Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Required? I don't think so......


I hope that where ever you may be reading this blog from, you are cool, well hydrated & having a wonderful day.

I went to our local Walgreens store today to pick up a ocuple of things & this sign greeted me just before I walked in -


Required? Excuse me, where in the State of Iowa law does it say that vaccines are required? We have a little thing called exemptions. In Iowa, we have religious & medical. I approached the assistant store manager & he said he has nothing to do with that, it was pharmacy. The pharmacy people were busy so I sent them an email via their website informing them of their mistake in this signage & telling them about the exemptions available in Iowa & other states along with a link to the website where appropriate paperwork can be printed off.

The link to a website that has the paperwork for the state & some countries is here -


Until next time, stay cool.


P.S. A link to the picture was sent to the Robert Scott Bell show, he talked about it in Wednesdays show in the 2nd hour. Here is a link to the archive.


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