Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Where do the presidential candidates stand on vaccinations?


With caucus night & the primaries rapidly approaching, we need to look at where the candidates stand on the vaccine issue.

I know that Clinton & Sanders are for mandated vaccinations.   Clinton has said that vaccines protect kids.   Sanders has called unvaccinated kids "killers."

O'Malley - believes kids should be vaccinated.   Unable to find out if he is for exemptions or not

De la Fuente - unable to find his stance

Trump has said - too many, too soon.  Some of his employees take their kids in for their shots & they go from a normal child to a vaccine injured child.  He believes we should have the choice.

Cruz - is for vaccinations

Carson believes that vaccines should be mandatory with no exemptions at all.

Rand Paul - Is for vaccinations but also for the freedom to say no.

Chris Christie - says kids should be vaccinated but parents should have the freedom to opt out.

Rubio - believes that kids should be vaccinated

Bush - believes kids should be vaccinated

Fiorina - Believes that parents should have a choice BUT thinks kids shouldn't be able to attend school unless they've had their shots

Gilmore - unable to find his stance

Huckabee - supports mandation

Kasich - unable to find his stance

Santorum - Believes kids should be vaccinated

As some of you have heard, Bloomberg from New York may be throwing his hat into the ring for a run in order to defeat Trump.  Since New York City has mandated vaccines for all school children, it is obvious that he is for mandatory vaccines.

A bill has been introduced mandating vaccines for ALL ages - child & adult alike.  With almost 400 vaccines in the pipleline.   This is a scary proposition.

I will not say who I'm supporting.  I'm leaving it up to my readers to decide for themselves on who to vote for.

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