Sunday, June 12, 2011

Myths of the 1918 Pandemic laid to rest

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I apologize for my not posting things regularly. I'm having to deal with a lot of things in my extended family life. So in order to lower my stress level, I'm letting things go a bit. One by taking the summer off from school & the other one by not spending so much time online. You never thought that spending time online could be stresful did you? >smiling<

But, as I was browsing Facebook, I came across an article that Leslie Botha posted on anothers friends Facebook page. I thought it was very relevant to vaccines as doctors will tell you that after your child gets vaccines to give them Tylenol or some sort of ibuprofen to lower their fevers or pain relievers. Aspirin played a big part in the high death rate from the 1918 flu pandemic. Soldiers were given twice the amount of aspirin that is considered safe today.

Here is an important part of the article -

Why does the CDC persist in the myth despite evidence to the contrary? Eschewing motives, one might only suggest some effects of projecting the terrifying myth that millions of people could die from virus:

1. distraction from the hard reality that natural treatments were the only effective treatments during 1918.

2. cloaking of Bayer, aspirin and the industry''s role in the deaths.

3. sales of billions in anti-viral drugs and vaccine development.

4. increased financial power to the pharmaceutical industry to control media and influence government.

4. increased illnesses and deaths from chemical pharmaceutical agents, one of the highest risk factors.

5. fearful dependence on "expert medical authority" and complex expensive "solutions" to save people.

6. surrender of unlimited authority to government regulatory agencies to "protect" the public from natural products.

7. use of the specter of millions of deaths as the justification for the removal of human rights to "protect" the public.

8. enhancement of the pharmaceutical industry moves toward an uncontested global monopoly over health (life and death).

9. industrialization, commercialization, and militarization of "disease."

10. an open door to use of "pandemic emergency" to justify martial law.
(remember that the H1N1 flu was declared a pandemic, even tho it never happened, only 1/3 of Americans got "vaccinated" against this flu)

You can read the article in its entirety at this link -

Here is another great article on the 1918 pandemic -

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