Sunday, September 8, 2013

Update on what's happening.........


Time for an update on what's going on at vaccinefreehealth.

The national race went very well.   I didn't get into the big race but as my husband put "I have my driver back."   I placed last in the heat race & felt pretty down.   Another lady driver who was the first national champion for Sport Compacts came over afterwards & gave me a pep talk.  I went out for the "B" feature & placed 12th out of 15 cars.  I was racing against track champions & many feature winners.  A good showing considering it was only my 2nd night in a race.   Heading out again on the 11th to see if I can put it up front.   Please send positive thoughts my way that evening.

AutismOne was looking for an MD- Moms Determined for a board.  I talked to the lady in charge of it & put my name in the hat.   She asked if I had a ASD child & how I heard about the board.   I told her I heard about it thru a mutual friend & my background along with the work I do.  I'll let you know how it turns out.

Washington, D.C. here I come!  My husband has given me full permission to attend the hearing on Nov. 13th. on the Vaccine Injury compensation program.   This will be held at the Capitol building.  I'll be leaving on the 11th to have 2 days to make the trip.   Lets hope we can make a change from an unconstitutional vaccine court to a constitutional court.  A trial that is run by a judge & with a jury.   Everyone is entitled to their day in court......even kids who are injured by vaccines.

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