Sunday, March 27, 2016

Vaxxed pulled from the Tribeca film festival


If you aren't on Facebook, then you might not know what has transpired with this new documentary that Dr. Andrew Wakefield produced.

The Tribeca film festival did an about face last night & had the Vaxxed documentary pulled from its film festival.  

You can read their excuse here -

Robert De Niro pulls Vaxxed from Tribeca Film Festival

Dr. Wakefield sent out an email & you can see the REAL reason the movie was pulled at this link -

An Email From Andrew Wakefield Today

A petition has been started for the film to be reinstated.   25k signatures were needed when the petition started.   Less than 9k are still needed to get the film reinstated.   Please take the time to sign it.    The truth needs to get out.

Bring VAXXED back to Tribeca

This fight is long from over.     We will win - one way or another.

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