Thursday, June 9, 2011

BPPV, Meniere's Disease & Wisdom Teeth


As some of you have read, last Spring I ended up in the emergency room with severe vertigo. I'm still going to physical therapy to counter act the "crystals" in my ears so that I can maintain some sort of normal life. As I was talking with my physical therapist today, I told her the symptoms that would show up that would precede a vertigo attack within 24 hours. Normally, I have constant ringing in my ears but sometimes a 2nd tone will present itself along with intense pressure, like a severe ear infection. Within a day, I will be down with a vertigo attack. She told me today those are symptoms of Meniere's but the physical therapy moves indicate BPPV. Sigh......I just want the vertigo to disappear completely.

My 16 year old daughter will be getting her wisdom teeth out at the end of the month. Her lower ones are growing in sideways & the roots are in the jaw. Her upper ones are crowding her upper teeth. They will be using IV sedation during the removal. One question that I have, does Novacaine have thimerosal in it? If so, is there a novacaine that doesn't? What about the IV sedation? So many questions to get answered before the end of the month.

From the research I've done, It doesn't look like novocaine contains Thimerosal. I'm going to call the dental clinic on Monday to double check that fact. I'll check on the sedative then too.

Hope to get another article up this weekend,

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