Sunday, November 25, 2012

Would you eat this apple?


So you are sitting in the doctors office & he is trying to tell you how good vaccines are for your child.

Give him this scenario....... Lets take an apple-then inject 3 mcg of mercury into it. Then lets inject 200 mcg of aluminum. Then lets add some formaldehyde, kidney cells from a dog and some polysorbate-80 for good measure. Now, would you like to eat this apple? He'll say "no." If you won't eat an apple that has those ingredients injected into it then WHY is it ok to inject these substances into children & expect nothing to happen?

Here is a link to the ingredients that are in vaccines per the CDCs website -

Vaccines bypass the bodies natural defenses. Our nasal passages, skin & stomach help us deal with our environment. The nasal passages help trap dirt that we breath in, our skin helps protect us from germs in our environment, our stomachs protect us when we eat things we shouldn't, ex. we eat food that isn't safe to eat & we get sick. This is a good thing!!

So, the next time you see your doctor & he wants to push the flu shot or some other vaccine.  Ask him if he wants to eat the apple. 

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