Saturday, May 14, 2016

What I did before didn't matter


When I first started this blog, I gave an intro of myself, of my kids & my non-medical background.

But I didn't go into everything.  I travel 300-500 miles a week around central Iowa every week for work.  As I was driving one afternoon, I got to thinking about what I have done before to what I'm doing now.  What I did right after high school didn't matter.

Let me explain.

My dad died when I was 7.  His death was ruled a suicide.  I refuse to believe it.  He was too full of life & had too much to live to for to do that.  My half sister & I are 2 of those reasons.

A man who had known me since I was born, kinda adopted me & made me an honorary kid.  When I was old enough, he let me babysit his kids.  He also walked me down the aisle at my wedding & said "I do" when the minister asked who gives this woman.

This man also introduced me to the Red Cross in my early teen years.  My grandmother who raised me thought I should know CPR just in case I should need it someday.  (I've used it more than times than I can remember)  I spent a Saturday in a class learning all of the basics & even 2 person that is only taught to professionals now.  He also took me a a disaster action team meeting.  I decided then I wanted to be part of this outstanding organization to make a difference.

For 17 years I did.  I spend many hours working in the health services area of the building & in the office area of blood donation.  I taught many classes, I was on stand by if a teacher got sick or had a last minute emergency.  I did disaster work locally.  I taught CPR, First Aid & HIV/AIDS education.

On the side, I was learning about the dangers of vaccines & learning about natural ways to deal with health issues.

When I left the Red Cross in 2005, I dived full bore into vaccines.  4 years later this blog started.

I feel that I'm making a difference now.  Spending hours a week helping parents opt out of vaccines.  Spending hours on Facebook helping parents & college kids say no to vaccines in hospitals, doctors offices & saying no to colleges.

I would like to thank my loyal readers.

Until next time,


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