Friday, January 6, 2017

Never a Dull Moment - More friends & family


So, last week my daughter, her fiance', their best friend & her daughter & her best friends mom went to Texas.  Just a couple days prior to this trip, my daughter started to develop a rash.  We didn't think much about it but my daughter wanted to have it checked prior to going around her pregnant friend the other day.

We suspected Chicken Pox as the rash was spreading quickly when she got back & was getting very itchy.  A doctor confirmed it.  We told him that this was the third time my daughter has had chicken pox.   She had the wild version 5 years ago & then again three years later when she was exposed to someone who had been recently vaccinated against chicken pox.  We suspect that she was exposed to someone who had been recently vaccinated against chicken pox for this time as well.

The doctor told us that when she is over this virus to set up an appointment with her primary care physician to get a titers test done to see if she is developing any antibodies to chicken pox.  He said that she may never develop immunity to chicken pox since she's getting it multiple times.

Another interesting thing the doctor said was this -

"It doesn't matter how many times you get vaccinated against chicken pox, you can still get it."

My daughter & I looked at each other & were thinking the same thing - What the hell?  Why push a toxic vaccine on kids when it possibly won't work.

I had chicken pox when I was 21 years old.  When she got chicken pox the 2nd time, I broke out.  I am breaking out this time as well.  However, when she had the wild version, I didn't break out.

The Chicken Pox vaccine is among many vaccines that are live virus vaccines & shed for 28 days.  Doctors do not tell their patients this.  The insert that comes with the vaccine say very clearly to stay away from pregnant women, the young, the old & the immune compromised.

Something else that you hear, is that you'll get shingles later in life if you have chicken pox.  However, I know of an instance where someone got shingles & had never had chicken pox.

My daughters fiance' broke out with a rash on one of his eyelids one day a couple of yeas ago.  His doctor told him it was shingles.  He's never had chicken pox.  Again, the shingles vaccines is a live virus vaccine & sheds for 28 days.  We surmise that he was around someone who had been recently vaccinated against shingles.

Like my title says - A never dull moment around our home.   Whether its the kids or our dogs, we are kept on our toes daily.

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