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2013 Autism One Conference - Days 1 -3


Wow.......its been an amazing 3 days here at the Autism One conference in Chicago.   I have met so many people who are leading the charge in this epidemic.  I met Dr. Wakefield today.  I met Robert Scott Bell & Liam Scheff yesterday.  I met an MIT prof last night who has done a aluminum-autism study.  

I will try to highlight each of the seminars I've been to & then go more into depth at a later date.

Wednesday evening -

Balance tips for a busy household & Lydia presents her life

Jane Winans gave a talk on how to balance a busy life with a special needs child.  I don't have any special needs children but I do have a busy life that really gets out of hand at time. 

She gave a few tips for time savers -

1. Clone yourself -
     You can do the work alone, expand your comfort zone (don't expect everything to be perfect all the time) or you can ask for help. 

2.  Take advantage of technology.  Use the "cloud" for grocery lists & errands instead of a sheet on the fridge.  I would find the list on the fridge better, more easily accessible but to each his own.

3.  Make things ahead of time.  Instead of browninng 1 lb. of hamburger, do more & put it in the fridge or freezer for later. 

4.  Where do I waste my time?  Don't let fear, anxiety, etc. waste you time.

We need to set realistic goals & not overschedule ourselves every day, every week, etc.  (this is an area I really need to work on!)

Men & women see things differently.  He might ask "Do we have ketchup" when he looks in the fridge, a woman sees it differently.   Instead of getting frustrated, just hand the bottle to him.

Put first things first, do things one at a time & have some fun at it too.

Thursday morning I went to a seminar called Know your family rights.  It was led by 2 lady lawyers from the State of New York which is really cracking down on parents who don't vaccinate even if they do have exemptions in place.  They talked about having a binder with all of the papers you need for your child in the event that you are not able to take care of your child.  Whether your child is removed from the home for some reason or you become temporarily or permantely disabled. 

This is a BIG subject that I have quite a few pages of notes on.  So I will expand on it later.  But it is scary what can done to your child if he/she is removed from your home & your wishes are not followed.

My 2nd seminar for Thursday was a movie called "Mercury thru the generations" presented by Eric Uram from Safe Minds.  It talked about Pink Disease which was caused by calomel teething powder.  This powder was rubbed on the gums of teething infants & the result was mercury poisoning.  The fatality rate in children who got these powders was 10-33%.  The children who survived this poisoning had their DNA changed which was then passed onto their children & their grandchildren.  So.....a type of genetic autism was passed down thru the generations. 

I believe this is how they are getting by with saying the Autism is "genetic".   This powder in the calomel was mercury chloride.  Here is the link to the MSDS sheet on this chemical.  It's nasty stuff!!

We hear on the news that mercury/Thimerosal has been removed from the vaccines here in the U.S.  but if you've checked my link to the CDC showing the ingredients for the vaccines, you'll see that its still there in varying amounts.

These mercury laden vaccines are now being sent to other countries.  There is now an outbreak of autism in China because of Thimerosal laced vaccines.  What is big pharma doing to the world?

I was talking to Dr. Wakefield & another doctor from Venezuela today.  Mercury is still in the vaccines that are sent down there, so there is another country that is being harmed from our thimerosal laced vaccines.

I ran into a prof from MIT by the name of Stephanie Seneff, wonderful lady & very knowledgeable.  She wrote a paper looking at the aluminum in vaccines & then a possible connection to autism.   She gleaned info from the VAERS reporting system & looking at aluminum.   I haven't had a chance to read her paper yet, it is 27 pages long.  But here is the link to it -

We also talked about Monsanto & what it is doing to the people who eat GMO grains.  She talked about some specific properties that I can't recall.  I hope if Stephanie reads this blog entry that she will chime in the comments section. 

After this movie, we watched another one called "Age of Aluminum."  It talks about the toxicity of aluminum, what it does to the fish when released into the water, what it does to the skin of people who come in direct contact with the toxic aftermath of aluminum manufacturing.  I have about 10 pages of notes from this movie.  Claire, I'm drawing a blank on her last name said they were going to try to get screenings of it around the U.S., possibly on Netflix.   They hope to have their own website up soon.  I will let you know when that is up & give you more info about this movie at a later time.

