Monday, May 9, 2016



As the documentary Vaxxed makes its way to theaters across the U.S., Dr. Andrew Wakefield & Del Bigtree paid Senator Richard Pan a visit.

He literally ran away from them.

This is from a Facebook post -

I took the team into Senator Richard Pan's office because we are constituents of his.. We asked his staff if we could speak with him. They said he was "not in the office today". Just as soon as we were given that answer we saw him poke his head out of his office, walk across the room in front of us and scurry out a side door leading into the hallway and then he RAN! He booked it down the hall and into the stairwell as Del went after him.   

Senator Pan said on his Facebook page later that everyone was making a fuss of him walking out of the office because he was late for a ceremony.

But in reality, the ceremony was 2 days prior!

Here is the video of him running - 

Keep digging that hole with your lies.   You're not fooling anyone.

Senator Pan, if you are so sure vaccines are safe & effective, what are you afraid of?

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