Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stepping up education against vaccines

Greetings everyone, Today I'm writing to you from a burb of the Twin Cities, MN. I attended a seminar by Mary Tocco earlier today & I was absolutely blown away by what she said. Pages & pages of notes plus she is sending me her notes at some point. I also learned this week that my own son decided to get vaccinated against Tetnus & get the Hepatitis A & B vaccine. Can you imagine how shocked, dismayed & hurt I was when I heard this. He told me that by not vaccinating him that I was irresponsible & could have killed him. I guess all those years I spent researching vaccines & telling my kids why we don't get vaccines was for nothing. (ha ha ha....being sarcastic here) So, I'm going to step up my research, take my power point presentation that I did a couple of years ago - revamp it & start doing talks in the general public. I'm tired of the fact that public health officials think that it is ok to push these toxins on our children, our elderly & the most vulnerable. Have a great week, Lori

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