Which brings us up to today.  Today was uplifting, filled a bit with political rhetoric & a bit of grandstanding.  Many of you know about the hearings that have been held regarding vaccines, Thimerosal & autism.   Both of the meetings I attended this morning were regarding this very issue. 

The first meeting was talking about Autism & the VICP (Vaccine Compensation program).  We were told that the CDC cares very little about autism & the children who get autism as a result of getting vaccinated are just collateral damage.  The panel also said that the CDCs own studies show that vaccines cause autism but are hiding this fact from the American public. 

Can you imagine the backlash from parents?   The transparency needs to be there.  Parents have a right to know.

From 1990 to 2001 there was a 700% increase in the cases of autism.  632% of that increase the CDC could NOT account for.  So only 68% can be accounted for.  You could just feel the air in the room become heavy after that statement.

There has been 138 studies that show the negative affects of thimerosal in vaccines.   Show us the studies, we have a right to know.

Dr. Paul Thorsen supposedly did a study & told everyone that it was NOT funded by the CDC.  DASTI (CDC) were sent to the organization NANEA which is run by Thorsen.  Thorsen was indicted in 2011 for money laundering. 

Who is being hired to do this studies?

We need to keep asking questions until there are no questions left to ask.

The compensation act of 1986 replaced the rule of law.  Regular rules of court don't apply.  There is no judge, no jury just a politically appointed attorney. 

Lets say there are 5,000 cases of vaccine injured children to be heard.  5 will be selected to be "test" cases to decide the fate of the rest.  This is why most cases are never paid out. 

The Hannah Polling case was going to be one of those test cases but the results were concealed.  The vaccine court powers were abused.  Dr. Zimmerman gave 2 different opinions & the one showing the link between vaccines & autism was hidden & the opinion that said there was no link was put out there.  There is a letter from the Kennedy Krieger Institute that was written by Dr. Zimmerman about this case.  As soon as I find it online, I will post it.    Dr. Zimmerman is a top national neurologist.

The vaccine court cases have NOT been tracked.  This is so sad, so many parents could find their financial needs met if the transparency was there.  One of the lawmakers said today that it is estimated that it will cost a parent $3.2 MILLION dollars to raise & care for an autistic child thru adulthood.  That is a LOT of money.

It all boils down to the fact the CDC & the FDA are NOT doing their jobs.  They are putting the millions of dollars that are being poured into Washington by big pharma ahead of the lives of the children worldwide that are being affected by the toxins in vaccines.

Bill Posey said that Dr. Colleen Boyle can sure dance.  In the hearings she danced all around the questions but never really gave a straight answer.  She was asked to give a written response.  This usually takes a day or 2, it took her 18 days to respond & all she did was lie & cover up the truth left & right.

A congressman Issa posed this question - Why should a person be forced to take a drug that will cause brain damage? 

Vaccines are not the only drug out there that will cause brain damage.  I touched on the SSRI issue not to long ago.  My half sister who was in the navy asked me to look up a drug that was given to military personnel to combat malaria.  Pretty nasty stuff & it had neurological side affects. 

Again......where is the transparency?

The health industry is NOT on our side.  The more dependent we are on big pharma the more money they make.  The more money that is poured into Washington.  It's a vicious circle.

A bill is currently going thru the house called HR1757.  It's calling for an investigation into the safety of vaccines, taking a look at the Thimerosal & aluminum issue.  99% of the people in the room this morninng agreed that if the government is involved in the study, it will not be accurate.  It has to be done by an outside source in order to get full transparency & accurate reporting.  Otherwise we will hear the same rhetoric we hear now- There is NO link to vaccines & autism.

A seminar I went to this afternoon was called Vaccine manufacturing contaminants you haven't been told about.  This was given by Theresa Deisher, PH.D.

She told us about changing point in the history of vaccines.  There has to be 4 characteristics in order for a changing point to happen.

They are -

1.  Low or absent before the epidemic.
2.  An apparent dose effect
3.  Biological mechanism of action compatible with the disease.
4.  Broad or universal exposure

This was a very complicated & draining mentally seminar.  But basically viruses are long molecules of RNA/DNA.  A person is injected with a cell line that was used to grow the virus.  Whether it be animal tissue or aborted fetus tissue.

