Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bobby Kennedy - Be Brave!

Greetings from slippery Iowa!

Have you heard?   Have you heard who has been appointed to head a vaccine safety committee?  

Bobby Kennedy

President Elect Trump as asked Bobby Kennedy to head up a committee to look at vaccine safety.

Bobby Kennedy said at a gathering in California that public health officials can't be trusted.

Why should they be trusted?  They push vaccines on everyone under the one size fits all schedule.   Thousands of kids are injured or die annually as a result of vaccinations.   If vaccines were Vioxx, they would have been taken off the market a long time ago.

Bobby Kennedy has been an outspoken lawmaker on the safety of vaccines for years.   He is working currently working on a project called World Mercury Project .  

Bobby Kennedy tells about how the CDC covered up the vaccine-autism link for over 14 years.   The black community has been disproportionately targeted before.

Senator Posey talking about how documents were destroyed that talked about the vaccine-autism link.

Bobby Kennedy on MSNBC & talking about the change in 1989 that showed a jump in autism.

Read the Simpsonwood notes .

Be Brave Bobby, parents are depending on you & Mr. Trump to bring justice to parents of vaccine injured children.

Are you crying?    It's ok, let the tears flow.    Those are tears of frustration that are being released because of the years that the CDC has hidden the truth.   They are tears of joy, the years of saying the truth & swaying parents from vaccinating to not vaccinating.   They are tears of relief, our day of vindication is at hand.

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