Saturday, February 14, 2015

My body - my choice


As the measles "crisis" continues a call for mandatory vaccinations is on the increase.  But does our government have the right to tell us to inject toxins into our body?

The answer is a resounding no!

When a woman chooses to get an abortion we hear - Her body, her choice.  (Roe v Wade)

But when it comes to vaccines, we are hearing your body - our choice.  We hear your are putting other children at risk by not getting vaccinated.  That we are reducing herd immunity by not getting vaccinated.  As I've pointed out before herd immunity is a myth.  This is true immunity & it doesn't involve vaccinations.

The truth of the matter is I am putting myself & others at risk by getting vaccinated.

First off, lets take a look at the ingredients in vaccines. A short list is mercury, aluminum, antifreeze & formaldehyde.  Here is the list of ingredients for each vaccine right from the CDC.  Go ahead, take a look -

Now, lets take a look at a different list.  This list shows which vaccines are inactivated & which ones are live.  The live virus ones are the ones that shed for 28 days.  This means you can shed it to others for 28 days.

Parents & children who choose to get these live virus vaccines need to stay home at least a month.  They also need to stay from the elderly, immunocompromised, pregnat women & cancer patients.

Dr. Paul Offit says there is no proof that vaccines cause autism.  He truly wants you to believe this but in reality there are 96 studies that show a link.

Dr. Offit makes millions off of vaccines ever year.  Do you ever wonder why he is adamant about pushing vaccines in every interview he does?  It all boils down to money.

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics is given over a million dollars a year to promote vaccinations.

Now lets keep in mind, every drug (including vaccines) have been approved by the FDA but some of these approved drugs have also been pulled from the market by the FDA.  They were pulled from the market because the a "drug is removed from the market when its risks outweigh its benefits.

There is a database that the general public can access & see the side affects of vaccines.  Its called VAERS - Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.  You can see which vaccine had what reaction, including death by going to this link -

Germany also has a measles outbreak that is much worse than the what is going on here in the U.S.  97% of the population is vaccinated compared to 91% here in the U.S.

China has 99% of its populations vaccinaed against measles & they are having an outbreak as well.

Now I want you to keep one things in mind, this outbreak comes on the heels on Dr. William Thompson who turned whisteblower on the CDC.  Obama has been given him whisleblower status & therefore will have protection.

In past 10 years there has been no deaths from measles but over 100 deaths from the measles vaccine.  You can see that in the link above from VAERS &

In 1991, there was an outbreak in measles.  How many of you remember that?  How many of you remember the media going bonkers over blaming the unvaccinated population & that vaccines should be mandatory with no exemptions?

Its time to stop the insanity of blaming the unvaccinated.  Its time to stop the insanity of calling for mandatory vaccinations.  Are we a free country or aren't we?  We should have the freedom to say no to toxins being into injected our body.

Call or write your representatives in DC & at the state level.  We need to maintain our right to choose.

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P.S.  The dates & schedule has been set for the Autism One conference in Chicago.  Make plans to attend, the seminar schedule looks fantastic.

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  1. I think you should read this article before spreading more myths...

    1. I've actually read that several times.

      Just more crap put out by big pharma.