Thursday, January 8, 2015

This should give you a laugh

Greetings from frigid Iowa,

I was on the phone this morning with the nurse who works with my midwife.  I told her I really need to get in sooner.  (female issues)  She told me they are getting patients in as soon as they can but they are backlogged.

Nurse- One of our midwives is just getting back from influenza.

Me - Did she have the flu shot?

Nurse - We can't work in this clinic without getting the flu shot.  It's the best way to protect ourselves & our patients.

Me - So this midwife (not mine) had the flu shot & still got sick?  (I'm half laughing at this point)

Nurse - yes, uh huh (in an uncertain voice)

So, the CDC continues to tout that the flu shot will protect you in someway or another regardless of the fact that its not a match for the mutated strain that is circulating & the fact that the ingredients in the vaccine, mainly mercury, are safe.

3 kids in Iowa have died (that have made the news) from the flu.  All 3 had the flu shot.

Health does NOT come from a needle.

Health does not come from injecting mercury into your body.

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  1. That's funny. My daughter, who just turned 5 went to school the other day and one of her teachers told the class that one of her other teachers was not feeling well so she wouldn't be at school today. My daughter replied and said, "She must have gotten the flu shot..." Lol.