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Autism One Conference - Day 5


It has been an incredible 5 days.  I have met so many people, talked with so many parents, I've heard so many stories that astounded me, broke my heart & sometimes made me downright angry. 

I only got to 2 out 3 seminars I wanted to attend today.  I missed the 2nd one as Dr. Mayer Eisenstein continued to talk to parents outside the meeting room & I wanted to glean everybit of info that I could get.  I heard one moms story where the pediatrician of her son broke several federal laws & the state of Florida is turning a blind eye to it. 

I had my picture taken with Dr. Eisenstein today.  The pic will be posted at the link that I gave a couple of days ago at Facebook.

Dr. Eisenstein talk was on No Shots, No School, No work - Not True. 

The late Dr. Bob Mendohlson (Prof at a medical college in Chicago) way back in 1973 that vaccines cause brain damage.  This was when autism was 1 in 10,000 kids. 

There are secret control groups that people who are pro-vax will deny.  The Amish don't vaccinate & they don't have autism.  The 2nd control group is the Eisenstein Clinics (Homefirst).  This practice has 50,000 patients - no autism, no asthma, no allergies, no respiratory illness and no diabetes.

This is impressive compared to national rates.  Statistically, there should be at least 200 cases of autism.  Why is this?  They don't vax or do some selective vaccinations. 

Dr. Eisenstein went onto say that his practice goes thru 1 prescription pad a year.  That antibiotics are given only in the most dire circumstances.  If they go thru it they feel they have abused antibiotics.   He said that a person should only take anti-biotics once every 10 years. 

As I said in my last blog entry that Thimerosal is still in vaccines.  They taken out the amount they have to report, otherwise its still in there.

Mayer said he & a group of people were going to drop a pretend syringe on the floor of the CDC & then wear hazmat suits to clean up the "mess."  They would be told they would be arresed for terrorism. 

Ok......let me get this right.   If you drop it on the floor, its considered hazardous & you have to have a hazmat team clean it up.'s ok to inject people with the stuff.  Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

If a person is involved in a bike accident or a car accident & they get a brain injury.  They are neurologically challenged.  So why is it.......if a child is injured by vaccines they have autism & instead of being neurologically challenged? 

Dr. Eisenstein covered the various exemptions available to the public.  But emphasized that you should go with a religious exemption.  If you live in a state where you have a philosophical exemption & then you move to a state that doesn't have that option, you are going to have problems getting another exemption for religious reasons. 

He also talked about nurses & people who work in the health care industry.  He said the workers who do NOT want the flu shot need to band together & then go to their employer together & say "Hey, we should not be required to get the flu shot."  OSHA doesn't support the mandation of the flu shot.

He said to talk to Allen Phillips at

Here is the link to his power point presentation that he gave today.

Afterwards, when we were talking out in the hallway, a mom came up to him & showed him her sons vaccination records.  All of the lot numbers for the vaccines had been blotted out, he had been given vaccines that are not required for school & were no longer on the market.  I talked with this mom & she is going to forward a copy of the paperwork to me.  Several federal laws were broken & the State of Florida is turning a blind eye to her case......citing a lack of evidence.   This will be an interesting article.

I hope that many of you listen to the Robert Scott Bell show on on Sunday from Noon until 2 pm.  I was on it today live from the Autism One conference.  You can listen to it at this link, simply choose May 26th., 1st hour.

And the last seminar of the week that I attended was given by Liam Scheff, author of Official Stories. 

He talked about Conspiracy Theories but said it was Conspiracy Truths instead.  Liam said we live in a world of capitulated myth.

He talked about the Incarnation Children's Center - where abandoned children were used as guinea pigs.

He said we're not supposed to inject stuff into our brains but yet what happens when an injection is done.  Thimerosal & aluminum makes its way into the brain.

He said that it is almost impossible to purify viruses.

He also touched on the oil issue.  He said that the world goes thru 90 million barrels of oil a day.  We were the Saudi Arabia of oil in the 70's.  Fields in Saudi Arabia are 40 years old so they may not last much longer.  The field in Pennsylvania only produce a pint of oil a day.  This is NOT enough oil to keep the world going.

My advice when it comes to Liam - get his book.  There  is a lot of info in that book & a lot of the stories in there will blow your mind.

One of the common things I heard from parents this week was that they wished there was a resource that they could go to that showed there was doctors that supported the stance against vaccines.  They are out there, you just need to know where to look.  These are the doctors & websites that I know of.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny -
Mr. Mayer Eisenstein -
Dr. Gary Gordon -
Dr. Renee Tocco -
Dr. Chad Rohlfson -

Mary Tocco is not a doctor but she is an independent researcher like myself of over 30 years.

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