Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Monsanto is getting their way


While we were being distracted by the gay marriage debate, snow fall in various states & severe weather, a bill was quietly passed by Congress & the Senate.  This bill gives Monsanto power over the government & they are allowed to do whatever their hearts desire.

Our lawmakers are supposed to be for the people & by the people NOT big corporations.

Despite the public outcry over the right to know what is in our food.  We should have the freedom to choose whether we want to eat GMO or non-GMO food.  It's our bodies. 

Here is an article on this ridiculous bill that has been passed -

There is a petition online that you can sign to try to tell Obama we don't want this bill passed.  I'm sure they have paid him off as well but we have the opportunity to make our voices heard.

Despite the fact that 5 million farmers sued Monsanto for $7.7 BILLION dollars.

5 million farmers, that is quite a voice.  Isn't that saying something?  We don't want GMO grains.  Monsanto has made the farming industry their money maker and they don't care who they hurt or crush in the process.  Many family farms have gone under as a result of Monsanto & their patents.  Even if you don't raise GMO crops, if pollen from GMO crops make it onto a non-GMO farmers crop, they can be sued for patent infringement.

I urge you to watch Food, Inc.  There is a long section of how Monsanto made the lives of a couple of farmers miserable & a grain cleaner was forced to close his business.  This should be available from your local video store or it's also available on Netflix.

Here is a link to that section via

If Monsanto is ruling farmers with a iron thumb, imagine what they are going to do with the whole country.  Do we really WANT this? 

Edit - Obama has signed this bill into law.  Have you heard about this on the evening news?  I haven't.

Edit - This keeps getting better & better.  Monsanto wrote its own bill.  It is totally immune from the court system.  If its found that its crops cause cancer & other problems with people & the environment, they can continue to peddle their crops on us.

I hope many of you are as disgusted as I am.  We have been betrayed by our own government.

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