Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Don't ask for permission where none is required

Greetings from snowy Iowa,

As I said in a previous entry I work as a merchandiser.  Yesterday I was putting out magazines at a local Lowe's stores.  The store was holding a flu shot clinic for its employees.

The RTM clerk came back to the receiving area where I was trying to find the mgazines to put out & he was telling everyone to be sure to get their flu shot.  I went over to him & asked "Do you realize how much mercury is in the flu shot?"   He told me it doesn't matter, they are the best things ever made.  I also told him that the death rate from the flu has gone up since the widespread use of the flu shot.  He just laughed & said "When you are dead in the ground from the flu you'll be wishing you would have gotten one."

I laughed & walked away.

As I was up front pulling the magazines, one of the female employees I frequently talk to said she was heading back to get her flu shot.  I asked her if she knew the mercury content.  She didn't & I informed her of the 25 mcg.  She asked for more info & I spent about 10 min telling her about the flu shot.  She then realized that pregnant women are told to get it but restrict their intake of fish because of the mercury.

There were quite a few employees that were listening to our conversation along with customers.

You do not need permission to do your homework before having yourself injected with toxins in the form of vaccines.  You do not need to ask for permission before having your kids injected with toxins in the form of vaccines.

You do not need to ask permission from your doctor to do your homework & do the research before consenting to any sort of treatment - invasive or otherwise.

Don't ask for permission where none is required as said by my favorite health freedom radio host Robert Scott Bell .

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