Saturday, June 9, 2012

Pneumonia, Spider bites & Psoriasis


As I sit at my cousins house in Waterloo, IA, I'm reflecting back on how this summer has gone so far. The semester finished almost 6 weeks ago & I haven't gotten a fraction done of what I've wanted to get done by now.

On the last day of the semester, that evening I had to take my daughter to the ER because she had been sick since the night before & was severely dehydrated because she couldn't keep anything down. After about 2 hours, they released her with anti-nausea meds & instructions to drink & eat as she was able. The next morning, she had a follow up visit with her pediatrician & everything seemed to be fine. I got a call from him a couple of hours later, he looked at her chest x-ray & saw that pneumonia was starting to develop so he started her on anti-biotics. It was called Azithromax. It was in the news a few days later as causing heart problems in patients with heart disease. Great......she doesn't have this problem but it makes you wonder if doctors stop & think about what they are prescribing.

That night we were back in the ER for another problem - a spider bite. We have a few spiders in our house & every once in awhile they show up. This one bit her on the back of her left shoulder. It was very painful for her. So after icing & calamine lotion, I took her in. They said since it was swelling nor was she was breaking out in hives, she would be fine. They gave her a dosage of Benadryl & sent her home. This was a Thursday evening.

On Sunday evening, she started to break out in a rash. We weren't quite sure what we were dealing with so I used calamine lotion to help with the itching & Aveeno baths. By Wednesday she was broke out head to toe with this rash - back to the doctor. He thought she was allergic to the Azithromax to he put in her chart an allergy to it. 10 days later, the rash continued to get worse. He finally sent her to a dermatologist. The dermatologist walked in, took one look at Hannah & told her it was psoriasis. She was started on "light box" treatments right away to try to get rid of it. A light box is basically a tanning bed that is regulated by the FDA & she isn't in it nearly as long.

Fortunately, a from eastern Tennessee called me up & said I may want to check into an herbal rememdy from GNC called Red Clover. That the psoriasis may be her bodies way of clearing out the toxin from the spider bite. After doing a bit of research, I concurred & bought it. Hannah is now 60% clear on the psoriasis. She is having some scarring from where it was really bad. She hasn't been able to go back to work because it is so itchy & painful at times in the areas where it is really thick. (her legs & torso)

We preparing to take a road trip here in about 10 days, I pray that while we are gone she heals from her psoriasis. We are covering 8 cities in 17 days. Some cities we are only going to be there a few hours visiting friends & other places we are going to be there a few days.

Until next time, have a good weekend.....



  1. Hello Lori:

    Sorry to hear of your daughter. I too have had servere reactions to spider bites.

    Another rememdy to draw out the poison is a mix of caster oil & baking soda on the bite under a bandage.

    People are having many crazy reactions these days. A Swedish friend just got a bite and had a very severe reaction with a large rash also last weekend.

    Take care and best wishes to all,

  2. I used to have alot of skin problems, but taking a tazorac medication has helped me alot.