Monday, September 30, 2013

The season has come to an end & exciting news!


The racing season has come to an end.   We didn't finish as well as we had hoped.  The last 2 races of the season the car ran in the top 4 the first few laps of the race & then started to back pedal.   We've figured out that the clutch would start slipping causing the rev limiter to kick in & holding the car back further & further from the front of the pack.   We finished 10th so it was a good finish but not as high as we had hoped for season championship night.

As I was checking the stats for the blog on Saturday I noticed that I had a link coming in from the Liberty website.   I clicked it to see what it went to.   The Liberty Beacon had posted the Eugenics article on their website.   I've also been made one of their contributors.   This is exciting news!!!

So, back to writing articles not this weekend but the following weekend.   I'm helping my disabled sister move starting on Thursday.   It's going to be a very interesting & busy week.

Have a great week, until next time,


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