Saturday, January 29, 2011

Programmed Vaccines - The new terror coming to our children

Millions of gallons of oil, corexit, oil plume, well head, BOP are terms we heard after there was an explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig this past Spring. Soon after, we saw visions on the evening news how the gulf was being affected, not only sealife but also animals that lived on the shore & the people who made their living off the gulf. BP & the government quickly set up a trust fund to help those residents to recoup their losses due to the loss of income since the gulf food wasn't edible & the loss of tourism because the tourists were scared away from the gulf area. Unfortunately red tape is making it almost impossible for those affected to coup their losses.

But, what else happened in the gulf during this time? We heard about corexit being dumped into the gulf to take care of the oil. What was "eating" the oil? There is an algae that eats oil but its not found in the gulf area. So what caused the oil to "disappear"? The answer is a scary one - programmed synthetic bacteria. This bacteria was programmed to "eat" the oil. This bacteria is also eating steel. It found its way into the stream that circulates around the world & is now eating the Titanic. The story about the Titanic being eaten away was on the NBC nightly news just a few weeks ago.

Now the company, Synthetic Genomics, has teamed up with Novartis to synthetically make vaccines to cut down on vaccine production time. The "vaccine" will be programmed for specific illnesses & diseases. Wait a minute, the synthetic bacteria was programmed just to eat the oil in the gulf but is now eating away steel & now they want to inject this synthetic bacteria into people with the goal that it will kill of bugs quicker? Am I the only one that sees the danger in this? What is going to keep this bug from attacking the good bacteria in our bodies? What happens if we take probiotics? Will this synthetic vaccine attack that?

This is a very scary prospect.

Now keep in mind, a computer will be "programming" these vaccines. Those of us who spend any time on the internet know that our computers can get viruses, spyware, adware & Malware from surfing the internet. What will keep these vaccines from getting a "virus" that will cause the bug to hiccup or cause it to do things that it shouldn't be doing?

As I was listening to Mary Tocco last Saturday afternoon on Republic Broadcasting from 2-4 pm, she had an expert on there that was talking about a vaccine chip being injected into a person that would release a vaccine over a period of time, years perhaps. This vaccine chip would destroy the immune system so that you would have to rely on vaccines & other medicines for the rest of your life in order to remain well. Big pharma wants us to be dependent on them from cradle to grave. This becomes more apparent every day.

October 7th. of last year Synthetic Genomics & Novartis signed a deal to apply synthetic engineering to the development of vaccines. Synthetic Genomics would have a seed bank that would be the starter seeds for the basis of vaccines every year. Currently, vaccine developers rely on the WHO to tell them which strain of flu is going to be circulating the coming winter. (How do they know this??) Then vaccine developers go into production of producing the flu vaccine that are sold to the public. With a seed bank, this production time would be cut by 2 months. Reverse vaccinology is genomics way of finding "new" targets for vaccines than traditional methods. The thought behind this is that universal vaccines could be developed to target a broader ranger of illnesses.

Novartis is the 5th largest vaccine developer & the 2nd largest supplier of vaccines to the U.S. This will most likely push them to the top. Big pharma has an of income of 1 BILLION a year. Synthetic vaccines with a much shorter development time will push this income even higher.

I have to wonder about the preservatives that will be used in these vaccines that will support these "synthetic" vaccines for a longer shelf life. Will they include the same preservatives that we see today. (ex. thimerosal, aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze, etc.) Or will there be even more toxic toxins in them?

I will continue to keep an eye on this developing story. This could lead to some very scary outcomes for everyone who has bought into the fallacy that health comes from a needle. Please pass this story onto others, link to it, tell others when you are talking in everyday life. I'm sure there is much more going on than what we are hearing about in the mainstream media & on the internet. Even the most seasoned researchers can't find the most elusive stories.

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