Sunday, November 29, 2015

Let's put the flu shot into perspective

Greetings from wintry Iowa,

It's that time of year again.  Get your flu shot to prevent sickness & death from the flu.

How many dutifully go to their doctor or local pharmacy, roll up their sleeve & get this toxic fluid injected into their arm?    How many pregnant women are duped into getting this shot when the insert clearly says not to?

I work as a merchandiser & I frequently have to work in Walgreens.  I watch customers go up to the pharmacy window & request a flu shot.  They aren't told about the mercury content of the shot.  They aren't told about long term affects of the mercury content.  They aren't even told that they still might get sick even after getting the flu shot.

I asked a customer one time "Do you know how much mercury is in the flu shot?"  His response - "Would you rather die from the flu?"   I was just shocked.  You would rather have mercury injected into you than try to prevent it naturally?  I just told him I would rather take my chances.

The death rate from the flu has gone up since the wide spread use of the flu shot.

Look at blue line.   The percentage of people getting the flu shot has gone up.  But what else has gone up?  The number of deaths from flu & pneumonia.

The CDC estimates annually there are 36,000 deaths from the flu.  But they also clump pneumonia in there.  36,000 is a pandemic number.  We do not have a pandemic year of flu every year.

But yet many die as a result of the flu shot, many more are injured.  These people are not collateral damage.  Their lives matter.

Each flu shot contains 25 mcg of mercury.  If a vial of flu shot were to fall onto the floor & break, they would have to call in a hazmat team to clean it up because of the mercury content.  But yet, its ok to inject it into people.

Flu shot inserts

The flu shot can cause Guillian Barre' syndrome.  This is a disorder of the central nervous system.  It's not wonder since mercury is toxic to the nervous system.  Read what the MSDS sheet says about mercury -

 The substance may be toxic to blood, kidneys, liver, brain, peripheral nervous system, central nervous system (CNS). Repeated or prolonged exposure to the substance can produce target organs damage.

Mercury MSDS sheet

The elderly population are the ones who get the flu shot the most.  Have you noticed that they have memory issues, the shakes & sometimes have a hard time walking?  Perhaps the safety of the flu shot needs to be taken into consideration.

Dr. Hugh Fudenberg did a 10 year study from 1970 to 1980.  This study revealed that if you got the flu shot you were 10 times more likely to get the Alzheimer's.  When asked why this happened, this was his response -

"It is due to the mercury and aluminum buildup that is in every flu shot. The gradual mercury and aluminum buildup in the brain causes cognitive dysfunction.” - See more at:
We hear on the news that all pregnant women are encouraged to get the flu shot because they are more vulnerable to the flu when they are pregnant.

The insert (link above) goes onto say that its unknown if it will affect the baby.  Its also unknown if the shot will afftect the fertility of the mother or the baby.  

I once confronted a doctor about this & she told me they couldn't experiment on moms & kids because of the ethics involved.  (but yet its ok to experiment on them unknowingly)

What does the EPA say about mercury exposure?  The EPA recommends no more than .1 mcg per kilogram of body weight.  Now if you extrapulate out the mercury content of flu shot to EPA guidelines, this would equate out to that a person would have to weigh 550 lbs. to get that much mercury at once.  

How many people do you know that weigh 550 lbs?   I know of a few who are close to that weight but not many.  How many 6 month olds do you know weigh that much?   

So, what can you do to help prevent sickness?  

A 2010 study done in Tokyo showed that taking Vitamin D3 was 800% more effective in preventing the flu than the flu shot.  800%!   That is a big number.  

Why don't we hear about that here in the U.S.?   Big pharma doesn't make big profits off of supplements.  

Stay healthy, stay positive, until next time,


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  1. I wound up getting a flu shot last week, and I had no idea about any of this beforehand. My arm was sore for a few days from the needle itself, but I have not had any additional problems from it. However, I am glad you made this post to warn everyone. I think I will skip the flu shot if I ever become pregnant.

  2. Glad I could provide you with the info you needed to make an informed decision.