Thursday, September 11, 2014

A rebuttal for NOVA

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I'm sure many of you watched NOVA's documentary on Vaccines Wednesday evening.  As usual, it was very one sided & had to feature Paul Offit as their "expert" on vaccines.

I don't know about you but every time I saw his ugly mug on my TV I wanted to throw something at him.

As the documentary went on, I was typing up a rebuttal on their Facebook page.  This turned into quite a long rebuttal that a few pro vaccinators have tried to refute but many support my opinion.

I would like to share with you my rebuttal to this one sided documentary -

Why was Offitt included in this episode? He makes millions a year promoting vaccines. His vaccine that he invented was recalled because of the deaths of babies that received it.

What happened to reporting both sides of the story? What about the toxins in vaccines? Like mercury (still in there, even in trace amounts), aluminum, formaldehyde, antifreeze.

What about vaccines that shed because they are live virus vaccines? Like the MMR, Chicken pox vaccine, Rotateq, FluMist & the oral polio vaccine. They can shed up to 28 days.

What about the injuries & deaths of thousands of kids a year from vaccines? Why not cover that?

Recent outbreaks have been among the fully vaccinated -

An expert from Mayo Clinic has said that the measles vaccine is failing so its not the unvaccinated.

The CDCs own documents & other government documents show that their a problem with vaccines.

Page 11, paragraph 8 shows that autism is a side affect of a vaccine.

24 other papers have backed up what Dr. Wakefield has said. A court has ordered that Dr. Wakefield's paper be reinstated & the Lancet is in violation of that court order.

HPV is a dangerous vaccine & needs to be taken off the market. 17 girls died during the clinical trials. To date, thousands of injuries have occurred as a result of this vaccine.
Adverse reactions from the Gardisil shot direct from VAERS. (

Disabled 1,170
Deaths 170
Did Not Recover 7,202
Abnormal Pap Smear 577
Cervical Dysplasia 249
Cervical Cancer 80
Life Threatening 645
Emergency Room 11,814
Hospitalized 3,737
Extended Hospital Stay 254
Serious 4,984
Adverse Events 35,692

This was another documentary that was NOT well researched or reported.

Here is the link to NOVA's Facebook page.  My rebuttal is on the thread that has a picture of a baby with the white background.

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