Saturday, October 22, 2016

And the Walls are tumbling down


As the movie Vaxxed has shown, Dr. William Thompson is a CDC Whistle Blower that has shown that there is a problem with the MMR vaccine & a link to autism.  He shows the CDC fraudulently & deliberately covered up the MMR - autism link.

This last week Dr. William Thompson was subpoena'ed to testify in a court in a case where a 16 year old boy is saying his autism was caused by vaccines.   This subpoena was blocked by CDC director Dr. Frieden.

His reason for blocking the subpoena -

"Dr. William Thompson's deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS."

If the CDC is not lying or has nothing to hide, why block the subpoena?

This last week a group of CDC scientists have come forward calling themselves CDC SPIDERS.   The word Spiders stands for -

Diligence and 
Ethics in 

In a rare move, the CDC is asking for comments from the public regarding the MMR vaccine.  They are asking, What is wrong with the MMR vaccine?   Please go & leave a comment.     

We are making a difference.  The CDC can no longer hide hide behind the walls of its offices.  Scientists are coming forward that are saying that outside interests are directing their mission .

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