Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank you OSHA


As I was doing some research for a thread for a forum that I hang out on that was talking about a wife of a forum poster in which Wal-Mart was trying to require his wife to get the flu shot. Wal-Mart can NOT require a worker to get the flu shot. They can recommend it but have to make reasonable accomodations for an employee's religious beliefs. (one way to opt out) But in the process of finding info to help this gentleman, I came across a form that is needed for those in the health care field.

Many nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, etc. require their workers to get the Hep B shot. Many workers wish they could opt out of it. I found a form OSHAs website that lets an employee opt out of the vaccine, knowing the "risk" they are putting themselves in & that they can get the shot at a future time.

Here is the link to that form -

Dr. Sherry Tenpenny has this form on her website & adds these words to what employers are trying to do.

"Some employers have tried to add language to the consent form that relieves them from responsibility in the event that an adverse reaction occurs that is related to the vaccine."

An employer wants to require you to get the vaccine but if you have an adverse reaction to the vaccine, oh well, we're not going to do anything about it.


Be sure to pass this info onto your friends & family. Anyone you know who is trying to get around the Hep B vaccine in the workplace. I'll be making copies of this form & putting in the nursing wing of the college when I go back next month. >evil giggling<

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