after much pressure from Merck their scientific statement to go ahead with the vaccine....."Oh to hell with it......."  & it was put into the schedule.

My notes from this last seminar are heavily edited.  There are 10 pages I need to go thru & redo, clarify & then I can make a longer article on this seminar alone.  I did get a chance to talk to Dr. Wakefield & have my picture taken with him.  (check the link from yesterdays article)

He finished the seminar & took a few questions.  After the questions were over with he said.......its time to have a beer, this statement got a laugh from the audience.  He signed a few books & talked with parents. 

Sunday is the last day.  3 seminars left of this wonderful conference & then its over until next year.

Until tomorrow,


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