Friday, July 15, 2016

Duh-Gree Award Goes To......

Greetings from Central Iowa,

There are few things that surprise me anymore.  But what I was told by a medical professional this week took me totally off guard & off my game for work the rest of the day.

The Robert Scott Bell Show has a segment called a moment of duh.  This incident falls into that category.

I was in a Cash Saver grocery store in the Des Moines area on July 14th & was servicing the sunglasses & readers display.  I noticed that the pharmacy had a sign up in their window advertising the flu shot.  Being curious I went up to the window.

Me - Is the flu shot this next seasons formula or this past seasons?

Pharmacist - It's the past seasons.

Me - Do you tell people who get the flu shot the mercury content of the flu shot before you give it to them?

Pharmacist - I don't think there is mercury in the flu shot.

He turns to his pharmacy tech & asks her if there is mercury in the flu shot.   She shakes her head no.
Me - Each shot contains 25 mcg of mercury.    If you read the insert that comes with the shot it will show you that.

At this point, the tech goes to the fridge & grabs the insert & starts reading it.   She also looks it up on the computer.  I step back to continue my work on the readers display.

Pharmacist - Why do you ask?  Are you allergic or sensitive to mercury?

Me - No, I'm for informed consent.   How can a person make an informed choice when it comes to getting the flu shot if they don't know the mercury content?

Pharmacist - The mercury content of a shot doesn't matter unless you are allergic or sensitive to mercury.

I'm shocked by this statement.

Me - Are you serious with what you just said?

Pharmacist - Yes.   The mercury content doesn't matter unless you are allergic or sensitive to mercury.

Me - You do know that mercury has been linked to Alzheimer's right?  By saying this, I was quoting Dr. Hugh Fudenberg's findings.

Pharmacist - I just read a study  that says there is no link between mercury in a shot & Alzheimer's nor Autism.

Me - What pharmaceutical company sponsored this study?

Pharmacist - Gives me a blank stare.  He then repeats the statement regarding that the mercury content of a shot doesn't matter unless you are allergic or sensitive to mercury.

At this point, I just walk away from the content shaking my head & keep thinking to myself - Wow.

The MSDS sheet  talks about neurological affects of Thimerosal.

When I go back to the store in 2 weeks, I'm taking the msds sheet with me along with the print outs of the flu shot with me that has the mercury content highlighted.

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