The human DNA can go into our DNA & change it.  The fetal cell line WI-38 is contaminated with a retrovirus which will allow not only human DNA into our DNA but foreign (animal) DNA as well. 

If the human DNA changes our DNA just imagine what foreign DNA does.

In 1988, the MMR vaccine was changed from animal to human DNA.  This was when the the autism rate really started to skyrocket.  There are no guidelines or limits on human DNA that is in vaccines.  Also in 1988, a 2nd dose of MMR was introduced. 

How many of you remember the boys who lived in a bubble?  These boys were given the same ingredients as the contanminents in vaccines.  Cancer occurred in 4 out of 9 boys, 1 died. 

What is one of the other things we are seeing in our children today?  A rise in cancer.  

The 4th seminar I attended was Measles deaths, injuries & the world war over MMR.  I'm going to admit right now, this was WAY over my head.  Dr. Wakefield sat right in front of me listening to it & gave an award to the guy who did the research to put together this presentation. 

They started off saying that journalists who do stories connecting vaccines to autism are basically kissing their career good bye.  Why is this topic so taboo?   Why is only one side of this argument (pro-vaccine) legitimate?

I'm just going to give a brief overview of my notes & then go more into depth later as I decipher what I wrote.

In 1968 there was a measles epidemic in the Yanomani tribe in South America.  When they became sick, many tribe members retreated into the woods.  But by then it was too late, many died from measles as a result of vaccination.

Prof. John Tooley - Darkeness in Eldorado - In a study he said - there is a catastrophe for immunization in the 3rd world.  Thousands or millions will die.

The MMR vaccination rates have actually been on the rise in the U.K. & worldwide.  Between Jan. of 2000 & September of 2002, 93.9% of children got the MMR vaccine by their 3rd b-day. 

Many children just got the MR (measles-ruebella) vaccine.  But, it doesn't count since it didn't have the mumps component in it. 

In a Bryett-Clinicial Expert Report - they said there is very little gain from having a mumps vaccine.

Mauri Hillman with Merck said that Mumps isn't that bad so why develop a vaccine?

(Merck is the major manufacturer of the MMR vaccine)

Mr. Hillman was also quoted as saying - The Live measles vaccine is solving a medical problem with no real understanding of it.

Sir Graham Wilson  said in 1960 that 1 in 100k children will die from measles. 

That was in 1960.  Today we have much better sanitation, food & water.  I think that rate would be much lower now. 

JFK decided that no other country would have a vaccine unless the U.S. did also.  So when Russia had a measles vaccine, the U.S. had to have a measles vaccine.

J.A. Dudgeon, M.D. - Quoted regarding the MMR shot - the MMR vaccine would be a disaster & that is a view that I hold today.

The last speech I heard today was the of Bobby Kennedy Jr.  He was dragged into the vaccine-autism link kicking & screaming but is now fighting to get the transparency out there.

He said there are 3 CDCs -

1.  CDC - bases vaccines on the science
2.  CDC - sees the executive summaries & then rewrites them to their liking
3.  CDC - does the press releases

He went on to say that methylmercury is a neurotoxin & that there some studies that show ethylmercury to be not toxic BUT it is not being excreted by the body.  It's not coming out in the sweat, urine, hair or feces.  So where is it going?  It's going into the brain.

Dr. Paul Offit admitted to Kennedy about some of the problems with vaccines (& he recorded these phone conversations) BUT Offit went on the radio & denied everything that was said to Kennedy.

There were studies done with 3 different groups of kids that totaled about 16,000 kids.  The first 2 showed a link & the 3rd did not.  Guess which group we are hearing about? 

There are hundreds of studies out there that show Thimerosal is a problem.  Kennedy is putting together a book showing these studies & there are fact checkers working on everything to make everything is rock solid.  These studies go all the way back to 1928 & come all the way forward to this year.

But, this book will never be published.  He wants the CDC, the FDA & other agencies involved in the vaccine program to read it.

I'm hoping this book is released to the general public at some point so we finally see the truth - that the children of the world have been the guinea pigs of big pharma for many generations.

Time for some sleep, until tomorrow,


P.S.   If any of you are on Facebook, here is a link to a few pictures I was able to get the last few days.  I hope to get more over the next 2 days.

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