Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One case equals an emergency?

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I couldn't believe what I read when I was scanning our local TV station, KCCI, tonight. There is one case of measles in the State of Iowa & the head of the Iowa Department of Health has declared a public health emergency.


I know that Patricia Quinlisk likes to take the safe route but is this really necessary? And she is telling everyone to check their families immunzation records to make sure everyone is current on their vaccines.

I know that Measles is contagious BUT this is being exaggerated beyond belief. For many kids, having measles was a rite of passage during their childhood years. But now that big pharma has come out with a vaccine for this disease, it becomes a killer. Granted, there are some kids who have severe side affects from getting measles, some are as serious as blindness or death but most got thru it just fine.

If you go to the web page, you'll see that I'm refutting the measles vaccine.


Get the low down on measles & the vaccine.


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