Saturday, December 29, 2012

More News on Fukushima


As the fiscal cliff looms, I wonder what kind of world we'll wake up to on January 1st.  We know that food prices are going to go up, so called "experts" are saying they will only go up 2-3% but I think in reality it will be closer to 10-15%.  Gas prices will probably go up along with other necessities.  January 1st of 2014, health insurance premiums will definitely go up.  So if you are paying a high premium amount now, just think of what you'll be paying in about a year. 

But what about what is going on in the world, specifically Fukushima?  This problem isn't going to be going away any time soon. 

The radiation cloud isn't going away, the University of Maryland is still tracking it.

Navy workers are suing because of irreparable harm that was done to their health because of radiation levels that exceeded safety standards.

"According to then-existing data uniquely known to the defendant at the time, the plaintiffs' consequent exposure to radiation within their zone of operation, then indicated that radiation levels had already reached levels exceeding the levels of exposure to which those living the same distance from Chernobyl experienced who subsequently developed cancer," the complaint states.
 So if the levels exceeded those of Chernobyl, some distance away imagine what has reached us?  The coverup on this has disgusted me to no end.  It makes me wonder what kind of world that my grand children & great grandchildren are going to grow up in.

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