Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Wait is Almost Over.......


I know many of you are probably wondering what my news is.  Unfortunately I can't let the cat out of the bag yet, so to speak.

There are many who are out to discredit me & there are some who would like to shut me down completely.

On the evening of March 12th. I will let you know what I had going on.  I will post my full transcript of my speech that I gave earlier that day.

Until then,



  1. Hello Lori:

    So, the Shills have been busy to discredit you. So common. They are little worms directed by Paharma or looking to make a name to get research money. they are the worst kind of cowards & weaklings.

    My best wishes & support. Stay the course.

    A shill, also called a plant or a stooge, is a person who publicly helps a person or organization without disclosing that he has a close relationship with that person or organization.

    "Shill" typically refers to someone who purposely gives onlookers the impression that he is an enthusiastic independent customer of a seller (or marketer of ideas) for whom he is secretly working. The person or group who hires the shill is using crowd psychology, to encourage other onlookers or audience members to purchase the goods or services (or accept the ideas being marketed). Shills are often employed by professional marketing campaigns. "Plant" and "stooge" more commonly refer to any person who is secretly in league with another person or organization while pretending to be neutral or actually a part of the organization he is planted in, such as a magician's audience, a political party, or an intelligence organization (see double agent).[citation needed]

    Shilling is illegal in many circumstances and in many jurisdictions[1] because of the potential for fraud and damage, however, if a shill does not place uninformed parties at a risk of loss, but merely generates "buzz," the shill's actions may be legal. For example, a person planted in an audience to laugh and applaud when desired (see claque), or to participate in on-stage activities as a "random member of the audience," is a type of legal shill.[citation needed]

    "Shill" can also be used pejoratively to describe a critic who appears either all-too-eager to heap glowing praise upon mediocre offerings, or who acts as an apologist for glaring flaws. In this sense, the critic would be an implicit shill for the industry at large, possibly because his income is tied to its prosperity. The origin of the term "shill" is uncertain; it may be an abbreviation of "shillaber." The word originally denoted a carnival worker who pretended to be a member of the audience in an attempt to elicit interest in an attraction. Some sources trace the usage back to 1914.[2][3]

    Source of this definition:

    Kindest & warmest regards,