Sunday, March 13, 2016

A Challenge

Greetings from Springtime Iowa,

It's been a bit crazy around here the last few months.   I work 3/4 time & I have a home business that I'm trying to get off the ground so that I can stay home full time.  Traveling 300-500 miles a week around central Iowa is getting old.   I've been doing if for over 16 years, I feel its time to stay home more.

In this article I am proposing a challenge to all parents that are pro vax & to those parents who are anti vax & their children's physicians are pushing them to vaccinate their children.

To my pro vax followers, you have been given a gift.  This gift is a child.  You have been entrusted to take care of this child, to protect it & to raise it to adulthood.  You faithfully go to childbirth classes, you learn everything you can about labor & delivery so you are ready for the day to meet your bundle of joy.

The day arrives, your bundle of joy is in your arms.  But wait, the medical establishment says your child isn't perfect.  First we're going to inject your child with a shot of Vitamin K to prevent bleeding issues even tho no birth trauma occurred.  And we're going to vaccinated your child against Hepatitis B that is only seen in homosexuals, IV drugs users & prostitutes.

Both of these injections are filled with aluminum that is neurotoxic.  What are you doing to your gift?
You do your homework before you buy a car or an appliance.  You carefully research mortgages before signing on the dotted line.  You read over anything that your lawyer gives you to sign.   Why are you not taking the time to research vaccines before you have your children injected with toxins that are harmful or potentially deadly?

I had a mom tell me one time that she didn't have time to research vaccines.  I was shocked by that statement.

Question your doctor.   Ask them how much time they spent in school on vaccines.   How much time did they spent on vaccine ingredients, vaccine side affects & the safety of so many vaccines being given at one time.   Where do they get their new info on vaccines.   I think you are going to be surprised by the answer.

To my anti vax friends whose pediatricians are pushing them to have their children vaccinated.  Keep up the good fight.  We are winning, slow & steady will win the race.    

Next time you go in, be sure to print off the following link & take it with you.  When the doctor pressures you to vaccinate, ask them if they know what is in vaccines.   More than likely they do NOT know.  Then hand them this & tell them this is hot off the press direct from the CDC.

CDC - Vaccine Ingredients

Do NOT sign the vaccine refusal form that the doctors office gives you.  It has serious legal implications.

When you doctor gives you that form, hand him this form to sign.  Chances are they will give it back to you & walk out of the room.  They do NOT want to have any sort of liability when it comes to vaccines.

My challenge to every parent reading this article, question your doctor.  They work for you, not the other way around.  If they dismiss you from their practice, its their loss, not yours.   There are other doctors out there who will accept you.  

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