Friday, June 29, 2012

Obamacare - Is it a good thing?

Greetings from hot & steamy Memphis, TN!

Myself, my daughter & 2 other teens are at the tall end of our 17 day adventure around central & the eastern part of the U.S. They are telling residents of Memphis not to go out if they don't have to because of the record setting temps. The a/c went out at the first hotel we were going to stay at, so we had to switch to another one.

Obamacare made the headlines this week that it was constitutional to require Americans to have health insurance. How is this going to work for those that are just barely getting by? How are they going to enforce it? When I filed our state income taxes this year, one of the questions that they asked was if my children had health insurance. They are putting plans into place to ensure every American has coverage.

Is Obamacare really a good thing? Many think it is. Many know it isn't. What are the hidden dangers of Obamacare? There are at least 50 of them. Here is a link to a website that shows SOME of the hidden dangers of Obamacare.

Remember, these are just SOME of the hidden dangers, who else knows what is in there. I was asked today what I thought of Obamacare, I said its not a good thing & needs to be done away with. Lets hope & pray that we get a president that will throw it out on its ears before it goes into affect in 2014.

Planning on being home by July 4th for our local celebration & a private showing of fireworks out in the middle of nowheresville later in the evening.

Stay cool my friends,


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